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The retro court wind has been blowing very violently, such a style of pajamas give people the illusion of traveling through time, and the medieval castle is particularly matched~ But after all, it is the existence of daily home wear, so in addition to the gorgeous appearance, its fabric and style are very close to the people, there is also a sense of appearance and connotation, come and collect it ~

The combination of age-reducing doll collar and buttoning creates a cute little girlish temperament. The neckline, cuffs and other lace craftsmanship highlight the feminine and romantic atmosphere. The A-line version of the nightdress outlines a perfect good figure, and it is not bad to do a small public gesture at home~

Geometric patterns of different sizes and shades converge into atmospheric stripes, which is very innovative. The H-fit nightdress makes a good figure loom, and the loose and comfortable will not lose the feminine charm. Just knee-length for easy movement and wearable.

Super pink princess nightdress, combined with all the elements that girls love, lace chest decoration and ruffled hem, pure sweetness MAX, loose skirt will not pick the figure, so that you can be as beautiful at home.

Of course, the fabric of the pajamas should choose the most skin-friendly and soft, just like this vintage court nightdress of flannel, the soft touch gives people intimate care. Lace, lace, openwork and other elements give the nightdress a richer visual effect, comfortable and beautiful.

The main color of pink and tender gray is often girly, and the age-reducing polka dot pattern makes it even more cute and playful, making the loungewear lively. The texture of pure cotton fabric goes without saying, and the compliment of “everyone loves” is no exaggeration.

The striped cotton nightdress with natural drape and the wide and loose fit are the style of authentic loungewear. Cotton fabric has super elasticity, any model of body can hold, home wear is so that there is capacity to stretch ~

The fabric is made of high-quality Xinjiang long-staple cotton, which has a fluffy feel and good warmth performance, which is very suitable for the early spring when it is still warm and cold. The Japanese flower pattern is the favorite of many cute girls, and it also matches the soft and comfortable nightdress~


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