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Advantage of invisible fan lamp


Which brand of invisible fan light is good

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Advantages of invisible fan lamps:


From more than 20 years ago, Taiwan has started to produce ceiling fans so far, there have been thousands of style on the market, from color single to colorful, style has ordinary CAS, Victorian style, unique Italian style, European classical style, luxurious The ancient Roman style, the mysterious ancient Greek style, the modern minimalist style, etc., the designers of all countries will make the performance of each artistic style in the ceiling fan.

2. Practicality

For practicality, the practicality of the invisible fan chandelier is relatively strong, which can be used as a chandelier, can also be used as a fan, energy saving and environmental protection. For example, when the summer is not too hot, you can increase the indoor air flow without opening the air conditioner, which can increase the indoor air flow, which can reduce the air conditioner load to a certain extent, which reduces cost cost. Winter can also increase the convection rate of warm air.

Disadvantages of invisible fan lamp:


There are many ceiling lights on the market, and the quality is uneven. There is a small in terms of wind, and the noise is the one hand, the key is to choose a well quality, high wind, mute ceiling fan lamp.

2. Installation

Don’t ceilient during the decoration, otherwise it will look very depressed. If the room is high, it is very nice.

3. Light

In the evening, the ceiling fan lamp will have a slight eye, so choose a good energy-saving lamp or LED is important.

Which brand of invisible fan light is good?

Yongyi Yu Feng

Yongyi Yufeng is the research and development of the high-grade lighting fan. It is produced in a Chinese and foreign joint venture. Its Headquarters in Guangdong, because it is self-produced, solder, it has advantages over the lights in the same industry, you can minimize costs, get more Profit.

2. Comfort

It was founded in 1979, and Comfort is a pioneer enterprise in Taiwan Lighting Industry, and is also one of the world’s leading multi-functional fan chandeliers.

3. Famous

The famous family is a domestic high-end luxury decorative ceiling fan brand. It is a large-scale modern enterprise specializing in the production and sales of decorative ceiling.

4. Shakespeare

It was established in 1949 in Taiwan. Shakespeare is a Taiwan ceiling fan and a large manufacturer of lighting. It is more famous in the ceiling fan lamp industry.


5. Three hair

The third hair is a comprehensive service company based on the design, production of ceiling fan lamps. Its products have higher credibility and visibility. It is the company is Jiangmen Qifu Electric Co., Ltd.

6. Ou Duo A0ZZ0

Oduo is one of the large-scale lighting brands, which establishes a smart platform for one-stop home decoration, has a perfect after-sales system and a more powerful fund chain, which is in an invincible place in the industry.

7. Caesarine

Established in 1982, it is a lighting company in China to form a global supply chain. With high quality, fashion as a concept, it has a position in the lamps mall, and the company is in Shanghai.

8. Tian Jun

Tianjun is one of the company’s research and development of warm-wind-proof dryer products, its products are well-known in the electrical industry.

9. Grunlet

Grun Lesi specially a professional team, the main energy-saving lamp series product design, R & D, production and sales is also one of the domestic large-scale light source manufacturers.

10. Youjia

Youjia is a professional luxury decorative fan manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales, headquartered in Shunde, Foshan, and it takes high-end routes, targeting high-end income people.

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Advantage of invisible fan lamp


Which brand of invisible fan light is good