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In the past two years, retro style and comfort style have become popular, and loose mid-rise jeans have become more and more popular. ▼

When we were doing the 1988 dress feature (poke the blue letter), we talked about the retro style of the 80s, and one of them said that this kind of mid-rise jeans are super popular. Many celebrity supermodels are looking for them.

Dad is the one who loves to wear these kinds of jeans the most. The most pair of jeans they have in their wardrobe are probably these loose mid-rise models.

Obama, for example, has been on the streets many times and dressed like this. ▼

Many fathers also like to hang keys on the head of their pants, and in the early years, they would carry their mobile phones directly around their waists, or pack their pockets bulging, so the mid-rise pants are about to become low-rise pants~▼

They wear it every day, why don’t they feel the fashion of these pants? Because, although they have accurate eyes and the eye to find good goods, they always can’t find their own size, and their trouser legs are always fat. ▼

In this photo of Friends, all of the mid-rise jeans that Dad loves to wear, only Monica and Phoebe have mastered the correct way to open mid-rise jeans. ▼

The purple sauce below is the best looking. ▼

Don’t wear it with overly loose tops like dads do. The upper and lower loose looks better, in contrast, the fat pant legs are not something that ordinary people can hold. ▼

If the pants are too long, they will not look sloppy if the legs are rolled up and the top is tucked in. ▼