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When choosing a laptop often hear “independence was direct,” the name, many users may not know alone was directly connected What does it mean? Independence was directly connected to the game have no influence? The following computer configuration and network to brief you on relevant knowledge alone was directly connected.



First, the picture signal is divided into a total output notebook three modes, namely, a mixed mode, direct mode alone significantly, significant nuclear mode.

1, mixed mode

Most of the laptops currently on the market are used in a mixed output, that is to say, whether nuclear or significant operational independence was finally unified by the nucleus are significant to the output screen. This approach helps benefit is notebook battery life, such as everyday use or standby may be significant work by the core (and screen output are calculated nuclear was done), but playing the game is the single significant work (alone was responsible for calculated, then the calculated results to the nuclear was output), of course, switching between them is done automatically, you do not need to intervene, in such a good division of power would help.

Further, since the mixed mode are ultimately responsible for the nuclear was screen output, so that the wiring on the motherboard is also relatively easier, the cost will be lower. However, because independence was not directly connected to the screen, so the signal requires a substantial nuclear behalf output, so that how many there will be some performance loss.

2, alone was directly connected

Since the mixed-mode alone will bring some significant performance loss performance, so some design notebook with a single display can be switched direct mode. That application is still usually work with a mixed mode, while playing the game you can switch to a single significant direct mode (single display screen directly calculate and output to the screen), let alone significantly you do not have to detour output. But for independence was designed to switch directly connected, in a notebook motherboard wiring requires additional planning alone was directly connected to the signal line, will increase production costs, it is generally only the high-end notebook models with a single significant direct mode.

Of course, for some notebook with a graphics card, but no single significant direct mode, you can add a screen directly in a notebook HDMI, DP, TYPE-C interfaces, to achieve significant direct effect alone, provided that these Interface is directly connected alone significantly (about these interfaces are not directly connected with significant independence, you can, or viewed through the manufacturer’s instructions in the graphics card control panel program, will not see, then you can focus on computer configuration network public number message: dnpz2010) .

3, nuclear Explicit Mode

Nuclear display mode on a good understanding, generally only noticeable on nuclear entry or type of business notebook, the output signal can only be sure with a significant nuclear.

Second, the only significant direct impact on the game even

In theory, the same types of cards, there are significant independence direct connection mode, then its performance will be better. So alone was direct impact on the game in the end be?

Independence was not directly connected to it, the greatest impact is high frame rate of games such as CS: GO, LOL and the like. In the masterpiece 3A or video rendering purposes, is not big impact.

Asus ROG Zephyrus M16 notebook, for example, it’s cpu is i9-11900H, the graphics card is RTX3070, our independence was directly connected to the analog TYPE-C through an external screen, make a single significant direct comparison test and mixed-mode, resolution rate is set to 1080P, the highest quality.

“CS: GO” test can obviously find that independence was the highest 561 direct mode, mixed mode up to 514, a difference of about 50 or so, there is disparity between the average of 30.

In the big game, such as “Assassin’s Creed: The Odyssey” in the single significant direct and mixed mode, they remained at a frame rate of 60 frames, there is little difference.

So for high frame rate game, independence was directly connected does have performance improvement (it plainly, is the loss of a mixed-mode performance alone was), and then the impact for large 3A game is very small.

Summary: notebook alone was directly connected What does it mean? Single significant direct impact on the game of his life?

Direct alone was designed refers to a separate passage between the card and the screen, no need to detour through the nuclear was to solve the problem of mixed mode loss in performance. Independence was directly connected to the game does have a certain influence, but the only difference in the game is relatively high frame rate significantly, 3A for the big game and video rendering little effect.


For there is no need to choose a notebook with independence was directly connected, I personally see no need to die reason, the key lies in its price, such as the same two cards notebook model, A direct funds have significant independence, B section no. At this point if more expensive than the A section B section too much, then I would recommend the election section B, if the difference is not, then it A section.