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For MM who loves beauty, choosing pants is a standard, thin or thin. And this winter day, light and thin is not enough, warmth must also keep up with the fashion beat. Xiaobian believes that the most perfect pants shape is slim and plush small leg pants, the perfect division of the golden ratio, which can tighten the line of the legs, modify the calves while outlining the slender and slender legs, and the design of the hips and tummy can also show the graceful and colorful curves of women. The inside of the pile is soft and comfortable, not only beautiful but also warm, one can easily survive the winter, the editor is moved, let’s go together!

Corduroy leg pants have a leg trimming effect that is incomparable to other shapes, and the slimming function is outstanding. Crafted to a well-crafted fit, an elasticated waistband for more comfortable wear, a diagonal slip pocket at the front, and a contrasting hem for a beautiful and practical fit. The classic cross stitching on the buttocks perfectly shows the effect of lifting the buttocks. The two internal pockets at the back are decorated with Mickey’s diamonds to perfectly define the three-dimensional curve of the hips and highlight the slim figure. Highlight your fashion and generosity, casual and handsome, absolutely versatile pants.

The waist is flat and loose and tight, and the fake placket design is cleverly concealed without excess flesh, showing the slender waist, curved double cable socket design, simple but a little capable, exquisite collection back pocket design, double routing turner routing, echoing the front pocket, highlighting the exquisite workmanship, fine cotton fabric, delicate and breathable, comfortable and soft.

Houndstooth has had a place in the fashion industry since the 19th century, and there seems to be a magic that dazzles at first glance, but there is a calm and full spirit that tugs at the heartstrings and makes people want to like it. After many revisions by the designer, knock to the good slim cut to create a comfortable and non-tight style that lifts the hips and tummy, which meets the needs of most people’s figures. The clean little foot design defines the leg line and makes it even more delicate.

The yearning for freedom in busy cities, cowboys can best express the mood. With a classic style with a focus on comfortable fabric design, create a comfortable denim style that coexists. 70D breakthrough rebound, super fit, super stable shape, maintain perfect leg shape, unrestrained wear, move with your heart. The minimalist offspring design echoes classic embroidery, feminine lines bridging the sexy beauty of denim.

The inner layer of flocked denim makes the fluff and the inner layer of denim perfectly married, retains the rough appearance characteristics of denim, and makes the comfortable denim have a warm effect. From the waist to the buttocks, thighs, and calves, it fits the skin, highlighting the feminine curves. Excellent stretch makes the pants suitable for MM of all body shapes, and every MM who loves thin can enjoy the excellent slimming effect brought by stretch candy colored pants.

With a three-dimensional split fit design, sexy splicing curves, combined with micro-elastic fabrics, it achieves the effect of fitting the body shape and visually. Soft and comfortable corduroy fabric, plush long plump and delicate, smooth as silk, upper body to bring a gentle skin-friendly feeling. The loose and high-waist elastic design conforms to the wearing of many MMs, which is unrestrained and untight, bringing more comfort.

Highly elastic fabric, 3D three-dimensional cutting, curves more confidence. But not to please men, but to yourself. High gram count of high-grade non-fleece, excellent gloss, washed without fading, no lint. It feels soft to the touch and has excellent warmth. The threaded design on the waist has a generous delicateness, and the waist is hand-paneled for a comfortable fit. The buttock lift at the back is cut to perfectly showcase women’s curves.

The unique waist fold line makes the waist look slimmer and slimmer. The high-waisted single-breasted four-button design breaks the old style and shows you a more graceful waist. Comfortable slip pocket, C-edge, comfortable curve, double wire crimping, secure release of wire. High-grade fabrics, breathable and environmentally friendly, comfortable to wear, can make the color last-lasting, washable and not fade, showing the brand’s characteristics from every detail.

The stretch fabric has good elasticity, is very comfortable, versatile, and a pair of pants can handle autumn and winter. Ultra-slim shape, stretching the curves of the waist, three-dimensional cut to lift the hips and slim legs, conforming to the hip design, highlighting the plump buttocks. Flattering the leg line for a sexy and attractive length. Using the latest active printing and dyeing technology, high-density knitted fabric, the inside is piled and cold resistant to minus 20 degrees, easily resisting the cold for winter.

Simple silhouette, elegant intellectual upgrade, sweet and spicy fashion shows the enchanting hot line of women. The slim leg sculpting style tightly conforms to the leg line, outlining the slender legs and highlighting the attractive figure. The elastic comfortable elasticated rainbow waistband is suitable for most MM wear, and the rich color brings a visual personality rendering. Exclusive slim little foot fit, simple silhouette, exquisite stitching, reflecting quality.

Sexy and enchanting, exuding a strong femininity. The high-waisted design of three-dimensional stitching is not only beautiful but also extremely comfortable. Cut according to the golden ratio, it has a slim fit and shows the rounded curves of the hips. High-quality PU material, more perfect stretching effect and resilience, can play a just right shaping effect, show the perfect leg shape, show the slim leg.

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