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On October 27, the Beijing Winter Olympics entered the 100 days, and China’s sports brand Anta released the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Assembly (including technical officials, staff, volunteer uniform equipment) Use technology to ignite Winter Olympics, interpret “Love Sports China has Anta” professional motion concept, and fully integrates innovative technology and cultural elements to support Beijing Winter Olympics victory.

安踏发布北京冬奥会制服装备 助力“三亿人参与冰雪”

“Anta has always been committed to providing good equipment guarantees for China’s sports athletes, and continues to use professional sports technology to enplacers the movement needs of mass sports enthusiasts. I believe that the uniforms of winter Orance can not only be all participants at the Winter Olympics, volunteers. The people and staff keep warm, and they can give all the consumers of all love sports in this winter. In the future, Anta will continue to strengthen science and technology research and development, integrate global scientific and technological resources, and continue to contribute to China Sports. ” Anta Group Executive Director, Professional Sports Brand Group CEO Wu Yonghua said.

安踏发布北京冬奥会制服装备 助力“三亿人参与冰雪”

Sensual technology, the uniforms in the event of the Winter Olympics

According to reports, the uniforms of uniforms from more than 600 sets of appearance design works in the Winter O Olympics, 8 rounds of version optimization, contain deep cultural connotation and rich scientific and technological content, combined with traditional Chinese water paintings and Winter Olympics The graphic Snow Mountain Chart, combining functionality, nationality and artistic, can achieve free wearing at temperature changes and scene conversion.

“The design of Dong’ao core graphics shows the Chinese traditional ‘roadwork nature, and the heavens and people combines the mountain shaped, Great Wall form, and” Qianlijiang Mountain Map “in the Jingzhong. In the color option, calm The ink colored and jumping Xia Guanghong showed the work of the staff’s trunk and enthusiasm, the neutral Great Wall gray show the objective fairness of the technical official, the bright Tianzhu Blue show the youthful vitality of the volunteers, the purple Ruixue is symbolic ‘Ruixue Zhaofeng Year’, the main color of these winter Olympics is outlined in the winter Olympics, and the rhythm and rhythm of winter movement. “Zhu Chen, vice president of Anta brand, said.

In addition, Anta draws inspiration from the Great Wall Bricks, and the spirit of the Chinese nation and Winter Olympics, showing the Chinese human heritage and natural scenery. At the same time, even the collection of the collection of the ties, reflecting the national vision of “beauty and total, the world,” symbolizing the opening of the Olympic concept, will make the world more allore, but also express 14 billion Huaxia Children Zhong Zhicheng City, with International friends from all over the world is a wonderful, extraordinary, and excellent Winter Olympics.

It is worth mentioning that in order to help all participants in the cold warm, Anta also applied two self-developed fabric technology – hot technology and waterproof and moistureproof technology.

By locking the heat, the hot technology effectively prevents the heat loss of human body, high quality innovation materials and rigorous processes to achieve super warmth in the cold environment. Among them, the three-dimensional thermal material is polymerous cotton, which has a heat storage resistance, and the heat loss barrier effect is approximately 20%, which can instantly warm, efficient heat storage; the use of far-infrared graphene materials can significantly improve far infrared irradiation temperature, More than double the national standard; in addition, super down is attached to the nanoscale protective layer, while the waterproof moisture is increased by 30% fluffy than ordinary down, and better exerts long-lasting warmth effect, super warmth.

“For harsh weather such as outdoor rainfall, we will also seamlessly fusion of waterproof and moisture-resistant technology and hot scientific technology. Waterproof and moisture-resistant technology can derive moisture discharged in the human body while preventing clothes from being wet, avoiding the wearer to produce low temperature cold I feel. “Zhu Chen said. In addition, the silver ion antibacterial technology used in the uniform, effectively protecting bacteria invasion, and the product has been developed with healthy and environmental protection technology to develop regenerative polyester fabrics, echoing the green office.

“The uniforms in the stage showed the Chinese cultural elements in design, showing the profoundness of Chinese culture, but also highlights the confidence of Chinese culture. Anta combines Chinese culture and technology innovation, and protects the uniform equipment required for Beijing Winter Olympics. When making a big event, the national ice and snow industry development strategy is served in the world’s brand, and the Chinese brand is unveiled in the world stage. “An industry insider told reporters.

Frequent efforts, Anta professional science and technology sharing

In fact, the hot technology and waterproof and moistureproof technology is only a microcosm of the scientific and technological strength in the professional sports. At the Journey of the Tokyo Olympic Games, the “tonnage level” weightlifting shoe of Anta was developed, and the Chinese team won the seven golden one-seized good grades! In 2018, Pingchang Winter Olympics is also Anta. Development and design, short-sliding clothes called “Thunder Star” are not only the world’s lightest game, but also helping Wu Dawei to win the champion!

According to reports, the hot technology is designed and developed by Anta Science Laboratory, and has experienced a number of professional tests and athletes. Gu Ling, who is about to represent China’s 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, said: “Professional competitive requirements are high, especially in free-style skiing, there are many high-altitude transimation, more tests in extreme conditions. Performance.”

Today, Anta has provided professional equipment for 28 national teams including gymnastics, weightlifting, junction, swimming, short track speed, speed skating, etc. Professional equipment, fighting major international events. What is proud is that Anta also uses these technologies to use these technologies. In November, the “China Ice Snow Series” that is about to be listed in November applies Winter Olympic uniforms, the same red hot technology, Anta launches super down jacket, ski suits and accessories products and Children’s products, providing Volkswagen consumers to wear equipment, allowing consumers to have professional sports equipment.

安踏发布北京冬奥会制服装备 助力“三亿人参与冰雪”

Not only is the more fruitful results in professional equipment technology, but also Anta in Volkswagen Sports Technology R & D and investment is a big hand. In recent years, Anta continuously releases nitrogen technology, hydrogen technology, calling technology, cellular science and technology, quick-drying technology, intelligent molecular technology and other sports shoes, which are loved by consumers, especially young consumers. Up to now, Anta has accumulated more than 1,400 science and technology patents, and the patent has a steady domestic industry.

Behind the strong scientific and technological achievements are the continuous investment in the source. Over the years, Anta has always adhered to the “innovation of the company’s survival”, and the investment in innovative R & D is more than 5% of the sales cost of the year, and sports science laboratories, testing laboratories, advanced shoe laboratories, Professional equipment laboratory, shoes innovation laboratory, intelligent manufacturing laboratory, etc., China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Italy has established a global design and development center to absorb more than 200 different countries and Regional design research and development expert.

In addition, Anta pays attention to the basic scientific investment around the prospective study, facing the “card neck” problem in sports science and technology, and jointly cooperate with well-known colleges and academic institutions to establish “Tsinghua-Anta Joint Research Center”, focusing on basic scientific research and development, Further help Chinese brands to achieve “import replacement” in the field of professional competitive sports equipment representing the international level.

Actively prepare for the war, Anta helps “300 million people participate in the ice and snow”

Today, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has entered a countdown, and major brands are even more popular, and contribute to a wonderful winter Olympics. Anta as the official partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, but also confidence! Just in the week, Anta set announced that the “Winter Olympics has me” theme public welfare action, promoted Dongyao culture with public welfare Popularize winter movement.

安踏发布北京冬奥会制服装备 助力“三亿人参与冰雪”

“In September last year, the Anta Winter Olympics exhibition center was established in Beijing and showed the public’s winter sports culture. He became the domestic sports brand that promoted the ice and snow movement. , Integrate the development and design of global resources to help winter and mourning equipment. “Zhu Chen said told reporters. In fact, 2019 Anta joint investor consortium acquisition of International Sports Giant Amph Group is an important step in Anta Internationalization Strategy, but also the technology and development of Amaffen Group and its excellent brands. Strength, from technology, talent, research and development, channels, supply chains, big data, etc., provide more professional competition equipment.

“Integrated global resources to serve China’s sports athletes, help China’s sports industry development.” Fully prepare for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Anta around “providing ice and snow equipment to meet different levels of ice and snow population”, “build ice and snow community ecological platform, information, Exchange, teaching, experience integration, and “Integrated Anta Group’s various resources to launch a series of ice and snow experiences and event activities”, actively promote “300 million people to participate in ice and snow”.

The whistle of the opening countdown in Beijing Winter Olympics has already sounded. You can only see the Chinese sports athletes in the past Olympics, you can only see China’s sports athletics, or see Anta’s logo, or the Winter Olympics held in this “home door”. , Anta equipment products and brand image will usher in all-round exposure, and demonstrate this Chinese brand spirit and great value. One of the representatives of Chinese brands, Anta should take the initiative to take responsibility, and make unremitting efforts for the development of China’s ice and snow sports and sports industries!

(Source: China Network)