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Hi, here’s a tie-up.

A fashionista who focuses on dressing and dressing up exclusively for your beauty!

On the first day of September, celebrities posted their beautiful photos as promised. As a fashion goddess, Song Qian’s outfit has naturally attracted the attention of many netizens.

I have to say,

Song Qian’s private service has always maintained a super high standard

, casual and bright spots, very instructive for our daily outfit.

Song Qian’s first look in September was worn during the school season, which people love and hate. The same is wearing camouflage uniforms, you who are in military training are dressed decently, and

Her outfit is edgy and chic

, it is simply enviable in real names.

Camouflage elements, in fact, it is not difficult to wear the personality, as long as you choose this year’s super hot waistless wearing method, you can wear a more feminine look.

Of course, mastering the skills to become fashionable may not necessarily succeed, because not everyone has Song Qian’s vest line and A4 waist, and naturally it cannot make the whole look instantly become peerless.

Song Qian, who was born in a girl group, is the dream of many people?

Anyway, my friends and I are very envious. And even if she has a figure, she is also very good at managing her own advantages. This time, the combination of open-waisted top + high-waisted wide-leg pants has modified the perfect proportion and skinny beauty, and girls with ordinary bodies can easily become taller and look good.

The unisex style collides with the way you wear your body, and the style contrast is strong, and it is easy to wear a beautiful and sassy look. And Song Qian is really confident, and when taking photos, she will raise her hands above her head, this posture will increase the exposed waist area of the top, revealing a corner of “underwear”, looking

The personality is also sexy

Of course, Song Qian’s camouflage dress with the hem moved up not only helped her show off her hot body curves, but also perfectly interpreted the visual effect of all legs below the chest, which is amazing!

Song Qian’s outfit this time is also very good,

The dark black outfit has a cool feeling

, but because of her bare legs, she shows the delicate feminine, looks soft and handsome!

The slim five-point pants are simply the divine assist of the leg essence, and the upper body shows the figure without losing fashion. And with a T-shirt casual and age-reducing, it easily wears the feeling of a cool girl. The hooded sweatshirt jacket creates an autumn vibe, colliding with the cool underwear, showing the charm of out-of-season wear.

Song Qian has a lot of private clothes out of the circle, and this time’s outfit also belongs to the series that people like more and more. Hepburn-style little black dress, that is

“Simple is premium”

The perfect interpretation of this sentence, the upper body has a figure and temperament.

Song Qian chose a light mature V-neck slip dress this time, but because of the addition of a long-sleeved shawl, not only did it not show exposure, but also helped her wear a gentle and fresh temperament. Age-reducing accessories such as fisherman hats and casual shoes echo the colors of the clothing, and also help her wear a delicate and sweet temperament.

Song Qian’s outfit chose a piece that can be called “rotten street”, and the popularity is almost to the point of one piece per person. But she was able to wear a striped shirt and jeans

Stylish full score look

, which shows how good her clothes are.

The obvious way to wear is the color echo + the two careful skills of the tucking corner, using the longitudinal extension of the vision, showing height and thinness. The makeup and hair accessories are refreshing and age-reducing, and it helps her wear them

Girl next door

of temperament.

Song Qian is a very powerful actress, as an actress, her recent work data is very good, there is nothing to say about her acting skills. And she was born in idol, and her stage performance is more surprising every time.

And Song Qian in the stage, not only

Singing and dancing strength saly the whole audience

, her styling is also beautiful. This time, wearing a pleated skirt uniform, she is young and sexy.

Song Qian’s appearance at the event made full use of her figure. A cropped black slip dress. Outline her protruding figure,

Elegant and feminine

Black does not want to dress old-fashioned, you can use lip color to enhance your complexion, look young and can wear a charming temperament.

I am a partner, if you are confused, you can message me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Learn to dress with the match, and we will become better and more beautiful people together!

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