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Every spring there are some fashion trends, but this year’s early spring is still relatively cold, the chill has not subsided, and everyone is more inclined to the combination of warm and thin.

Knitwear and tapered pants quietly caught fire, so matched

Not only can it cover the body defects of the waist or large crotch, but it is also very fashionable and thin to wear


The style is varied and the style is loose

, for girls with plump upper bodies or poor proportions, it has a certain modification effect; Tapered trousers are famous

Show thin legs

, The combination of the two can also be regarded as the king fried combination of early spring wear.

Today, let’s talk about how to match tapered pants and knitwear as the best CP for early spring wear, so that it will be more fashionable and thinner!

So so

Knitwear is divided into pullover knitwear and knitted cardigans

, different styles and tapered pants are not matched in the same way. Let’s talk about these two points separately.

The general wearing method of pullover knitwear is to wear it alone, the style is more fitting, and it can be worn inside or outside, but because it is a two-piece wearing method, the overall fashion is average.

The knitted cardigan itself is a coat as an outerwear, and the richness of the underwear also gives it a variety of outfits. The overall style will be relatively loose, the requirements for body shape are not large, it will be richer than the layers of pullover knits, and the fashion will be adjusted according to different matches.

Pullover sweater + tapered trousers

Change the regular style

Pullovers and tapered pants are more conventional, so we needed to make a style change to make it look more stylish.

For example, let the traditional round neck become this oblique neckline, not only increase the loose feeling of the pullover sweater, appear the neck line, fashion has also improved a lot, with black tapered pants, in the style is also particularly foreign.

Choose a lengthy fit or a half-waist fit

Most pullover sweaters are loose, because they are outer, so they will look too restrained. But looseness can also look bloated, so we try to do our best

Choose a fit that fits

, that is, after the corners of the clothes are folded in, the main length of the clothes is in your crotch, so that it can contrast with your body shape. Or we can tie the corners of the clothes halfway to make the clothes appear shorter, and our lower body will be longer.

Add sweater highlights with accessories

When we wear sweaters, try to choose simple styles so that they don’t look tacky. But simple styles can also look monotonous to wear, then, we can

With accessories, not only makes the upper body focused, but also the decorative effect is also very good

The print elements show more youthful vitality

Younger girls can choose sweaters with this print element. Even if you wear it directly with tapered pants, you can make the look look more dynamic without being rigid.

Knitted cardigan with tapered trousers

Choose a short one

There are also quite a few styles of cardigans, and different styles have different matching methods. If you’re wearing a cardigan alone, opt for this short style that is long above the waist. Pairing with tapered pants will directly reveal the thinnest waist line, creating an X-shaped body effect.

Wood ear trims are more fashionable instead of large buttons

The big buttons of the cardigan are really ugly and will look bulky. Therefore, we can choose this invisible button, add a wooden ear for decoration, even if we wear it alone and button it up, it will look fashionable and light, not too bulky.

Layering is more stylish

The fashion for cardigans is definitely about layering, but layering here is definitely not the loose way of wearing a plus-size cardigan with a shirt that you usually wear, but

Wear all the corners of your cardigan and shirt into your waistband

, This not only looks slender, but also more fashionable in appearance. With tapered pants, it looks very curved.

The draping of a cardigan is more important than the style

Although the cardigan is knitted, it also has a certain drape. A cardigan with a good sense of drape will hang in a straight line according to the shape of the human body, and will not appear loose or bulge when worn. Just like the cardigan above, the lines are straight, there is no knitting bloated at all, and with the good-looking tapered pants, it completely looks slender and thin.

Knitwear is basically a piece for everyone in early spring, and it looks fashionable and thin with tapered pants. However, how to wear these two pieces completely beautifully, you need to choose from the aspects of style, elements or details!

Pay attention to the daily styling guide and meet a more beautiful self with your outfit!

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