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Streamline your wardrobe and wear more than one dress to become the most fashionable matching idea. If you want to wear more clothes, the most important thing is to choose a basic versatile item, and the more classic and versatile the basic item. On the contrary, some items with a very strong sense of design are not easy to match.

As a must-have item for autumn and winter, sweaters are still recommended to choose more basic models. How do basic sweaters create eye-catching and stylish effects? Let’s share with you four matching ideas, tall and fashionable, really beautiful.

Basic sweater matching idea 1: loose fit tucked into the corners

Loose sweater, slouchy and comfortable, with a stronger tolerance for body shape. In the era of popular oversized, loose sweaters are becoming more and more popular with girls. If you want to wear a loose sweater in autumn and winter, it is recommended that you plug a corner of the sweater to make it more fashionable and eye-catching.

A sweater with a relatively loose fit, with a lazy and comfortable beauty. Although it is very inclusive of the body, it is not easy to outline the line of the body, and it will also hide the slender and straight proportions of the legs. So at this time, properly tucking the sweater into your pants can pull up your waistline, optimize the proportion of your figure, and look taller.

The combination of a loose sweater and cropped straight-leg pants will be visually more neat and straight. Even if the leg shape is not so superior, under the straight pants cut, the overall effect is more straight and tall. If you are short, you can wear it with cropped straight pants, and the height effect is more obvious.

The loose sweater is tucked into the corners to compress the line of sight and define the waist line more thinly. Moreover, a loose and tight style has been formed, and the thinning effect is particularly obvious. If you are a girl with an apple-shaped body, or a woman with thicker upper arms and upper body, you can choose this loose sweater with leggings.

Of course, the way to wear a sweater with a corner can be worn not only with pants, but also with a high-waisted skirt. When choosing a skirt, try to choose some high-waist designs, if it is matched with the same color of the sweater, the integrity will be stronger.

Basic sweater matching idea two: regular sweaters to layer

The regular sweater is the most basic fit. If you want to wear your own style, then the way to stack it should not be underestimated. It not only enhances the sense of layering, but also has a more personalized warmth, and also carries a different sense of atmosphere, which is a more eye-catching match.

The layering of sweaters will make a simple style different. When we think the basic sweater is too boring, we can try layering more. Sweaters and T-shirts, sweaters and shirts, sweaters and knits, sweaters and vests, all kinds of layering are very outstanding.

The sweater has a laid-back beauty and is layered with a white T-shirt underneath, making the overall style more eye-catching. This clear color contrast is also more layered. And the more beautiful the color close to the face, the more it can have a whitening and uplifting effect.

The layering of sweaters and T-shirts is lazy and generous, although the sense of fashion is not very strong, but it is also a more eye-catching way to match. It is more suitable for young girls, and has a sweet and lazy style. For girls around twenty years old, this combination is the most suitable.

Regular sweaters, only need to layer a white T-shirt, the neckline and hem position to expose the white T-shirt sidelines, you can outline a stronger sense of layering, not only more windproof and warm, the overall fashion is also particularly strong. With a slim skirt, the overall temperament is more sexy.

Basic sweater matching idea three: choose bright colors to be more eye-catching

The style is not enough, the color to make up, is also an immutable law. In daily collocation, more people like a simple and high-end clothing style. But how can a simple basic model be worn beautifully? The combination of bright colors is indeed a good choice. Visually more eye-catching, the overall style is more advanced.

The contrast between the basic color system and the bright color system of the same sweater is still very obvious visually. The purple color is brighter, and the upper body is more eye-catching in autumn and winter. Of course, caramel color, dark blue, jujube red, are also more beautiful and advanced colors, the upper body is more eye-catching can enhance the sense of layering.

If you find the basics too boring for classic colors, try some bright sweaters. The bright tones inside the dark color are more versatile and not picky. The bright tones inside the light color system are more fresh and age-reducing. For example, goose yellow, baby pink, light blue, all fresh and beautiful.

A bright red color will make the color more sparkling and eye-catching. The basic wear in autumn and winter is inevitably boring and dull, and it is also a good choice to use a touch of red to enhance visual brightness and improve your complexion, and the basic style of clothing has become less boring.

The more classic the basic sweater, the easier it is to match. Using beautiful color contrasts to enhance the visual layering will be more eye-catching and shining. Plain and boring outfits can also become beautiful and colorful, so that you can also be beautiful in autumn and winter.

Basic sweater with detail four: the cropped sweater looks taller

Sweaters are lazy and comfortable, but they can also easily fall into the whirlpool of sloppy and fat. How can you wear a sweater more fashionable and high? We can choose some short versions. A short sweater, only with a slightly shorter hem, but more handy in terms of matching.

In fact, the short sweater is a little similar to the way the sweater is stuffed into the corner. The difference is that the matching of short sweaters will be more neat, while the matching of loose sweaters with tucked corners will look a little bloated, which is not very suitable for small girls.

The cropped sweater paired with high-waisted cropped pants visually creates the effect of a short top and a long bottom, tall and thin and special leg length. This way of dressing is very suitable for small girls, increasing the proportion of the waist line and making the wearing temperament more outstanding.

Because the weather is still relatively cold in autumn and winter, even short sweaters should not be too short, and they can be kept near the navel. Of course, if you feel that the sweater is not windproof enough, you can add a warm undershirt underneath, as long as you choose a slim fit, there will be no bloated and fat effect.

The cropped pink sweater can be paired with slim straight-leg pants, which has a girly freshness and sweetness. The booties on the feet are also the same pink, forming an echo in color, making the overall outfit more elegant and advanced, and also particularly fashionable and high.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Xiaomad shared for you today. Now do you know the basic sweaters of autumn and winter, how to match them more fashionable and eye-catching, share fashion trend knowledge for everyone every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Text original, image source network.) If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. )

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