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In many impressions of many people, Qin Wei is a very good actress. She is worthy of professionalism, but in the chick, I am more sure of her clothing, walking at the airport. Coats to match the simple white inner white, a short-touch matching effect.

Model Analysis of Qin Wei:


Camel coat + white

Qin Yuzhen will wear, large size camel coat with white, high-end and aerial field. For the mature women of Qin Wei, you can try gentle camel clothes in the daily matching, whether it is a suit or a coat, gentle and smug camel wears a woman’s taste to the ultimate, the foundation White, clean, can also play a very good lining effect.


Outlier – wearing contrast

This dress uses the inside and outside the inner and external matching method to show enough contrast, the white lines in the inner are sluggish, and it is very easy to use the body of Qin Wei. The outer surface is equipped with a moderately loose camel coat, and sufficient comfort is guaranteed.

Middle long coat – dignified atmosphere

In addition to choosing the foundation, the mature middle-aged women are going to choose the basic color, but also choose long paragraphs or long models, use long section to replace the short section, use long version of the type of tailor To show more gentleness and an inherius, some little family gas is less.

White pants + hierarchy boots

Qin Wei’s fashion product is really very good, and the pants of the colored trousers that use the foundation white, which presents enough harmony, the color of the pants and the color of the color of the boots, in the color matching of the colors. The overall color matching effect seems to have a very strong extension.


Crushed small bag – increase rich feel

Qin Wei is very simple in color and style. It belongs to a very conventional matching method. The highlight is not very prominent, but it is matched with a green element with a green element, in the overall color match. Added a sense of visuality.

Other modeling analysis of Qin Wei:


Cowboy jacket + tight leather pants

On the color matching of the top and lower, you can use the foundation of the same color system to wear the visual summary, but you can use different elasticity to wear the long-distance matching effect, and the clothes on Qin Wei are tight and tight. The matching method is to focus on the legs on the legs, which is the most suitable for leg-type very slender girls. The upper body’s clothes are concentrated on comfort, and the lower body’s tights are concentrated on the show.


Pink lamb sweater + white high collar


Qin Yu’s long appearance is very sweet, plus skin color is very white, so it will be very strong for colorful ability, even if the pink coat of the aggravation effect is not difficult, pink lamb sweater is matched with the foundation Clean white high collar, it is clear and sweet and very warm. The white high-necked inside, with a very good lining effect on color matching, and can also increase the warmth through high-collar design.

Chinese style dress + white coat

Qin Wei’s body line is very faint, so it is very suitable for wearing light-colored clothes when wearing a dress, and a light color is both refreshing and clean, and it is not worried about the fat, the Chinese wind dress in the elements. It is very rich in design, and it can also take the S-type curve on the origin.

Although Qin Wei is not a top-flow female star in the red big purple, it is a model of a lot of female stars in the fashion wearing, and her private service is basically very simple, but the fashion sensation. The burst, it is very resistant to Yan.

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