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In the blink of an eye, it is the end of the year, according to the past practice of the peripheral world, it will bring you the year-end inventory content at the end of the year. This issue of content brings you the mouse pad inventory content, and still selects the most popular mouse pad products of each brand in 2018 according to sales, technology and quality. Check out if there’s a mouse pad you’ve bought this year or you’re looking forward to!

Rankings are in no particular order

Razer: Flame Insect Ultra Edition

The Razer Flame Worm Ultra Edition Mouse Pad is compatible with the Mamba Cobra Mouse, and the combination of the two is a wireless power supply set. Razer’s suit was also more or less influenced by the strong position of Logitech’s Powerplay technology. The size of the Flame Bug Ultra Edition is 355mm × 282.5mm, if not counting the top part, the use area is basically the same as the size of the heavy armored bug medium, which is enough for most players, but for low DPI FPS players, it may still be a little nervous. The highest part of this mouse pad is the top control module part, about 13mm, designed with the Razer logo and wireless power indicator, the height of the mouse pad use part is about 4.8mm, a little thicker for a hard pad, I believe part of the reason is due to the mouse pad design surround light strip.

The Flame God Insect Ultra Edition provides players with a dedicated double-sided mouse pad, which is completely consistent with the configuration of the Yellowspot Wasp V2, the cloth surface and the resin surface correspond to the control and speed surface, the surface of the resin surface and the destruction giant ant King 2 should be consistent, the surface texture is very delicate, there is no obvious graininess, the service life is better, and the feel of use is quite delicate and smooth. Its cloth surface is much finer and denser than the general cloth, which is very obvious, very flat and solid, giving people a feeling that it is more high-grade than the ordinary mouse pad cloth.

The Flame God Insect Ultra Edition Mouse Pad has a good appearance and excellent use experience, and can charge the Mamba Cobra gaming mouse to achieve the effect of playing while rushing, but friends who want to buy must buy it in a set, and the budget is very high.

In addition, Razer’s extended and enlarged heavy armored bug phantom version of the mouse pad launched this year is a large-area RGB cloth pad with extremely high portability, which is also worth paying attention to.

CORSAIR: MM300 oversized mouse pad

The internationally renowned manufacturer Corsair has a high reputation in the field of boards and peripherals, but Corsair is not very active compared to other peripheral manufacturers in the field of mouse pads. This year, Corsair introduced the MM300 oversized mouse pad, which is balanced in all aspects and can accommodate a set of desktop keyboards and mice at the same time, suitable for the use habits of most gamers.

The pattern design of the mouse pad follows the “battlefield style”, and the deliberately worn pattern style provides us with a different visual perception. The surface of CORSAIR MM300 cloth mouse pad is designed with fabric material, high density, delicate and smooth to the touch, no matter which direction the mouse is moved, this mat can provide similar damping friction, maintaining good consistency in the feel.

CORSAIR MM300 has excellent workmanship and oversized design that allows players to move the mouse significantly and avoid wear and tear caused by direct contact between the keyboard and the desktop. In addition, the high-density fabric surface ensures that the mouse slides in all directions consistently, and reduces frame drops, and this personalized tablecloth is still worth buying for those who like pirate ships.

XANOVA Star Pole: Flame series mouse pad

As we all know, the mainstream game types are FPS, MOBA, RTS, MMO, RPG, etc., and each type of game is suitable for and each player’s favorite operation experience is different, players are painstakingly choosing a mouse, and the same is true when choosing a mouse pad. In order to take care of the needs of players for different materials, feels, and sizes, XANOVA’s Flame Series Gaming Mouse Pad provides gamers with a large number of size models, and also creates three surface materials and two substrates, and also launches RGB mouse pads for players who like lighting, which can be said to be very comprehensive and rich.

The original XP160C and XP180C are cloth mouse pads, there is no problem of paving, after taking out the package, it is completely flat, without the slightest warping and bend, directly giving players a very smooth and smooth experience. They all have a foamed rubber base and a messed cloth surface, corresponding to the large and extra-large sizes (tablecloths) of common mouse pads, respectively. Both mouse pads are 4mm thick, and their edges are designed with hemming, the workmanship of the hemming is excellent, fine, no burrs, does not affect the flatness of the mouse pad at all, and its hemming line is also silky to the touch, and the resistance to the skin and mouse pad is also very small.

XP230P and XP330P-S, these two mouse pads use microcrystalline resin matte surface, is a relatively rare resin hard pad, and the biggest difference with the common resin surface is that there are fine particles flickering effect visually, like the feeling of the starry sky, these fine microcrystals not only make the surface of the mouse pad present a particularly trendy feeling, but also help the positioning of the mouse engine, and can obtain more and more accurate sampling points.

XANOVA Xingji Liaoyuan XP330P-S gaming mouse pad corner design has also been cut, and the imitation carbon fiber hemming and memory foam wrist rest have been added, and the overall texture has been enhanced a lot.


The XP730 is an RGB mouse pad, and it is also available in both resin and cloth surfaces, and the surrounding lighting effect is also excellent. From so many new products, it can be seen that XANOVA Star Pole is quite thoughtful for players, and there will always be one of these mats that will suit you.

ZOWIE GEAR: G-SR-SE (RED) mouse pad

IN THE EYES OF FPS GAMERS, THE BRAND ZOWIE GEAR HAS LONG BEEN DEEPLY ROOTED IN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE. This niche brand is more well-known and discussed in the FPS circle than many peripheral manufacturers, and the proportion of players used has been high. ON THE FIELD, THE ZOWIE GEAR MOUSE PAD IS ALSO AMONG THE TOP IN THE SELECTION RATE, AND MANY OF THESE PLAYERS USE THE ZOWIE GEAR G-SR-SE COLOR MOUSE PAD. The appearance design of the ZOWIE G-SR-SE RED VERSION OF THE MOUSE PAD IS SOMEWHAT SIMILAR TO THE PREVIOUS BLUE VERSION, BUT THE COLOR SCHEME IS CHANGED TO BLACK AND RED, AND THE LOGO IS WHITE. Whether paired with the classic ZOWIE mouse or the white mirror version of the mouse, it looks very beautiful and suitable. The thickness of the mouse pad is 3.5mm. The size is 480mm×400mm, and the actual mouse pad may have a 10mm error, which has little impact on the game.