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Keep an eye out for street hipsters, you can layer this combination almost everywhere,

This kind of matching is to mix and match clothes of different styles, different materials and different styles,

And this “stack” word means to wear a certain sense of layering.

Like many fashion trendsetters say,

Layering is to achieve the overall effect of 1+1>2

, wear two or more pieces of clothing for extremely rich visual effects.

And in everyday life,

Even if everyone is not familiar with the concept of “layering”

, will also be familiar with an operation, that is, when the season changes or when the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, the clothes of different seasons will be put together in case of changes in the weather.

In fact, this is the simplest and most daily layering concept,

So how to dress this warm and fun style more stylishly? The editor will sort out several sets of collocations for you today, hoping to provide you with some ideas for layering~

For layering this stylish combination,

You can learn according to the style of male star Yi Yangqianxi

, Yi Yangqianxi’s sense of fashion has continued to improve after growing up, and his layered style is worth learning.

Yi Yang Qianxi’s outfit is quite “type man”, the shirt T-shirt is layered, fortunately the temperament is refreshing enough, but Yi Yang Qianxi knows the “pure desire style”, wearing a shirt is cool and clean, full of youthful atmosphere.

The layering style of the shirt is recommended


Shirt + cargo pants

Comparing literary and straightforward shirts and sports-oriented cargo pants are two items with different styles and materials.

The two pieces don’t look discordant together

, on the contrary, there is a sunny and casual street style, serious and lively, literary but cool and handsome.

Grass green shirt with dark green cargo pants

It gives a sense of visual harmony, while shirts and cargo pants are relatively loose textures, and will not be rigid in temperament.

Wear it with the hem of your shirt tucked into the waistband,

The legs are tucked into Martin boots and a belt is worn at the waist

The shoes can be paired with a pair of platform Martin boots, and the leather belt echoes the Martin boots, which seem casual but actually have many details.

The waistband can clearly accentuate the waistline, while Martin boots define the calf line,

Visually elongating the calf proportions, the overall creates a seven-headed comic book proportion.

Shirt + turtleneck knit sweater

If you want a light and warm outfit in autumn and winter, it is essential to layer, and now that the weather is getting colder, you can wear it if you want a fresh and fashionable warm combination

Try a basic turtleneck sweater with a shirt.

The sweater texture is thicker, and the shirt is lighter and thinner,

If you want a more harmonious whole, you can choose a corduroy shirt

Although the materials of corduroy and knitwear are different, they are visually gentle and furry textures.

The design of the high neck adds a touch of yuppie texture

, very temperamental, and corduroy shirts have a touch of literary and artistic cold temperament, this layering gives people a feeling like a cup of matcha milk, with a touch of elegance.

It should be noted that the sweater should not be too heavy,

Otherwise, it will not reflect the light texture,

The whole is very bulky. The color matching can be selected according to the style you want, but it is best to build a sense of layering, and the color difference is not too large.

The layering style of sweatshirts is recommended

Sweatshirt + short-sleeved cargo jacket

Sweatshirts are largely like summer T-shirts,

It’s just that T-shirts are a basic item that belongs to summer and autumn

, and sweatshirts are the basic items belonging to autumn and winter, so the layering and matching of sweatshirts is essentially similar to the principle of T-shirt layering.

In autumn and winter, you can choose more hooded sweatshirts

The role of the hat is not only to decorate or protect against the cold, but also to wear as a layered helper, in early autumn you can choose to layer the sweatshirt and short-sleeved outer tower, just expose the hat.

In late autumn, you can choose to layer sweatshirts and other long-sleeved coats

, all styles of coats are available. For example, sweatshirts and workwear jackets are layered, the texture of sweatshirts and the texture of workwear jackets can be described as soft and hard, which also reflects a matching point of layering, that is, the difference in materials.

Wearing only a thin sweatshirt in autumn may be a little thin,

You can add a coat, not only the street fashion sense

, and very warm, in the sweatshirt decors can also choose hats with tie-dye styles.

So that the whole is not too fancy,

It is not too rigid and full of details.

The lower body can be matched with pants that are slimmer or that show the ankles, so that the slenderness of the legs and the slenderness of the ankles can be shown when the upper is looser.

Sweatshirt + T-shirt

The sweatshirt can not only be layered with the coat,

You can also use the sweatshirt itself as a coat

As the most basic wearing item, T-shirts can not only keep warm and warm, but also add layers to the outfit.

The wide sweatshirt is full of layers with a slim T-shirt

, not monotonous at all. It is worth noting that when choosing an underwear, it is best to choose a neckline that is smaller than the neckline of a sweatshirt, because since you want to show the layering, the inner layer must be exposed, otherwise as a layered piece, the T-shirt will lose its meaning visually.

Other recommendations for layering and matching

Short sleeves + long sleeves T

What if you want to continue wearing beautiful short sleeves in the early autumn season? Of course, it is to wear it with a long-sleeved T-shirt to get through this changing season, and there are three important points to pay attention to when doing this layering:

The first is the outer tightness and the inner tightness,

That is, the short sleeves on the outside are looser than the T-shirt on the inside.

But this does not mean that the sleeves are very wide.

As long as it is looser than the inner layer to show the sense of layering,

T-shirts can be soft and skinny, or tight-fitting.

The second is that the material should be soft and hard or thin and thick

, so as to reflect the principle of layering, such as short sleeves can choose a slightly harder texture and a more shape, such as a hard print on it can effectively maintain the shape of the clothes, will not be loose.

The third is to pay attention to the matching of colors,

The inner color can echo the color on the short sleeves

, so that it is neither pompous nor monotonous, and will be very bright in autumn.

Recommended accessories

Fashionable layering is of course indispensable for the blessing of accessories,

This high street outfit is great for wearing some metal accessories

, such as trouser chains, necklaces and earrings, these pieces can not only add details, but also enhance the overall cool, delicate and fashionable feeling.