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hello, sisters, I will outfit paper pill every day can quickly become the United States to share some tips with you ~


Online shopping has become a integral part of our daily shopping channels, no matter what you want to buy, as long as there is a cell phone, you can not limit the time, place, enjoy buy buy buy.

But even then easy to online shopping, it can not completely replace the line stores. No way to reach out and touch the texture of clothes, can not see the upper body at once, most importantly, the kind of shopping spree satisfaction is online shopping can not be replaced.

Think about it, when did you last go to the mall to buy clothes? Those clothes you have worn the brand, how about now?

Well, today we have to take stock of what those smash hit, but now it has disappeared apparel brands, which one is your memories of youth?

A Yi Lin

Yi Lin slogan “My pink kingdom” and its style is really very appropriate, although it looks a little soil, but for children age students, still very attractive.


It hit home girl princess wind, coupled with the big S sweet image enjoys popular support, was quite popular. Each of the girls wear Aida Lotus, should have a princess dream.

Although the Yi Lin has been transformed, not all clothes are another on the way tender, from princess to wind strength girly, earthy sense of diminished a lot.


But perhaps once too deeply rooted brand image, and even “Yi Lin” the word has become synonymous with people Tucao rustic.


Two Daphne

The endorsement of many stars Daphne also decline, see S.H.E the same stage I suddenly burst into tears, our youth ah, on this end.

Daphne saying not thought to reproduce the brilliant, spokesperson from Jun Ji-hyun, Nicholas Shi, then, did not let this used to be called “shoe king” brand once again dominate the Chinese market.

But in recent years repeatedly closed shop rumors also indicate that a generation of shoe king of the curtain has fallen.

Three La Chapelle


Once there are no Zara, HM when this type of supermarket shopping brands, visit my favorite is La Chapelle, it is inexpensive, clothing style and category and great, but also not always been followed by shopping guide, simply student party favorite.

But now by online shopping and other fast fashion brand impact, La Chapelle sales also plummeted. Of course, I think the main reason is his family’s clothing style a bit behind, keep up the trend.


Four elegant birds


This brand elegant birds at that time can be considered a national brand, covering clothes and shoes of different ages. Spokesperson Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung was once such a large coffee level.

Today is also on the verge of bankruptcy, people really marvel.

Five Metersbonwe


The student did what people witnessed Metersbonwe glory? The phrase “Do not take the unusual way,” the advertisement also Huobian streets.

Are also the spokesperson was hot idol, looking Metersbonwe spokesperson on this matter, it can be described as the teen just the right psychological wearer.


Later in “Meteor Rain” in a lot of product placement, so that would have to go the cheap route, but hard concave high-end brand Metersbonwe, set by the group ridicule.

Now the transformation is said also, but after 00 crowd, there is still a brand of no such person exists.

Six Iger

As a French brand Etam girl, it is still relatively high-end. In a public Chinese brand parity is equivalent to “white Fu-mei” existence in general.

We can see that from the old promotional photos, compared with other brands, Etam still very Western style.

But later due to the rapid development of Chinese economy, Iger has gradually been replaced by more brands.


Seven pure

Like pure, Semir this type of cheap brands, and now remain, and only gradually become deserted up.


Remember the school days, every time I go Semir, pure this brand, are scenes of sea life, but now it has turned into a shopping mall, as much as one kind of warp feeling.


As these clothing brands subsided, our youth have gradually gone. Memories of your youth, there is the shadow of these brands do? You may wish to communicate with it.


Codeword is not easy, I remember reading the thumbs up, comment, look chant ~

I will outfit pill paper, follow me, to learn more matching skills. In the United States change it, I’m serious!

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