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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

On August 12, 2020 huge amount of Luban Marketing Summit was successfully held in Shenzhen. The person in charge of the huge engine related business, a number of business representatives and MCN agencies have conducted speeches and sharing in this event. There were nearly 500 people in the scene participated in the summit, and the line was over 75,000 live broadcasts through the shaking call (shake advertising assistant) and the huge university platform. The summit, special invitation to the Sea Shilong President Hu Guohui, attended, using examples and everyone sharing the Marketing innovation and operation of the Sea Lion Dragon and Coca Brand in the huge amount of Luban.

Sea Lion Dragon Hu Guohui: Seize the huge amount of Luban traffic, deep cultivation products and operations

Grasp the traffic leader

“Where is the eye, where is the traffic, when all traffic and attention are attracted to the new social platform and media platform, this is the new traffic depression!

The Sea Shilong Management team has worked in the domestic TV shopping field for many years and deeply versed video shopping. When the Sea Shilong found that the shake was loved by more and more people, this was a new flow change. So, in November 2018, the Sea Shilong quickly launched the launch test in the huge amount of Luban, seized the opportunity, and became one of several brands of merchants in the beauty of Luban.

Videoized advertising form, showing more intuitive

Video is the most attractive attention, carrying the content carrier of maximum information, and the form of video can make the effect more intuitive. Why choose Ke Bell eye mask on huge amount of Luban? Because the Bell Element Membrane will be thinner with the thickness of the thickness, solubility, effect visualization, and the video is very good.

The form of “moisturizing is silent” in a huge amount of Luban. Since traditional advertising has a strong push, sometimes it is easy to reject by users. In contrast, the huge amount of Luban video is propagated under low disturbing use situations, and at the same time, according to user characteristics and label, it is possible to minimize advertising interference, increase user participation, and easier to achieve ” “Fine silence.

At the same time, the Sea Shilong also invited the star Daren as a product experience, through the stars and huge number of engine power blessings and boosts, rapidly zooming in brands. Since 2020, the cumulative display of Ke Bell brand has exceeded 900 million, and sales exceeded 310 million yuan.

Sea Lion Dragon Hu Guohui: Seize the huge amount of Luban traffic, deep cultivation products and operations

Deep cultivated products to create an independent brand

Operating the huge amount of Luban, must deeply farm products, strictly control quality, and reduce returns. The Sea Shilong has more than 14 patented technology such as “3D crystal cotton”, the world’s first collagen crystal film, with the world’s largest cosmetic crystal film development and production line; powerful research and development capabilities, perfect production and Supply chain ability, can strictly control the quality of goods and costs, so that the huge amount of Ruan goods from the Sea Lion Dragon is nearly 80%, and the return refund ratio is less than 0.8%, all products are “repeatedly polished”, and In response to the user feedback fine-tuning goods, constantly improve the experience.

Good goods are good marketing premise, if there is no good goods itself, marketing is just a new user, but it is impossible to retain users, and repurchase is an important reason and performance of a brand has a long-lasting life. The user re-purchase rate reached 30%, forming a good reputation, and also accumulated a large amount of intangible assets to the brand.

The Sea Shilong is the first to make cosmetics OCM, but for a business, we must have an independent brand, and have a self-cultivation brand. Only the brand is bigger, and the company will have a living. At present, Cocar’s brand is registered in the trademarks of Europe and the United States and Asia, in fact, the future hope that there must be a certain influence in the country.

Sea Lion Dragon Hu Guohui: Seize the huge amount of Luban traffic, deep cultivation products and operations

Fine operation, enhance conversion rate

In order to better operate the huge amount of Luban, the Sea Shilong has built a professional “Production Fragmentation” and “Optimization Frag”. From video content ideas to script design, on-site shooting to later clips, advertising is deserved to later optimization.

In the first half of the 2020, there is a total of 2,500 short video creative materials, and the strategic adjustment is performed by targeted people, accurate labels, floor-to-floor optimization, data tracking, and data analysis, and regularly analyze the market, goods, competitors, according to the analysis results. Developed the development of the development strategy, and according to the subsequent data analysis, industry dynamics, market feedback, and competitors, continuous adjustments, enhance the click rate and conversion, and have reached the best placement. At the same time, the Sea Shilong also carried out the mechanism of the two weeks, and the huge number of engine professional optimization teams jointly rehabilitated and resolved issues in time for demand feedback.

Deep cultivated products, continuously optimize video footage and refine operation, the Sea Lilong will conduct deeper accumulation and broader dissemination on the huge amount of Luban platform.

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