Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

“It would be nice to have a backpack of several hundred compartments”

Now I can only watch the equipment all over the ground being refreshed by the system on the ground.

Ye Qing looked at his chest and gave an extra necklace.

Name: Night Elves

Location: Necklace

Description: Achievement rewards for players who have been in combat condition for 5 consecutive hours of night without rest.

Effects: 1. The player’s night vision ability increases after wearing.

2. After wearing it, the player’s night movement speed increases by 10 points.

3. After wearing, the player’s night non-combat state returns blue, and the blood return speed increases by 30%.

Skill: Moonlight Slash, charge 0, 2 seconds later cut a crescent-like sword qi in front of you, 10 yards away, there is a certain probability of slashing the full moon slash, double the damage, cooldown time 10 seconds, according to the player’s strongest attack attribute, replacement attribute, 10% of the player’s strongest attack damage.

Ye Qing looked at the necklace around his neck with satisfaction, the necklace was not an exaggerated multi-gem design, but like a simple inky black gemstone pendant, a leather rope hung around his neck.

I didn’t expect that the system actually rewarded such a special piece of jewelry, the moonlight slashing skill attack power is not high, but the victory is in the short time, or the group killing skill, it is simply a treasure.

“Ding! It is late at night, and some monsters have begun to mutate deeply, please return to safety. ”

The continuous alarm sound startled Ye Qing, originally in the forest where he couldn’t see his fingers, relying on the dim light of the moonlight to see the road, in addition, the wolf howl and rustling leaves from time to time in the forest, even the bold Ye Qing couldn’t help but chill his hair upside down.

“The soul guide game soul enters the game, which is really much more real than the virtual reality online game, and the virtual reality online game is still a game, but the soul guide game is completely a real-world feeling.”

As soon as Ye Qing finished complaining, a world shout appeared.

Ome boiled sake: “System! Your uncle! Why do you want to strengthen the monster so much at night, and let it not let people play, finally reached level 9, and fell again! ”

The system shouts, enter the game can be, shout once 1 gold coin, have to sigh, rich people are really many, such a boss is basically to enter the game to find the studio crazy gold.

Ye Qing glanced at the leaderboard.

In a few moments, the leaderboard changed.

Rank list: 1, Ye Qing (level 14)

2. Shen Xinzhu (Level 10)

3. Flower pot (level 8)

4. I am an old driver (level 8)

5. Returning to the roots of fallen leaves (level 8)

Equipment List: None

Skill Leaderboard: None

Career list: None

The original two quails have fallen out of the rankings, replacing two newcomers, and it is estimated that they have lost their level with people.

It is Shen Xinzhu, a beauty, whose level improvement is quite stable.

Ye Qing closed the system interface and found that wearing the Night Elf Necklace increased his night vision, and even if there was no moonlight, he could see a large area.

Because of his night vision ability, it didn’t take long to walk until Ye Qing found a tree hole that looked like a passage entrance.

“Ding! Congratulations to players for entering the Swamp Monster Territory, experience +100, reputation +10. ”

Unexpectedly, it also added prestige, this area is definitely not an ordinary monster area.

Ye Qing carefully groped forward, and after a while, he saw an area where monsters were concentrated.

“What a monster!”

A mud monster that is like a pile of rotting mud is slowly wandering on the mud, eyes and nose can’t tell where it is, and some mud monsters have human or animal severed limb remains, which is even more frightening to see under the background of night.

If a female player enters such a place, the first thing is definitely screaming, then turning around and running.

Name: Mud Monster

Level: 9-14

Physical attack: 70

Magic Attack: 2

Physical defense: 30

Magical Defense: 1

Skills: Winding, hand-to-hand winding, fusing enemies into your own body, crushing enemies to death with a large amount of mud, dealing a lot of physical damage.

Extremely high physical damage, and it can be said that it touches the skill of certain death, the attacks of these disgusting mud monsters have surpassed Ye Qing.

“Let’s try one first.”

Ye Qing slowly approached a level 10 swamp monster, and just approached the distance of 3 yards directly triggered the hatred of the swamp monster, and the swamp monster turned around extremely quickly, and the hand composed of mud snapped on Ye Qing.

“Ding! The player is attacked and loses 210 HP. ”

Ye Qing was startled, an attack, close to a second kill!

Ye Qing hit with a backhand skill.


“Ding! Slashes deal 87, 76, 97, and 56 damage. ”

It directly triggered four consecutive slashes, but unfortunately it will not crit, and can only rely on its own attack power to deal damage.

Under attack, the Swamp Monster also begins a second wave of attacks.

Ye Qing dodged sideways, triggered the dodge attribute, dodged the attack of the mud monster, and two more attacks, triggered two critical hits, and directly put the mud monster down.

Although Ye Qing’s defense was not high, his attack power was extremely high, and as a result, a mud swamp monster fell quickly.

In general, the attack of the mud swamp monster is very strong, the attack speed is not fast, and the defense power is average, which is also suitable for Ye Qing’s current use to brush monsters and upgrade.

However, the mud swamp monsters here are very dense, and the mud swamp monsters basically form a hate link, and it is definitely not okay to brush one by one, but as long as two of the high-attack swamp monsters attack Ye Qing at the same time, Ye Qing can directly end tonight’s trip.

Ye Qing bit his finger and leaned on a tree, thinking about countermeasures.

While thinking, I accidentally saw a big tree extending from the edge of the swamp to the center of the swamp, and Ye Qing’s eyes lit up!

There is a way!

I took out the special items that had not been used in my backpack.

Hook lock!

Name: Hook lock

Effect: Equipped with a hook lock, the hook lock can be thrown up to 10 yards, and the hooked target can be contracted for a long time.

Ye Qing equipped the hook lock, bypassed a few mud monsters, went around to the side of the target tree, and directly flicked the hook lock, the hook lock was hooked on the branch of the tree very accurately due to the system lock, and the hook lock was collected, and Ye Qing climbed directly up the tree along the hook lock.

Sure enough, this tree is an excellent position to brush monsters, and the mud monster melee below can’t touch Ye Qing at all.

Ye Qing, on the other hand, was clearly able to see this swampy area.

Then it’s the turn of the previous garbage!


Ye Qing was equipped with an ordinary horse, facing several mud swamp monsters in succession with a few arrows, single-digit damage did not affect the hatred transfer of the mud swamp monsters in the slightest, and soon, 5 mud swamp monsters surrounded Ye Qing’s feet, waving their muddy bodies with their teeth and claws, but they couldn’t reach Ye Qing at all.

“Ding! It is late at night, and some monsters have begun to mutate deeply, please return to safety. ”

“Ding! It is late at night, and some monsters have begun to mutate deeply, please return to safety. ”