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Middle-aged women in modern society are the backbone of this society, not only to work but also to take care of the family, double pressure, resulting in many times they have no time to take care of dressing themselves; But as an independent individual, you must first learn yourself, only if you live beautifully can you better love others, don’t give up yourself because of age, family and other factors, from now on from the inside out to start loving yourself, dressing yourself up can better illuminate others~

50-year-old Xuanxuan has become the pride of middle-aged women, every appearance is dressed appropriately and generously, the image of professional female elites is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, not only has enviable academic qualifications and careers, but also enviable is her temperament, wearing a nude pink suit to appear at the event, the skin on the face is firm and smooth, not losing to girls, how is this state like a 50-year-old middle-aged woman?

Next, let’s take a look at how the 50-year-old wears a professional style that reduces her age↓

Xuanxuan suit look interpretation

Suit suit: Highlight the professional and capable feminine aura

Suit jacket various ways to wear, the use of suit trousers to wear, is undoubtedly one of the most trouble-saving, convenient and fast way, complete wear without considering too much matching problems, especially good matching, it is very easy to reflect the image of a professional and capable big woman, especially suitable for work, business and other formal occasions.

For example, Xuanxuan’s suit only needs to choose the matching underwear and shoes, Xuanxuan chose a simple white underwear, no matter what color can be matched, but also play a certain brightening effect;

Shoes on the feet choose a pair of nude high heels to enhance temperament, strengthen the capable aura, shoes choose nude color similar to skin color, using the principle of smooth color, can play a role in lengthening the leg line, but sisters with darker skin color on the feet should choose carefully, easy to show dark skin tone.

Style analysis of suits

The slim little suit → smart and elegant

Compared with the straight line of the H version without a waist, the slim suit has a clear waist design, which can outline a more obvious sense of body line, and show the elegant side of women, while also showing the proportion of the body to play an important role in thinning and enhancing the proportion of the body, looking more delicate and feminine.

High-rise pleated suit pants → cover flesh and show off leg length

The lower body chose the same set of suit pants, using a looser waist + tightened cuff design, the shape design is also very ingenious, the suit pants are close to the waist and abdomen above, with a clear pleated design, leaving a large space for the hips, the effect of hiding meat is first-class, not only can cover the small belly, but also the wide hips, big thick legs also have a good meat covering and modification effect.

And the pants go down tighter and tighter, using the design of tightening the cuffs, outlining the slender leg line, plus the high-waist design, simply do not show too long legs, this “up and down down” pants shape, especially friendly to the pear-shaped body with wide hips and thick thighs caused by sitting in office.

Color selection: nude pink→ low-key mature, tender pink

Color is the most intuitive element that can be seen at first glance, so in addition to the external silhouette, the color of the suit also determines part of the style of the suit. Xuanxuan’s suit uses nude pink, nude pink is in pink with part of the nude component blended, not easy to pink naïve, nude pink presents a low-key soft, both pink tenderness, but also the sense of maturity after the precipitation of the years, even if a little age of women wear it without showing a sense of harmony.

More suit look analysis

White broad-shouldered suit suit

Different from the above slim suit, the H-shaped suit does not have an obvious waistline design, the cut of the straight line is more neutral and atmospheric, plus the wide shoulder design gives people a rough and tough feeling, and the wide-leg trousers under the same set show chic and handsome, and the printed square-toe shoes are a simple white shape, injecting personality and a sense of power, living off a domineering female president, suitable for a set of clothing for female bosses and workplace elites.

Note: If the upper and lower items are too loose, it is easy to visually widen the horizontal proportion and appear fat and short, Xuanxuan has a white inside

Slim fit

The suit vest, revealing the obvious inner waistline, successfully avoids the sloppy feeling of “upper pine and lower pine”, showing height and thinness.

Blue suit + white polo shirt + patch ripped pants

Who says a suit can only create a workplace look? As long as you know how to harmonize style, suits can also be worn with a sense of trend. Xuanxuan’s blue suit gives people a sense of temperament, the light and thin material is especially suitable for creating a summer look, and the white polo shirt is used to brighten the shape, adding a little casual and dynamic, and the patch ripped jeans inject a rebellious street style into the look, plus the little white shoes are young, and the blue and white are fresh and age-reducing.