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Adele Adkins once couldn’t be said to be “fat as a beautiful”, and he died in the early years. It’s so thin now, let’s take a look at what she is?

Adele used to be a typical large size girl, costumes are biased to loose and wide style, even so, really how to wear the feeling of “strong”!


I haven’t yet, I still have some slight fat beauty, but almost seconds to sexy girl! Can you recognize the 33-year-old British singer Adele?

The “fat sister” has been weighted by 45 kilograms, which is equivalent to 90 pounds of weight, almost semi-half of them! Simply incredible!

This British girl is in front of the world, and it has to be amazed! Adele minus half an open sexy female mode, plaid short skirt with black silk, spicy new height!

Recently, Adele and James’s broker Richolo were taken by the media, the two fog, the painting wind actually coordinated! You must know that Paul can be very thin.

Sexy wear analysis of Adele

1. Using tight-fitting dressing lines


Adele, successful weight loss, is wearing a black high tightening. The high collar is modified with the neck line, and the tight version is bonded to the skin and shape the firm effect. The upper body line outlines the charming and life, and finally no longer is a loose style of the big bag, very eye-catching!


2. Loose pattern short skirt shaped three-dimensional sensation


Adele adopted a Vivienne Westwood pink grid short skirt in the lower body, using a stitching design. The large grit matching smaller plaid elements, the level is very bright!


The wide loose skirt is created, and the effect of narrow width is created. With black stockings, it is very unrecognizable!

3. Low horsetail + fine heel boots, create a legacy

In addition, she rarely adopted a low-hard hairstyle, bringing more practiced breath. Feet step on a pair of black Prada high heel shoes boots, shaping perfect modern. The whole person is radiant, but it is cool!

Other slimming styles in Adele LOOK

Slimked Adere is quite amazing, especially with a slightly fative beauty visual experience! Earlier, she and Rich Paul went to the NBA game. At that time, the shape of the time has already shown the style of thinness!


1. Black nine pants tight suits

At that time, Adere used a set of black tight-fitting, the version of the nine pants showed a small leg and ankle, which appeared to be more heat quality!

The tights are tightly fitted with her legs, bringing more practicing and lightweight results!


2. Large printed coat, slimming atmosphere

Large-area printing, add fullness of the whole shape, and pure black sets of the inner settlement complement each other! The entire coat uses a long style of the foot, but the button is unlicensed, it looks a more atmospheric age!

3. Open toe fine heel tensile visual height

High heels as many star’s daily matching, the mirror frequency is very high. High heels can stretch the leg lines and elongate the overall visual height. Even if you sit in the stadium, you can also show the effect of the long leg!

Fashion summary


1. For Adele’s slightly fat girls, it is a good choice to paint the shape of the body through a tight top, and shape the inquiry of the body.

2. By increasing the shape of the clothing and hierarchy to enhance the overall visual height, balance the bloatedness of the micro-fat body, create a more thin clothes!