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Source: Qianjiang Evening News

Wang Kaiyu gathered with the villagers during his home visit.

Grandma sewed flowers for me, the schoolbag I bought was too expensive, I thank Grandma”

This sentence moved the school teacher of migrant children, and she wanted to visit the children’s homes

1400 km, female teacher Wang Kaiyu

Driving to Guizhou for home visits during winter vacation

She and her husband spent 5 days and 4 nights at the student’s home, including Chinese New Year’s Eve

She kept a diary every day and decided to cultivate them with heart and communicate with them with love

Yesterday was the day when the opening ceremony of Quzhou Longyou Beichen Primary School, a school for the children of migrant workers, was held.

Grade 6 boy Tian Yang and Grade 4 girl Tian Xinran proudly told their classmates an “unforgettable story”: Teacher Wang and her lover drove more than 1,400 kilometers to the mountains of Guizhou for home visits, and spent 5 days and 4 nights with their family, including Chinese New Year’s Eve.

“The bag that grandma helped me sew up”

It made her want to hike her home visit

Wang Kaiyu, 47, has been a primary school teacher for 27 years and was transferred to Beichen Primary School last year. The school has more than 600 students from 18 provinces and cities across the country.

Previously, Mr. Wang taught at a private school in Longyou County. Schools are relatively expensive, and most of the families who attend children are wealthy. Wang Kaiyu said she had rarely come into contact with children from poor families before.

After teaching at Beichen Primary School, Wang Kaiyu found that the families of migrant workers were poor and their education was more poor than she could imagine.

On the day of the school year in September last year, Teacher Wang asked students to talk about their feelings during the “Ethics and Rule of Law” class. A girl said: “Grandma sewed a flower schoolbag for me, the schoolbag I bought is too expensive, thank you grandma!” ”

The child’s childlike words surprised Wang Kaiyu. She didn’t expect that there are families today who can’t afford to buy schoolbags, and they have to use schoolbags sewn by their grandmother. “At that time, I had an urge to go to the children’s homes to see what kind of scene they live in, to really feel their lives.”

A few days later, another sad fact hardened the idea of visiting the student’s home.

Every time a young boy in the first grade of primary school did not speak but cried, Wang Kaiyu went to visit his home and learned that the child’s parents did not know words. The child was raised by his grandparents in the mountains and understood only the local dialect and could not speak Mandarin.

What exactly does each student’s home look like? Wang Kaiyu, who travels by car every year during the holidays, decided to choose the destination of this winter vacation in the province where the students live.

Wang Kaiyu and Tian Sun brothers and sisters.

Bring stationery and quilts

She drove 1,400 kilometers to visit her home

Teacher Wang began to ask the children one by one: Will you go home with your family for the New Year this year? She decided to target her home visit with the first child who answered.

The first to answer that he wanted to go home for the Chinese New Year was 12-year-old sixth-grade boy Tian Sun. He wants to go back to his hometown with his sister Tian Xinran. Their home is in Datu Village, Dejiang County, Guizhou Province, a small high-altitude mountain village whose navigation shows is 1,400 kilometers from Longyou City.

Wang Kaiyu told her husband his thoughts, and his husband readily agreed to accompany him.

Before going, Teacher Wang learned about the number of lonely elderly and left-behind children in the village. She wants to bring some quilts for the elderly and some school supplies for the left-behind children.

At noon on February 12 (the 27th day of the lunar month), Wang Kaiyu and her husband drove all the way west in an off-road vehicle loaded with several quilts and a box of school supplies.

On the afternoon of February 13, they arrived in Datu Village. Tian Sun’s family was already waiting early at the head of the bridge at the entrance of the village. Give quilts to the elderly, stationery to left-behind children, give lectures to the children in the village, eat Chinese New Year’s Eve meals with the villagers for the New Year… Wang Kaiyu has been very busy these days.

From the 28th day of the lunar month to the second day of the first lunar month, Wang Kaiyu stayed in Tian’s house for 5 days and 4 nights.

A diary of a home visit in the mountains

The female teacher recorded all that was moving

Every night before going to sleep, Wang Kaiyu would write down the story of his home visit at Tian Sun’s house in his diary.

On the twenty-eighth day of the lunar month, Wang Kaiyu wrote in his diary:

Tian Sun’s family led me to the market to see Grandma Sun, who was selling vegetables at the gate of the town hall. The old man hugged me very warmly, saying words that I could not understand but could fully understand, as if I was a daughter who had been away from home for a long time and returned to my mother.

On the first day of the first lunar month, Wang Kaiyu wrote in his diary:

Sun Mom and Dad led us around the village, looked at the old house of the Sun Mama family, and listened to her childhood memories. Looking at the young parents who long for their children to get out of the mountains, I feel a great responsibility. This always reminds me that I should cultivate them with my heart and communicate with them with love.

Wang Kaiyu said that most of Tian Sun’s parents who went out to work in their hometown left their children in their hometown to be taken care of by their ancestors in order to reduce expenses. Like Tian Sun’s parents, there are really not many who take their children with them and actively cooperate with the school to attach importance to education. “After returning from Guizhou, I feel a great responsibility, these children from afar carry the family’s unlimited expectations for education.”

“We are not only responsible for the education of children, but also for parents. Many families’ expectations for their children only stop at being able to stay in the east to work when they grow up, and I think we should pay more attention to their children’s ideals and ambition education. ”

Teacher Wang said that this is only the first time, and she will go every holiday in the future. Reporter Sheng Wei text/photo