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Women who can really wear know that clothes don’t have to buy too much, and the most important thing that suits them is the most important thing. Because

Only the pieces you choose that suit you can wear a sense of style, and it is easier to wear the effect you want.

So for a season like winter, coats like this are very popular with fashionable elves.

On the one hand, it does have a strong practicality, no matter what type of body shape and height you are, you can find a coat style that suits you to wear; On the other hand, the coat is also very malleable, and you can create the style you want according to your combination. Therefore, the coat is a very easy item to appear in winter, and it is loved by fashionistas.

If you don’t believe it, look at the daily look of the goddesses, the appearance rate of coats is also quite high on them. When Wang Ou rarely went out without makeup, he appeared in a coat,

Simple and skillful at the same time,

If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look.

Wang Ou coat wearing look analysis:

There are many choices of coats on the market, whether in style, fit, or material. So for girls who want to try a variety of styles,

Coats are perfect for concave styling.

Like this coat worn by Wang Ou when he appeared without makeup,

The all-over black bottom and the splicing design of the fur collar suddenly make the originally somewhat dull coat more layered, and the design of the fur collar also improves the warmth, warm and fashionable at the same time.

The inner wear is selected to be a relatively slim style, so it presents an elastic combination with it,

It is completely in line with the skills of fashionable dressing. Although he appeared without makeup, Wang Ou’s state is still very online, his skin is smooth and delicate, and the maintenance is still in place.

It’s just that the tied ball head exposes the hairline

, her hairline is a little worrisome, she suddenly let us know that stars are just as troubled as ordinary people.

If you want to wear a coat well, these details are indispensable:

Tips1: The fit should fit as well as possible

No matter what type of item, if the shape you choose does not fit well, it is more difficult to wear the desired effect. Especially for items like coats

You need to choose a fit according to your actual figure. The type of length and the degree of looseness are all factors that we need to consider.

Usually, we are on the fit

Choose some well-cut coats to wear

, the line of this type of coat will be clearer, so the effect of wearing it will be more textured. If you have a loose degree, you don’t have to pursue a too loose fit,

A suitably loose coat is the most suitable

。 If you’re not particularly tall, then

The length of the coat is best controlled at about 10 cm above and below the knee,

This way you don’t wear the visual effect of pressing height.

Tips2: High-grade materials can be worn with texture

A fluttery coat can’t be worn with texture, of course, pilling, rough material styles will also look very cheap… Hence us

When choosing a coat, try to avoid some relatively cheap materials.

It is best to choose some more advanced fabrics to wear,

Like the wool, cotton, satin, velvet, which are more common on the market… Coats of these materials will be more textured, and also have a certain sense of drape,

So wearing it will highlight the temperament more.

Tip3: The overall color combination is also important

If you want to wear a high-end coat, the best color matching is also very important. For middle-aged women, just

Don’t expect some more jumpy color matching, the pursuit of overall harmony can be more temperamental.

The most recommended is the minimalist color matching,

The fewer colors tend to be more advanced and easier to hold.

For some people who are less knowledgeable about color matching,

Choose the tonal way to wear your coat

, is a way to not go wrong,

Wearing it this way has a simple and generous temperament, but also has a sense of advanced harmony.

Fashion Summary:

1. The shape of the coat should fit as much as possible, according to your actual situation to choose.

2. Try to choose some more advanced fabrics to wear the coat.

3. The color matching of the coat should be as simple as possible, so that it will be better to control and easier to wear temperament.

Conclusion: If you don’t know much about the outfit of the coat, you may wish to follow the above ideas to match, simple and easy to learn and not easy to make mistakes.