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Source: Wenzhou News Network

“My child seems to have grown feet first, and then began to grow height.” “If your child’s feet are too long now, will they grow taller in the future?” “The child’s classmates came to play at home, and the shoes they took off were really bigger than a pair”… In recent years, many parents have found that there are more and more children with big feet around them. Some parents sighed: their children’s feet are much bigger than when they were young. The reporter recently visited and found that children’s feet have become a common phenomenon, and the distribution of sneakers on the market has been adjusted.

Parents: Bigfoot changes her shoes frequently throughout the year

Xiaoqi is in the sixth grade of primary school this year, he is already 182 centimeters tall and wears a size 44 in shoes. “In February last year, it was just over one meter six, and I wore a shoe size 41, and now I wear a size 44.” Xiaoqi’s mother Wang Fengmei told reporters that Xiaoqi’s height has grown by more than ten centimeters in a year, “Shoes are changed frequently, a pair of shoes can be worn for half a year at most, and the shortest is only two months.” ”

Wang Fengmei said that she is less than one meter six meters tall, while her husband is nearly one meter eight, “probably because the children are well nourished, they also exercise often, and their development is better.” ”

There are also some parents who are worried because their children’s feet are difficult to buy shoes. “Shoes in size 44 are hard to buy and there’s always going to be out of stock in the mall.” Ms. Li told reporters that her child is in the second year of junior high this year, wearing a shoe size 44 and a height of 175 centimeters. “The child’s feet grow fast, but the change in height is not so obvious, and I am always worried that he will not grow in height in the future.”

Survey: The best-selling sizes in sneakers are getting bigger

“The same model is one price, sometimes some large sizes sell better.” This is the reply given by Lin Sufang, a clerk at the Nike counter of Wenzhou No. 1 Department Store, when Ms. Tang, a citizen, asked if there was a discount for size 44 sneakers. Lin Sufang has been in the sneaker sales industry for 5 years and she feels that the best-selling size of sneakers is getting bigger in recent years.

In addition to Nike, the clerks at Li Ning and Adidas counters in some shopping malls also feel the same. “Now there are some elementary school students, although they are not tall, but they have to wear large size shoes.” Chen Xuepei, the foreman of Li Ning’s counter, told reporters that in the past, 39 and 40 sizes of shoes were bought the most, but in recent years, 41~43 sizes are more popular.

“Now there are many girls who buy size 39 shoes, but there are not many sizes in this size, and if they are out of stock, they must place an order through the ‘cloud shelf’ and send the shoes to consumers.” Lin Sufang said that in the traditional distribution method, the head and tail yards are the least, and the middle yardage is the most.

In order to meet the purchase demand, some stores will also adjust the distribution ratio in time according to the sales situation. Jingjing, the person in charge of the Adidas counter of Wenzhou First Department Store, introduced that sometimes the ratio of both sides to the middle size will be adjusted from 1:2:3 to 1:3:2, increasing the distribution of large-size shoes. “Adi also has individual styles, the largest size is 48.”

Doctor: It is more accurate to measure bone age to judge height

Zhu Sipin, chief physician of the Department of Spine Surgery at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wen Medical University, said that the development of extremities is related to genetics, environment, diet, genes and other factors. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, it is normal for teenagers to become bigger.

“Height affects foot length, but foot length does not necessarily affect height.” Zhu Sipin said that when children become adults, the size of their feet will basically be fixed. He suggested that parents should change shoes of the right size in time during the development of their children.

For the statement of “long feet first”, Shen Xinsheng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Trauma and Orthopedics of the Municipal Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, believes that part of it stems from the psychological role of parents. “Under normal circumstances, the bone development of various parts of the human body is synchronized, and there is no part that grows faster.” Shen Xinsheng said that it may be due to the higher requirements of the feet for the comfort of the shoes, the shoes will squeeze the feet when they are small, and they can immediately detect the growth of the feet, but they are not so sensitive to changes in height.

“Determining bone age according to the degree of development of the bone ossification center is an important basis for judging height.” Cai Chengsi, chief physician of traditional Chinese medicine pediatrics at the City Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, believes that bone age measurement will be more accurate than judging height by foot length.

Stats: Along with your feet, you also get height

“Among the post-00s and post-10 students, there are really many tall people.” Ye Jinna, a Chinese teacher at Wenzhou Junior Swimming School, has more than ten years of teaching experience, and she feels that the height of the recent students is getting taller and taller.

Last year, the Physical Health and Art Department of Wenzhou Education Bureau released the “2017~2020 Wenzhou Students’ Height and Weight Data Analysis Report” based on the big data of physical health monitoring of millions of students in the city in 2017~2020. The report shows that the average height of students in Wenzhou has increased significantly in recent years.

The data shows that during 2017~2020, the height and weight of the first grade of primary school freshmen remained basically stable when they entered the school, with only a slight increase. In 2020, the average height of male and female students in the third year of high school reached 174.18 cm and 162.31 cm respectively, an increase of 1.77 cm and 1.67 cm respectively over 2017.

Cai Chengsi told reporters that usually boys start to develop at the age of 11, reach their peak at the age of 13 and 14, and are basically stereotyped at the age of 17 and 18, while the development period of girls is two years earlier than that of boys. “Exercise, diet, sleep, mood all affect a child’s height.” Cai Chengsi said that parents can use the cycle of good children’s growth and development to help them grow up healthily.

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