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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Now many boys like to wear small suits, more casual styles, less formal. So how do you match a small suit? Today I will share with you the skills of dressing boys’ small suits, let’s take a look together!

Small suit + small leg pants + white T-shirt + small white shoes

A sense of handsomeness, fashion, literary and artistic sense, white T-shirt, small white shoes break the old-fashioned and heavy sense of the suit, which can not only set off the overall temperament, but also very age-reducing.

The plaid style is also full of literary and artistic atmosphere, full of Korean atmosphere, plus some accessories, playing the role of the finishing touch, jewelry and stud earrings break the stodgy of the suit, more vibrant and vibrant.

Brown suit + black bottoms + black ripped pants + British leather boots

Wearing a full retro sense belongs to the lazy style, fashion and simplicity, and the fashion of new men is this feeling.

This hot and cold weather, plaid suits set simple wide-leg pants, British shoes, men’s shoulders carry too many things, wearing such a suit shoulders shoulders the power of the world, luxury art, quite wide and stylish, beyond imagination of fashion, beyond imagination handsome.

Well, the above two are the dressing guide for boys’ small suits that I share with you, more boys’ dressing strategies, please continue to pay attention to Zero Rhinoceros Travel Shoot.