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# 变 美 百科 全 # #

# What to wear today?

# # Outfit red and black list

To the autumn and winter, many girls will feel relatively cool neck, therefore, will carry a scarf to


. But in addition to scarves, there is a often used in a variety of coat jacket fashion design elements, that is,

Fur collar.


Different materials fur collar, not only can play

The role of warm

, Also enables the shape of the head and neck bring a little bit unique and distinctive style. Actress Qin Hailu often use fur collar elements appear in her daily outfit, let us together look.

Combined with white fluffy fur collar and black down coat, first in his color played a

Sharp contrast

. It gives a sense of visual impact is relatively strong, also increased

Modeling richness

. White fur collar can clearly bring out the facial skin color,

White has added significant temperament.

Such a down jacket with a fur collar, in the warmth


On Needless to say, taking into account the fashion sense, but also

Very jianling

. As fall and winter outerwear, apparel such a single product to meet the different needs of different women, cost is really high.

Fur collar outfit analysis

Highlights Color: White / temperament

In color, fur collar can be said that the choice of certain restrictions, the most common

White was undoubtedly

. White fur collar can give a visually lovely stay Meng

Little girls temperament

. As the simplest and purest white, no trace of impurities of color, it’s also more

Wild and inclusive

. White fur collar coat with any other color can play a different effect.

With black, the highest contrast ratio, but also

The most classic

; With light-colored clothes, then giving a

Elegant and refined

Temperament; with clothes dark lines, not only

White can be significantly


Also can thin.

Material Highlights: mohair

Mao recipients are generally fake fur or animal hair. Fake fur belongs to the class of synthetic fiber, less expensive

More cost-effective

. Special animal hair mainly from the hair of some animals, most mixed wool or camel wool, textiles made of skin-friendly but also more

More warmth.

More precious few non-animal hair

Mohair is none other than

. Mohair an obvious advantage is more flexible,

Skin-friendly feel better


, But also very prone to allergies and discomfort on the skin.

Mix and match highlights: the long coat / Leisure

This full fur collar

Female style


Fashion element, often used in a variety of autumn and winter fashion outerwear. In the long coat so many female friends would choose one with a fur collar, coat itself has a certain effect of Slim plus fur collar at the neck, visually

Unique sense of style

But you can leave a deep impression.

Of course, also can be used with a number or a short paragraph short paragraph coat, upper body


More capable


, And yet

Cute girl

, Serve two purposes, it is also a very good option.

Qin Hailu quite cold, the cover through the tightly padded collar ovo, good rolling ball head by age. Such a black down coat with a white fur collar, looked really

Very warm.

Actress visible in private clothing to wear warm catch is also very particular about this

of. Qin Hailu tie a ball head, this hairstyle is really full of

Heart girl

, It does not look more than forty years of age. This mix of hair and fur collar, but also for the majority of female friends to learn and learn.

Gray fur collar


Highlights: Gentle / fog sense surface


Gray fur collar can give a more

Close to nature

a feeling of. This gray black and white colors produced after mixing, itself has a strong

Sense of inclusion and compatibility

. It combines the dark mysteries of the deep, but also with white

Pure and noble.


Cinderella Who says it can not become a princess? Who says gray swans can not be elegant white swans? In addition to itself

Modern fashion

Gray fur collar also comes with some of the original natural wild sexy. So this gray fur collar clothes more suitable for a certain experience of

Mature women

The upper body.

Pink fur collar

Highlights: girl’s mind / Ruannuo

Whenever pink gives the first impression, all with pure girls,

Cute and Ruannuo

. And combined with the pink fur collar is equivalent to the addition of pink do, and fur collar, or to make a bonus. This can be said to be a combination of both

The charm of women

To the extreme, but also has mature women young and ignorant and charming girl.

Pink coat with fur collar, not only to bring out the wearer ‘

Color and temperament


Image, but also can play well

Less obvious tender age

Effect. So it on the age limit is relatively small, not only for young girls, is also very suitable

More mature

Female friends.

Fur collar mixed colors

Highlights: milk white / yellow lemon

If a solid color fur collar is not sufficient to reflect the wearer ‘

Clothing items and temperament

Image, then the small advice, you can choose two colors spliced ​​together

Splicing may be selected with different color shades of colors, of course, can choose the color discrimination and

Contrast to the larger of two kinds.

For example, milk white and lemon yellow are the two colors are more

Fresh and elegant

, But also more eye-catching. This combination of the two can very well reflect the color of the wearer, but also can play

By age effect

. If it is greater contrast of color, then more should pay attention to the overall

Color coordination

In the modeling should not choose too many colors.

Qin Hailu low-key appearance airport, only bow to play phone, wearing Nagymaros collar too warm. Qin Hailu the streets of this black body fur collar coat against the cold is very strong, but the overall

Sense of style and very stylish.

Although this dress is only the most simple black and white classic match, but there are many

Details of the design of flu

Even more piercing

Unique qualities

, At a glance is the female star. Elegant gas field, even with masks and sunglasses also not cover.

Also as fashion items with a scarf at the neck of it? Read this article, also try a coat with a fur collar designed it to do winter furry cute little fairy with it.


Fur collar mixed colors