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“The White Night” is probably a big black horse in the near future.

For a week, I won 9 points in the Douban score. At present, the number of scores close to 20,000, and kill the broadcast of this year with the brightest results. To be traced back to the next 9 points, it is already the end of the network drama “Mao Decoction” broadcast, 9.6 points.

In today’s domestic criminal drama field, the emergence of “white night chasing” also injected more freshness: the police and wanted cases of twins set, grounding case analysis techniques, and a ring buckle a ring.

As one of the “spiritual shareholders” of the “White Night Chasing”, the cat’s entertainment interviewed Wang Wei, a director of the night, a young man in 88 years, has directed the Internet drama “The bad people of the Jianghu”, ” Psychological crime “, one of the early members of the Arc Alliance. Director wearing a loose white short-sleeved sweater, drinking lemon tea, very casually talking about the two or three things that shoot “the white night chase”.


Is there a restriction in the Ministry of Public Security?

They let the “white night chasing” more reasonable

Unlike the previous criminal drama, “The White Night Chasing” has been found to evaluate the Practice of the Public Security Department of the Golden Shield Film and Television Center from the beginning.

This is the Internet drama in China, the first officially accepts the reviewed web drama, from the Ministry of Public Security to the Radio, Film and Television Administration, has finished the entire process. After broadcasting, “the white night chasing”, there will be no deletions on the content, and it will not be as tragic as the “psychological crime” before it.

For review, the ordinary audience has always had a deep misunderstanding, and it seems that as long as there is the intervention of the Radio, Television Administration and even the Ministry of Public Security, it means that the original plot will have a large revision, the influence, “In fact, this is not the case”, the director Wang Wei And explain to us, “Golden Shield, for us, he will not hinder anything, he doesn’t mean to draw a box box, he is not saying that this is not, he will help you, he said you may express you so No, you have to change a way, or say this effect you want to achieve, how can we adjust it again … He will help you find a way, help you, he doesn’t say that you will limit you. “

For “White Night Fight”, the focus of Golden Shield is true, and for the shaping of the police personnel, they will not limit, the police are also real people.


The most intuitive reflection is that Wang Zhenzheng played the weekly tour to solve the case and the mixed monockey group, there is no shortage of smoking and swearing, but these will not need to modify the editing of the clip, ultimately to see The key point is “You have to convey the core values ​​of your entire story.”


As the director said, the Participation in the Ministry of Public Security made this drama more effort. From the script to shoot, it can avoid “psychological sin”, “criminal”, “forensic Qin Ming”, and then put the frame .

On the occasion of the “Bai Night Fighting”, the national five ministries issued 14 new politics on TV drama development, one of which specified “Normally broadcast film and television drama behavior, did not obtain the news publishing and television department issued a license. The drama is not allowed to play online. “

This also means that the first time I win the release of the license “White Night Fight” is the forehead and played a certain exemplary meaning.

9 points too high?

They are all 9.9 points in my heart.

In the face of sudden high score, the Director of the Arc Alliance Wang Wei said that he was also a bit 懵, and he carefully analyzed the reasons. “The first reason is really a tolerance for the domestic drama; we now reach This 9 points, 9 points for the American drama, there is still a difference, there is still a gap, we still have a lot of rising space. Also, this is a original story, unlike IP adaptation, those fans will have the text The difference between the differences of film and television. “

The most important reason for the high scores, Wang Wei wizards it in “Pan Yue Ming’s superb acting”, “I feel that it is a guarantee 7.5, but it is 9 points, I think it is to give Pan teacher. of.”

When the director’s performance score of Pan Yueming and Wang Zhaoyang, the director laughed, “10 points, 9.9 points, leave 0.1, there is also a progress space.” Pan Yueming, who chooses some books and temperament, takes twins Brother and brother, Wang Weibi has not hesitated and worry: “He worked with the five hundred director before working with the movie” derailed era “, because I know that his acting is definitely no problem, that is, his treatment of some details and Control, you can show what we think. “


From the “Tang Dynasty” and “cross-border song king”, Wang Wei saw two different Pan Yueming. When they combined, they were the most wanted Guan Hongfeng, Guan Hongyu.


Communicate with “Exquisite Pan”, the Director of Arc Alliance Wang Wei has a unique way. In the preliminary communication script, Wang Wei and Pan Yueming have reached a consensus on the character. Guan Hongfeng and Guan Hongyu are like “Tang Yan” and “Sun Wukong”. One is uncomfortable from the management, and one is absolutely calm, and when the performance is in progress When the deviation, the director will tell Pan Yueming, “You are biased to Guan Hongfeng”, or “you are biased to Guan Hongyu”, rather than repeating the character character.


It is more “Guan Hongfeng” that is more “Guan Hongfeng” or “Guan Hongyu”, which is “Guan Hongyu”. And the patrol of the week is not the first to cooperate. The director is more confident to him. Different, the “white night chasing” is more intelligent, and the mind is more confidential.

Therefore, you can’t make mistakes in Guan Hongfeng and Guan Hongyu’s identity. “They both from acting, really have their own different characteristics,” talking about their actors, directors still praise, fruit is really 9.9 points.

Look like American drama?

No, it is not a Chinese culture


“White Night” uses a single-chart, a case with a case, and there is a corresponding connection between each person and the case, and the rhythm is not tight, and every story is clear and clear. Such narrative methods, many players are called “aesthetic style with American drama.” At this point, “like American TV”, the director Wang Wei firmly believes that “the white night will be fierce” is still a story of China.

“The White Night Chasing” from the whole style and the rhythm of the “rushing”, but the performance and shooting technique will learn more about Korean criminal movies, will be more close to our expression.


American TV “Sin”

The rhythm of American drama can imitate, but the cleanliness in the American drama story is actually not in line with China’s cultural habits. “We can refer to the style, rhythm, but whitening, we talk about a Chinese story. This thing is very strange, you have a full thing to imitate their things, including people love the world, law, their move to us, this is not the same, because culture is not the same, you are different. “The reason” white night Chasing the fierce, probably, as directed, this is “China’s culture.”

At the same time, “the white night chasing” has put forward the label of “China’s first tough guy”, of which the brightest “tough guy”, in addition to the fresh meat actor, the director feels the most important thing between men The inner game, this game is not always to put a table, more is to look at the heart through the crime, this is the so-called “harden”.


When many web dramas were adapted, the director said that “the white night chasing” is not such a plan. “The drama is the drama, the drama is always movie, the movie will never have a drama, because they are different, the narrative method is different. I can use a movie to tell the brothers how to go to the police station to completely give The process of going to the case, within 100 minutes, but the rhythm of the story has changed “, the web drama can only be seen from the screen, quality and movies.

Finally, we let the director give the “white night to chase” a most accurate definition, the director chose “suspense”.

“White Night” is really true, the body is on the spot to be restored; “the white night chasing” is enough to expose the true inner heart in the case; but in the final analysis, it is still a suspense drama.

Seeing day or black night, Guan Hongfeng is still Guan Hongyu, “The White Night” has its own trajectory. (Text / min MOMO)