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Now the communication industry and communication departments have all begun to use single-mode fiber optic cable, in fact, many departments and industries began to choose single-mode fiber or mainly see the advantages it has, so let’s talk about the reasons for this.

What is fiber and single-mode fiber optic wire

We all know that the propagation of optical signals requires optical fiber as a physical transmission medium, and its characteristics are that it can directly affect the optical fiber broadband and transmission distance when the optical fiber is transmitted, so optical fiber is a medium for optical signal transmission.

And the types of optical fibers are also very many, there are more conventional single-mode fiber G.652 dispersion displacement fiber G.653, cut-off wavelength displacement single-mode fiber G.654, non-zero dispersion displacement fiber G.655 and non-zero dispersion displacement fiber G.656 suitable for broadband transmission, the first three optical fibers have a low loss area around the 1550nm wavelength, G.656 fiber extends the wavelength range used by non-zero dispersion displacement fiber to the 1460~1625nm band.

So what is a single-mode fiber line, what are the characteristics, in fact, in short, single-mode fiber in the center of the glass core is very thin, its general core diameter is only 9 or 10 μm, and the main feature is only able to transmit one mode of optical fiber, so it is called single-mode fiber.

Advantages of single-mode fiber

The advantage of single-mode fiber is that it can support longer distance transmission, simply to give you an example, under a 100M network, single-mode fiber can support 5000 meters of distance transmission. So the long transmission distance is one of the characteristics.

The cost is high, for optical fiber, in fact, the cost of optical fiber equipment is very high, and the cost of single-mode fiber we use is higher than the cost of multimode fiber.

In terms of classification, single-mode fiber is divided into three subcategories: A, B, and C, and the corresponding fibers are also different.

There is also the ability of single-mode to concentrate, when the laser emits light, in fact, only one wavelength of light can be produced, so all the light can be concentrated on one wavelength of light, in fact, there are many characteristics, not to expand here.

Finally, for why many industries and communication departments now use single-mode optical fiber, in fact, the simple summary of the reason is that the cost of use is low, and the transmission distance is long, and there are more types. So what are your different views, you can leave a message below, let’s discuss together!