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Many sales are fierce warriors who dare to fight and fight, just like a samurai armed with a long spear has the desire to kill the enemy when he sees the enemy. There are many salespeople who also like to be challenged whenever they encounter a new sales opportunity

It’s like

Mountaineers see new heights as their next target to conquer. This spirit and courage is what sales need, and it is also the courage, self-confidence, passion that many people advocate.

The word “risk” is interpreted in the Han Dian as “risking failure or losing in speculative gambling or other things that rely on luck”, or in the dictionary it is “a business that bears the risks of crisis and unknown”, “blind and reckless action regardless of subjective and objective conditions”.

Seeing this definition, you can understand, in fact, we have many sales often take risks, or have no experience, or are not accustomed to developing sales strategies and plans, see the project with confidence, passion and courage to rush up, regard the customer as the object to be overcome, regard the signing order as a victory, regard the sales process as a game of interests, and desperately “win” the customer.

Victory first wins and then seeks battle, without a fight and the temple counts, strategic sales is to tell us that instead of rushing up and accidentally hitting and risking like this, it is better to stop before we act, first think about how to act, what the goal is, what the plan is, and even think about why we came to make this list.

Many people like to compare the sales mall to a battlefield, you must fight me to win you and you die, and if you don’t succeed, you will become a benevolent. We prefer to compare the sales mall to a love field, a process of working together to find happiness. If we are selfish in the love field, do not care about each other’s feelings and gains, and cannot bring happiness to the other party, then we firmly believe that this person will never be able to find his other half who can be with him for life and grow old together. Therefore, our sales do not advocate “risk-taking”, rushing in to kill the enemy in too many unknown situations, but committed to developing a long-term cooperative relationship, only in this way, the other party will not see us as an enemy, will not see us as an external threat, and will not feel sold.

Successful sales are based on long-term relationships and win-win results, not a struggle to make money from your pocket or even your life. Everyone who has come over knows that the fight with customers is not a one-sided success, but a glory and a loss. The customer’s “win” becomes a reality, and our “win” has a foundation. We know that the “win” here is for the individual and for each role.

Looking back on our many years of sales, those customers who are willing to continue to cooperate with us have done things successfully, and individuals have achieved their own “wins”, and the list is endless. I have a very good client who we met as an information director for a company, and our project was very successful, and this director also gained a lot of experience because of this project, and he also published several professional articles in industry magazines through our introduction. A larger company executive saw the executive’s article and tried to recruit him to preside over the informatization work. He just came to the new enterprise to preside over the informatization encountered a lot of resistance and even trouble, we timely used the company’s resources to help the company carry out research, provide consultation, formulate plans, and report to the general manager at a senior level, as a foreign monk read a few volumes well. In this process, we all had full communication and trust with this supervisor, and through our joint efforts, this new customer successfully signed with us. Since then, the supervisor has always considered and recommended our solution wherever he goes. Of course, because of my cooperation with this friend, he always found a way to help me whenever I needed a new contract to give to a newly arrived superior, or needed a payment back to cover a quarter-end performance review.

We have all had this experience, in the above case, if we do not work with this supervisor, whether in the original unit or the new unit, it is difficult for us to achieve such a good result, and even we will be broken by competitors or internal parties, this kind of thing often happens in sales. If we can reach this partnership with more people in our customers, then our concept of success will be even greater.

Successful sales is when we get performance support or emotional satisfaction, this success is multifaceted, this good feeling is what sales pursues. In a successful sale, our personal interests are satisfied, but also the personal interests of that key person or people who can influence the decision, and it is important that they know that their interests are met because of our efforts, which is called “win-win” or even “win-win”. Of course, if you look at me as this and everyone except me as the other, it means that each other’s “win-win” and “win-win” are synonymous. Sales who have had this experience and this result know what kind of result it is, what kind of happiness it is.

We help each other by sharing the risk with our customers, not because we are moral, or how helpful we are, that is not to believe, we do it only because everyone can use this to realize their personal value. Only by letting our customers win and we can win in sales can we reach long-term cooperative relations with our customers.

In sales, you can’t rush up in the unknown to be the enemy of the customer, that’s risky. We must not only consider how to create corporate value for customers, but also consider how to bring their “win” to as many roles as possible for customers, because “winning” is the internal cause and key to determine customer decisions, we must consider the “win” of the other party, only we achieve “win-win” with customers to obtain long-term cooperation with customers, to achieve long-term operation and common growth of customers.