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Since H&M, Nike, Adidas and other international brands were boycotted Xinjiang cotton, we have also responded strongly to these brands, with e-commerce platforms removing goods, celebrities terminating cooperation, consumers and domestic brands supporting Xinjiang cotton, and our attitude is the same in the face of smearing and boycotting our Xinjiang cotton brands.

Like artists Lai Guanlin and Gong Jun, after learning of the release statement of the H&M brand, the two who were participating in the event program also took off their feet Converse and Nike. Lai Guanlin put on slippers directly, and Gong Jun chose a pair of domestic brand pullback shoes, and this attitude is also very clear.

Lai Guanlin wore slippers to catch a flight

Lai Guanlin wore Converse to the airport before the incident, but after participating in the show, Lai Guanlin put on a pair of slippers to catch a flight. Although he usually likes to wear slippers, I believe that this time his attitude is to respond to the brand of cotton in Xinjiang, China, that is, he would rather wear slippers to catch a plane than wear Converse and Nike.

Although not wearing Converse Nike, Lai Guanlin who wears slippers is as handsome, creating a fashionable shape, choosing a pair of slippers in the shape of shirts and trousers, and the shape tone is also just right.

Gong Jun put on dozens of pullback shoes

During the period of participating in the show, Gong Jun directly chose a pair of pullback shoes that are familiar to the people, and major fans and netizens also praised him. After all, pullback shoes are also the light of domestic products, which represent the youth of generations, and it is natural for us to support domestic products at this time.

The pullback shoes chosen by Gong Jun are also the most classic series WB-1, I believe many partners will immediately remember the red and white WB-1 pullback shoes they wore. Gong Jun easily wears this pair of blue and white color pullback shoes out of fashion, and the shape is very eye-catching.

In fact, Huili is also a shoe brand with a long history, which was born in 1927 and is about to go through a hundred years of history, which is worthy of the label of “Chinese time-honored brand”. And in the cost performance, pullback shoes have always had its advantages.

I believe that many post-70s and post-80s partners have worn this classic pair of pullback shoes, and now many post-00s have also put it back into the shopping cart, and wearing it can also create a youthful trendy style.

In the charm of the shape, Gong Jun is a good matching template, a pair of WB-1 blue and white color matching style, with black and white tone shape is very literary and handsome, presenting the breath of youth and vitality. Wearing these dozens of pullback shoes, the effect created is not necessarily worse than that of Converse, Adidas and Nike.

A simple pair of pullback shoes, but reflecting Gong Jun’s full of positive energy, as an artist, should also establish a good image in front of the public. There are also artists who are desperate to resist the termination of cooperation with Xinjiang cotton brands, which are also worthy of our praise, and we need these strong responses.

The star artist’s announcement of the termination of cooperation with H&M, Nike, Converse and other brands has also been occupying the headlines of major hot searches, which is our action and determination to support Xinjiang cotton.

Of course, our domestic brands are also very supportive of Xinjiang cotton, such as Li Ning, Anta, Hongxing Erke and other brands have responded, will continue to move forward with Xinjiang cotton. Even if we take off the clothes that boycott Xinjiang cotton brands such as H&M, Adidas, and Nike, there are still countless choices and can be worn wonderfully.

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