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Girlhood is the happiest time in every girl’s life, in that sweet and sour youth story, we have a senior who secretly has a crush, an idol who chases madly, and a group of diehards who do not dislike each other. It is precisely because of these times that we cannot go back that we are especially eager for that era. The past in real life can no longer be touched, but in the world of dressing, you can still return to your girly time if you want.

Girly keyword of deer rampage

01 In each girl’s girlhood, there is a boy who is as ruffian and handsome as Xu Taiyu, or there is a perfect but inaccessible male god like Ouyang, and their bits and pieces gradually spliced the initial understanding of love. There is always a difference between seeing a bad boy and seeing a male god, but who knows who the deer collision at this moment is for?

The stinky beauty of the girly keyword

02 Slowly grew up, learned more about dressing, and naturally cultivated into a fashionista, but in girlhood, where do we understand these stupid. Stealing your mother’s high heels, stealing your mother’s lipstick, and getting rid of a stinky little girl, if you can have a high-value lace shirt at that time, how can there be these stupid stinky past?

Pink of the girly keyword

03 When it comes to the representative color of girls, it is estimated that pink has the most to say. The sweet taste is like drinking countless warm smiles. Most of the beautiful thoughts are actually mixed with their own warm heartbeat, so they have the most heartwarming taste.

The key word for girls is to wear skirts

04 Love of beauty is a girl’s unshakable nature, and love to wear skirts is to bring this nature to the extreme for no reason. It seems that for so many years, on the road of growth, what has not changed is the passion for skirts. Looking at the red dress, it is very enchanting, a fiery red lace skirt, after all, can still satisfy all the fantasies of the skirt.

Lady of the Girl Keyword

05 The rumored school flowers in girls’ years are often a fresh and vulgar lady appearance: sweet speech, generous appearance, and loved by teachers, parents and male gods. At that time, I didn’t understand why the lady who looked weak could be so charming, but when I grew up, I gradually understood that it was the gentle nature of girls.

The vitality of the girly keyword

06 Sweatshirts are the best witnesses of girls’ generation, with sweatshirts in their bodies, why is it difficult to return to girls’ generations? For most girls, the sweatshirt that has not left a mark on time has maintained the most dynamic and invincible posture from memory to the present, after all, it has been with us for the longest time in addition to school uniforms.

The key word for girls is not to wear too thick

07 I still remember that in the past winter, when it was time to get dressed, my mother always picked the thickest turtleneck sweater for me to wear, but at that time, I was a smelly little girl after all, while yelling that I would not wear it, and I refused together with my body. After all these years, warm sweaters have been changing, becoming playful and trendy. If it had been so beautiful before, I wouldn’t have shouted not to wear it.

The purity and invincibility of the girl’s keywords

08 From the innocence of the doll collar is the easiest to spy on the innocent girlhood, remembering that time, every move is simple and beautiful with childishness. Because he is still young, he is always carefree, likes to be pampered like a child, likes to wear the skirt he loves, and has that immature face, running around and making trouble, all the time.

Girly keywords: Obsessive idol

09 When I was still a girl, I always faced everything with the feelings of a girl. I remember that when MP3 first became popular, I couldn’t wait to stuff all the songs of my idols into it, and the feeling of being obsessed with a person with all my strength slowly faded when I grew up, but the warmth that once put that person in my heart will always be remembered.


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