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Hello everyone, today is still a beauty sauce that broke the heart for the beauty career of the little cuties~

I am a “perfume enthusiast” every day, and I started buying perfume samples in high school, and I must go to Sephora and major perfume counters every time I go shopping.

The scent is a personal thing, you think this smells good, but your friends want to vomit when they smell it, which is a normal thing.

But the fragrance can bring it

Very popular impression

, the soap smell feels inexplicably clean, the tail smell is like walking on the street, and the orange smell immediately makes people feel that it is summer.

So I’m going to tell you how to buy the right perfume for you, but this really has too much to talk about

In three parts

I’ll talk slowly to everyone.

Let’s say it first, everyone feels differently about perfume,

Theory memorizing 100 pages is not as fast as smelling 10 bottles

, so you can take these three as menu recommendations on the app, and the specific taste will not be known until you eat it (๑•̀ᄇ•́)و✧

Well, don’t be verbose, today’s first article will give you the basic knowledge of perfume~

Q1.What are the top notes, middle notes, and back notes?

TOP notes: Most of the first flavor that is opened, the fastest volatilization, generally about 5-20 minutes.


BASE Base notes: It is the basis for perfume creation that lasts the longest and is generally more intense and lasts longer.

In fact, the front and back notes of each bottle of perfume are not very clear, generally one

Mutual intermingling slowly changing processes.

If a bottle of perfume says that it is “not divided into front and back tones”, otherwise it is a pitiful citrus tone, which is volatile from beginning to end; Or it is very monotonous, generally composed of only 1-3 spices.

Q2.How can some perfumes still smell at night after spraying, and some will be astigmatized within 2 hours?

Perfumes are divided into four categories: “Eau de Cologne”, “Eau de toilette eau decent”, “Eau de Parfum perfume” and “Parfum fragrance”.

I remember a student majoring in French told me that French is really difficult to learn, even perfume has 4 expressions, let’s see what these four represent.

P· Parfum perfume

: Concentration 15-25%, duration 5-7 hours It is recommended to spray 1 time

EDP· Eau de parfum eau decentum

: Concentration 8-15%, duration: 5 hours It is recommended to spray 1 time

EDT· Eau de toilette eau de toilette

: Concentration 4-10%, duration: 3-4 hours It is recommended to spray 1-2 times

EDC· Eau de cologne

: Concentration 2-5%, duration: 1-2 hours It is recommended to spray 1-3 times

Generally on the red frame position on the perfume bottle ~

However, it also occurs because EDP contains less alcohol than EDT, evaporates more slowly, and has a softer taste

EDT smells thicker than EDP


Q3.「 What do woody notes” and “floral notes” mean?

The various “notes” of perfume are to better distinguish the types of perfume, which must first be divided into four series.

Freshness: Citrus tone: often used as top notes, green leaf tones, aquatic notes

Aromatics: floral notes, fruity notes

Rich series: woody tones, oriental withering, gourmet tones

Classical: Sipe, leather, and fluffy

Most perfumes are a mixture of several notes

For example, it is very common for the top note to be floral and become woody at the back.

Q4.Why can I smell watermelon when there is a bunch of grass leaves written in the spice table?

The ingredient list of perfume is only to let consumers know

What kind of perfume is this

, which means “can smell”, does not necessarily have such a thing in the ingredient list.

Just as the “fresh” taste of plant roots is mostly the credit of syringal,

Most of the flavors are concocted

, You can’t expect to eat a wife in the wife’s cake.

And everyone’s experience of the fragrance is different, too entangled in the ingredient list will only torture themselves, rib soup is delicious enough, to check a few peppercorns is a distrust of the soup.

As long as it smells good and you like it, the perfume ingredient list is “for reference only”,

Half the letter is good

Q5.Is niche salon incense necessarily better than commercial incense?

“Commercial fragrance” is those brands we are familiar with, such as Chanel Hermès, the taste is basically not wrong, everyone loves.

“Niche Salon Fragrance” is a number of brands that specialize in perfumes, with a certain history and more unusual ideas, such as Zumalon of Ludan’s, which is often full of surprises.

But there is really no need to step on one, commercial incense is like ordinary figure toys, catering to the tastes of mass consumers, honestly posing for you to choose.

Niche incense is like a blind box toy, each with its own attitude, in

The taste aspect will also be more challenging

, buy what you don’t like, but also hypnotize yourself I love him.

Q6.「 What is the smell of falling snow, what should I do if I can’t understand the incense commentary?

Rousseau said, “The sense of smell is the smell of memory and desire”, so in fact, perfume is more often present

Describe the mood

, It is difficult to show everyone the intuitive analysis like clothes and cosmetics.

Because Xiang Zhuan is also every Xiang Critic


Perhaps this critic smelled chocolate when it snowed, which is also a matter of no way.

But here, crunchy according to 4 incense series to tell you about it, the next time I read the incense review, at least 60% can be correct, (of course, most of them are only my personal feelings).


Citrus notes:

Based on citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and bergamot, it is highly volatile.

Reviews are generally described as “fresh and large orange flavor”, “juicy”, “summer sunshine feeling”, and “on the way to travel”.

Green leaf tones:

Botanical, apple, vegetable and seaweed freshness are all green leafy notes, often paired with floral or citrus aromas.

Lavender is also a greenish leafy flavor in the floral fragrance.

It is usually described as “walking in the woods”, “smell of early morning”, and “after rain”.

Aquatic tone:

Contains aquatic plants or fresh fruits and flowers, smells the youngest and non-aggressive, most neutral perfumes are this way.

However, it is generally simulating the “smell of the sea and moist air”, so most of it is chemically processed.

Generally, reviews describe it as “first love white shirt”, “walk by the sea”, “fresh little white flower”, “simple”, “damp”.


Floral notes:

The main composition is mainly floral fragrance, which is very common in women’s perfumes, and because the different flavors of flowers are also rich in variations, the different places of origin will also affect the taste of flowers.

For example, Damascus roses and Turkish roses smell and feel different.

Reviews are usually described as “feminine”, “gentle”, and “neighbor’s sister”.

Fruity notes:

It is composed of fruit flavors other than citrus, but because most fruits are not easy to extract, they are often paired with floral notes or delicacies.

It is usually described as “welcoming”, “little playful”, “morning on a tropical island”, and “summer”.

Rich system

Woody tones:

Generally, the smell of various woods, long incense time, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver and the like, relatively stable and vigorous, medicinal perfumes generally belong to this category.

Generally, incense reviews describe it as “melancholy and bitter”, “neutral”, “old movies/black and white movies”, “cold tenderness”, “grandpa’s tea”, “coat in the closet”.

Oriental tones:

The most exotic is the use of oriental leaves, resin, musk, amber, which are oriental and impressive, as the main composition, creating a Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian feeling.

Reviews are usually described as “colorful”, “dancing Spanish girl”, “Carmen”, “fireworks”, and “decadent fragrance”.

Cuisine Notes:

This note appeared for the first time in 1992, mainly milky or spicy flavor, saffron, chocolate, cinnamon and other gourmet notes are more common, generally rich and sweet, the taste is more stimulating.

Reviews are generally described as “winter”, “hot chocolate”, “crackling by the fireplace”, “thick blanket”, “sweet and seductive”.

Department of Classics

Sypem notes:

Also known as Cyprus, which means cyprus in French, it is the birthplace of the legendary Chinese god Venus, and it is also the place where the spice of oak moss originated.

It is generally composed of oak moss, sandalwood, amber, vetiver, bergamot and patchouli, mixed with floral or fruity aromas, rich in layers, more suitable for mature women, reducing sweetness, and highlighting the feminine charm of maturity and stability.

Generally, the reviews will describe them as “literary youth”, “glasses and white shirts”, “complex love”, and “warmth”.

Leather tones:

Dominated by leather flavor, it often appears with tobacco, woody fragrance, rosemary, etc., and is more common in men’s perfume neutral perfume.

It is common in autumn and winter perfumes and is sometimes used as a base for gourmet perfumes.

Generally, incense reviews will be described as “steady and confident”, “choking”, “uncle”, “rich”, “old”, and “desire”.

Fleur notes:

This is a note that includes many flavors at the same time, and the appropriate spices are added to it, so it is also called “the combination of all notes”.

It is generally rich and thick, often used for men’s fragrances, and women’s fragrances can become very complex if they add Fuqi notes.

It is usually described as “rich and unforgettable”, “lingering”, “dry”, and “religious”.

I looked at those incense reviews and looked really in the clouds, and I didn’t know if the other party was writing incense reviews or prose poems.

Finally, I want to say that buying perfume is the first thing to do

Leave stereotypes behind

, not bound by price or public vision, classic has classic good, niche has niche beauty.

How to choose so many brands of perfume? How to know which perfume you are suitable for, etc., predict what will happen next, and listen to the next decomposition.

Do you have any questions about perfumes?

Talk about it in the comments.