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It is the nature of girls to like to wear skirts, and even the cold winter can’t stop our love for small skirts! In fact, if you want to wear a skirt in winter, it is very simple, choose a light short top, whether it is a playful tweed skirt or a vintage elegant plaid long skirt can be versatile. Only these sets are enough for winter~

LOOK1: Lamb wool coat + umbrella skirt, Japanese girl

If you want to look light and playful in winter, haze blue is the best choice. This foggy blue collarless fleece jacket is soft and lightweight, and the fluffy texture is super good. Wearing a white turtleneck and black umbrella skirt, the layering is full of layers, not to mention a Japanese girl fan, which is a good template for dating your boyfriend.

LOOK2: Coat + tweed skirt, half-mature girly style

When it comes to autumn and winter skirts, the first thing that comes to mind is this tweed short skirt, which is difficult to show off its long legs and versatility. Like the picture in this beige plush jacket, it gives people a gentle feeling, and the British style skirt looks outstanding. Finally, with a pair of black silk and square scalp boots, inadvertently sultry is the deadliest.

This lapel jacket is a little cleaner and smarter than the one just now, and it’s not very complexional. The sleeves of the sky-blue sweater must be exposed to be fashionable. Choose an earthy tweed skirt and gray leggings for the lower body, and the color system has become a little more mature. The color of this short skirt is very vintage, and it feels like the type that does not bump into a shirt

LOOK3: Knitwear + plaid long skirt, French elegant girl

Xiao-chan plans to use knitwear with a plaid skirt for the New Year this year, after all, such a gentle and idyllic match relatives can’t fault it! The foggy blue V-neck shirt shows the gentlest side of the girl, and the lapel design is added to add a touch of vitality. The modification of the body shape of this plaid straight skirt is only known to those who wear it.

I feel that this year’s fashion trend is pinched by French elegance, and it is really love. The foggy blue thick needle cardigan is really super white, and the use of V-neck elements makes the girl’s delicate collarbone show super lethality. Paired with a tonal plaid long dress, there is an effect from a French oil painting, which softens the years.

LOOK4: Short jacket + corduroy pants, handsome and stylish

After seeing so many soft and cute skirt matches, it is time to give benefits to girls who like neutral style~ The combination of this denim jacket and brown corduroy trousers is simply a man and a woman, the high-waist design leg length is straight to two meters, plus the straight style feels that the legs are straighter than chopsticks. Finally, wear a brown cowboy hat and attack it to the point.

Corduroy pants catch fire every winter! This outfit looks very high-end at first glance, and although it is a solid color, it will immediately attract the eye. A khaki blazer with a white turtleneck is full of sophistication. With corduroy trousers, there is more casual style inside, which is super suitable for street photography.

LOOK5: Tweed jacket + trousers, clean and refreshing

Recently, Xiao-chan has been fascinated by this shiny gold velvet, and I feel that it is very expensive as soon as I put on my body! Just choose the dark color in the picture will not look frivolous, and it is also a white series for winter. The color system of the upper body is darker, and the pants choose a vintage blue, which is very eye-catching.

Lamb wool coats were already very popular, and combined with the style of motorcycle coats were more popular. This beige motorcycle jacket has a generous and simple color system, and there are no restrictions on age. For this kind of jacket, the simpler the better, for example, black pants and tunics are very OK, very clean and fresh.

LOOK6: Leather jacket + suit pants, full of Hong Kong style

Hong Kong Wind is really always imitated and never goes out of style! Does this dark green leather jacket resemble the coat of the heroine of the Hong Kong drama I watched when I was a child, with a sense of story full of sunglasses. The short style immediately lifts the waistline, and the suit pants will not show the crotch width, but have an independent and strong taste.

For winter wear, girls do not need to choose how bright items are, but some classic styles and eye-catching. Like these tweed short skirts and plaid long skirts recommended in the article, they have been popular for many years, but they will not feel outdated no matter how they are matched~ Of course, don’t worry about the cold, because I know that girls are creatures that are not afraid of cold.