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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

In recent days, the cold air has blown from north to south, and the slightly thicker winter combination is accompanied by the “taste of the year” is getting stronger and stronger, but unlike the previous “flowers and green, red and purple”, the color matching and fashion design should be expressed from multiple angles. Some clothes with an independent sense of design, combined with the overall matching, can always show a different personality charm.

The expressiveness that defines fashion trends often comes from the expression of personality. In this way, in terms of visual effects, the small fragrance and plush match texture, and the matching level is plumped but not overly bloated. This small fragrant coat option, which incorporates the style of colored rope braiding, has a sense of color stitching, which makes the lower body pants match also highlight the sense of contrast.

The same matching feeling, the color tone can be flipped to express, and the contrast between the top and bottom is not only reflected in the color. The design of the small fragrant jacket on the upper body seems loose but the cut style is three-dimensional, giving a three-dimensional sense on the shoulder side, with the plush texture of the upper edge, unique style.

The more obvious difference between lamb fleece and fleece is that the fleece is more simple and looser, while the texture of lamb fleece is firmer. In this set, the same three-dimensional shape design, but in the color matching using three-color panels and lamb wool layered matching, the straight design of the neckline is more atmospheric.

And this set of gray-black main colors, more attention to the design with the tall and fair body skin of its own girls, the upper body is somewhat borrowed from the drape of the mink coat, but a separate layer of expression in the middle is added. Starting from the difference in texture, it ends with the unity of the fabric and the transition of color. The black and white two-layer design in the inner lining is also matched with this, and the layers are full.

The combination of the aforementioned weaving style and small fragrance is not only a display of the coat, but also the expression of the French short linen style light green collarless gown While the upper body is shortened, the combination of long skirts and some tassels in the color strip weave style creates a body effect.

In this way, the choice of plush coat can not be missed, the tall body makes the mid-length matching is enough, and the plush appearance makes the thickness and overall matching have a feeling of extending outward, so that the design of the mid-length is also reasonable.

If you want to match bright colors, the combination of Crane blue, sky blue and white is definitely a representative of white matching, whether it is stripe style or check matching is a versatile style. The light-colored knitted sweater in the inner lining is to enrich the details of the neckline and make a better transition in the choice of trousers with a long white loose texture.

When the weather warms up, you want the same atmospheric and three-dimensional sense of collocation, and the combination design of the suit naturally plays the heavy responsibility. The contrast between white and earth tones is more avant-garde than others, and the large opening design of the upper body and the combination of fewer buttons highlight the charm of confidence.

The choice of black and gray tweed jacket is more cool and cold than light colors. It is also a match for suit trousers, which also shows the high frequency of appearance and the prominence of the visual effect.

Brown loose crewneck sweater, the weaving style is more obvious, which is also the “elastic” contrast between the top and bottom, but the style color is gentle and a little lazy, but it does not lose style. This is also a combination of two layers and flared trousers, black brown texture expression.

The long coat that cannot be absent is naturally one of the manifestations of generosity and atmosphere, the combination of earth color and cream white appears again, and the simple expression of the coat, which also makes the style of the lining more simple, just the smooth transition of the single button and the half-high neck decoration are displayed.