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Chanel should be the Dream Bag for every woman, especially the most classic CF series. Whether it is Jimei who already owns or plans to own, we need to understand the story behind it.


In 1929, Chanel’s first bag was introduced

It was the same clutch as the Volkswagen bag at that time

Relatively bulky

It wasn’t until February 1955 that Chanel first introduced bags with shoulder straps

Since then, the history of women’s handbags has changed

It was later named 2.55

After Galeries Lafayette took charge of Chanel in the 80s

In order to follow the trend of money worship in the times

The 2.55 low-profile square lock was replaced with a double C lock that highlights the identity


That is what we often call CF

This is also his most proud pioneering work after taking helm of Chanel

Since its launch, it has been the most worthy investment in high-value classics

It can be said that it has always been imitated, but never surpassed!

It is well known that the most common cortex of CF is cowhide and lambskin

The lambskin is softer and more delicate to the touch

It’s also relatively more squeamish, But the texture is excellent

Cowhide because of the graininess of the cortex

So it is also called caviar skin

Because abrasion resistance is also the most popular leather of all CFs

The gloss and texture are wonderful

The whole body is very full diamond check

The design of the diamond check is derived from the riding clothes that Ms. Chanel likes

The bag is designed with a double flap

On the first layer of the flap there is a small zipper layer


It symbolizes secret and romantic love

The burgundy color on the inner clasp cap is said to be the color of the uniform that Madame Chanel wore in the orphanage as a child

The raised double C logo is even more recognizable

Inside the bag there is a main compartment and two small slip pockets

It’s no problem to put your phone/wallet/keys/powder/tissues/perfume, etc

It can meet the basic needs of Jimei people to go out and commute

Honestly, it was a lot bigger than I thought

There is also a small pocket for lipstick in the middle of the two small slip pockets

The design of this lipstick position is really thoughtful

It seems to remind us to be a delicate woman at all times

There’s also a curved patch pocket on the back of the bag

It is said that this arc is the arc of the Mona Lisa’s smile

This patch pocket is used by Ms. Chanel to hold change/tips

Now it can also be used to put bills and so on

The earliest designs of the 2.55 series were all shoulder straps with all-metal chains

The CF, on the other hand, features a leather and metal chain interwoven shoulder strap

There is a feeling of rigidity and softness

Jin can be a female warrior who can charge in the workplace

Retreat can also become a cute woman who goes shopping with her sisters

The shoulder strap can be switched freely between single/double chain shoulder back and handheld

CF is a 10,000-year-old classic

Caviar cowhide emphasizes casual leisure

The classic lambskin comes with sophistication and elegance

When you don’t know what to carry

You can never go wrong with it

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