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The H10 fourth generation launched by Haimedi last year represents a model of Haimedi high-quality products, and in the near future, Haimedi will also launch the H1000, which is more pressing than the H10 fourth generation. Judging from the product spy photos exposed earlier, this H1000 seems to be twice as large as the fourth generation of H10, not only the calm atmosphere of the shape, but also the hardware configuration, interface, and decoding performance upgrades, which will surely make H1000 dominate the status of high-end HD player products.

From the parameter point of view, Haimedi H1000 HD player is specially born for fever, open the palace-level audiovisual enjoyment, the hardware is equipped with 64-bit ultra-clear kernel large bitstream decoding chip Hi3798CV200, Mali-T720 GPU unit, supplemented by 2GB large memory, faster operation, plus 16GB ultra-large flash memory, can install more software; Support 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi, fast and stable signal; At the same time, Bluetooth 4.0 is supported, which can connect more Bluetooth devices wirelessly.

Equipped with Android 7.0 operating system, it means that H1000 can perfectly support full 4K core, PIP and multi-window applications, and at the same time, the running speed and system security are also comprehensively improved.

From the perspective of performance parameters, the decoding ability of H1000 is the top in the industry, which is also in line with the “strong decoding and good picture quality” slogan, H1000 not only supports standard video formats, but even breaks the current cutting-edge ultra-high-definition Blu-ray standard. It supports hard deciphered Blu-ray and H.265, supports simple Blu-ray simple navigation, supports 4K, 10Bit high color depth, HDR high dynamics, BT.2020 high color gamut and 60P high frame rate five-in-one picture quality experience, coupled with ImprexTM2.0 image optimization engine kernel optimization, and TV that supports ultra-high-definition standards will bring subverting the “visual” picture quality experience.

In terms of sound effects, the H1000 also supports two high-definition sound effects, including Dolby Atmos and DTS-X, and is backward compatible, creating a private home theater comparable to IMAX for a stunning experience.

As a high-end hard disk player, Himedi H1000 has a complete interface, USB3.0, SATA3.0 break the bandwidth boundary in one fell swoop, high-definition code stream does not lag, optical fiber audio, HDMI 2.0 output perfect online lossless sound quality, and is a dual HDMI 2.0 interface, can meet the needs of dual video output to projection and TV users, as well as compatible with the old amplifier and TV coaxial audio output and AV interface, and one second can open and close the hard disk loading compartment is definitely the ingenuity of Haimedi H1000, can support 8TB built-in 3.5-inch hard disk, a must-have choice for playing high-quality blockbusters.

The H1000 HD player will be available in mid-June, and interested friends can pay attention to our more reports on this product next.