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In other words, this time flies really fast, and in the blink of an eye, it will be the New Year again~ As soon as the New Year comes, it means that you have to start buying and buying again! No, I received a lot of private messages from soft girls in the background, all of them asking for New Year outfits!

Speaking of New Year’s outfits, I think there is nothing more suitable than a skirt! After all, a skirt bodice full of design looks really super!



Goose, a good-looking skirt also comes with a goddess atmosphere bonus! The temperament of the whole person on the upper body follows up up up! Even if it’s a straight boyfriend, it’s crazy when you see it!

Compared with very leg-shaped pants, skirts can also modify the overall body shape, so that you should collect and put away! Looks like a leprechaun who will be fascinating!

It is also very convenient to put on and take off, not to mention how to worry about how to match, just a set of things, it is simply my lazy favorite!

Plus, this year’s dress trend is also friendly, so you don’t have to worry about holding it! I have done my homework carefully, first of all, it is not as complicated in style and fit as before, not blindly emphasizing femininity and curves, but more concerned about the simplicity and comfort of the skirt!

The choice of fabrics has also become a lot of conscience, and more attention is paid to the “thickness” of the skirt, a lot of velor, wool, and even knitting, the upper body is warm and comfortable, which is very suitable for our New Year wear! No more feeling like wearing a skirt in winter is torture!

The style is also mostly popular to go retro style, such as velvet, pearls, checks, etc. These retro elements, rich in the overall shape while also eye-catching, a lot of fashionable elves love miserable!

This retro-style skirt is also very suitable for student parties, and the upper body is particularly personal, which can be easily distinguished from ordinary passers-by!

So, having said so much, you can’t wait to see the grass, today I will introduce Yiha, the three hottest dresses this year! Of course, there are also how to choose, etc., you guys look down! ▼

Velvet skirts are actually quite common this winter, and many big brands have been released, such as Jessica Cheng Xiuyan’s one from her own brand, BLANC ECLARE

Many female stars in domestic entertainment will also use it as the first choice for the town venue, such as Wuli’s four-thousand-year-old beauty Xiaoju, who relied on this velvet skirt to get out of the circle~

When I was searching for pictures, I also saw this GIF of her wearing a blue velvet dress, Hong Kong Zhen, is really beautiful…

In addition to Xiao Ju loves to wear, but the cute and loving rhyme will also wear when participating in activities, and the one she wears is full of stars and diamonds, and the retro little feminine is very full!

The fashionistas I follow also love to wear it, so I can’t wait to get it tattooed on my body

This velvet skirt is also called velvet, and the biggest feature is that it has its own blingbling luster and drape! The upper body is super invincible and noble, and it perfectly matches the winter clothes!

In medieval Europe, it was still the drunken love of the court nobility! In many classic court movies, you can see the velvet skirt!

(Movie: Titanic)

(Movie: Gone with the Wind) But in fact, a velvet skirt with a strong sense of lady like the above is not particularly friendly to the student party, because it will look very grand if you are not careful, and it is not very suitable for daily wear~ So in the choice of style, I recommend you to choose this preppy velvet skirt! This is also the most popular one of the year!

It is probably to add one or two preppy elements to the velvet skirt, such as adding a doll collar, and matching it with a noble velvet skirt, which is instantly like a kitten that transforms into a fierce milk! Cute and lovely!

There is also the following small bow tie, which can visually weaken the sense of wealth brought by the velvet skirt, which looks refreshing and special, even the student party can easily control it!

This preppy velvet skirt is also easy to set up! Like you to participate in the party for the New Year, stepping on a pair of Mary Jane shoes and matching stockings will be wide to mess with~ It may be a loss of cold for soft girls in the north, but! As long as you wear it, it is the female star herself!

If you don’t want to have too much velvet area, you can also choose this short slip velvet skirt, with a beret is very girly group, every time I wear this my friends will call me a female star hahaha!

Soft girls who are afraid of cold, you can also directly come to a coat, the color can be selected and the boots are the same color, echoing up and down, and the forcing looks higher!

English check, as a popular element in England, has been used by many people on skirts as early as the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries~ In 1822, when George IV visited Scotland for the first time, he wore a plaid skirt~

Even now when Prince Charles participates in important occasions, he will wear a checked skirt, which looks a little cute and love~

In China, many female stars we are familiar with have not let it go, and there are few people! After all, it’s a must to use it to pretend!

The fashionable bloggers I follow have not fallen, one by two very hard, both are about to play with the English checked skirt!

When choosing this English check skirt, I recommend that you choose a bright color, after all, compared to this dull black, white and gray, the bright color will look more eye-catching! It is also more suitable for student parties!

8, the color is best not too much, one or two colors are the best drop, more is no different from the flower butterfly in the flower world!

In addition to the choice of color, you can also pay attention to the material! I myself recommend that you choose a woolen material, which will be more suitable for winter wear!

Especially when paired with coats of the same material, British taste thief foot! It’s like the kind of rich tsundere lady you see on the streets of London!

I myself usually like the combination of sweater + English checked skirt, it looks like coming out of a pictorial, giant literary art!

If you have this strappy English tweed skirt in your hand, you can also put a shirt underneath, which is probably the kind I want to give your whole heart to!

This kind of skirt is very suitable for the New Year, wear it to visit the door to greet the New Year, with a beret hat, well-behaved and sensible Yazi, it is definitely the kind that the third aunt and six mothers-in-law will like when they see it!

The last thing I want to tell you is the oversize sweater~ Because the style is very loose, it can be worn directly as a skirt!

This oversize sweater actually became popular in the past few years ~8 years, and the oversize sweater I want to talk about today is different from the previous lower body disappearance!

It is not as simple as the traditional “big one”, this year’s oversize sweater will pay more attention to the style design of the sweater! It is the kind that ordinary people can easily control when wearing it!

Its shoulders and sleeves are designed very daily, and the length is not as nonsensical as before, but just enough to cover the flesh at the base of the thighs, so that the upper body will also look thinner!

Goose, colors and styles have also become more beautiful! There is a playful and cute sweet wind!

There is also a retro style of a sexy little wildcat!

In short, it is also a piece that is loved by major fashionistas! Like Taobao expert Kisen, I like this one very much, it is the kind of design with ethnic patterns, the lower body with the same series of stockings, it looks simply fashionable!

There is also the dressing blogger Da Lu, she usually likes to wear oversize sweaters, and the lower body is matched with knight boots, which looks like I am beautiful, but not easy to mess with!

Go home for the New Year and wear it out to your sisters to gai, you can also wear a pink beanie for embellishment, not to mention how high the rate of turning back!

Soft girls who are worried that their upper body will be bloated can carry a cross-body bag! The natural concave waist line will be very thin~

In addition to the above combination, you can also make it an inner layer, which is both warm and fashionable, and it is also a super practical way for lazy people to wear it!


Every time I arrange a skirt for you, there will always be soft girls who say that they can’t hold it~ But I think that as long as you match it carefully and learn to play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, you will be drunk and beautiful on the whole gai!