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“Mom, the child doesn’t have to wear so much. It is good to have a small jacket outside the t-shirt.”

“You watch the baby in the community, wear a few pieces! You are not at your child! The child is the easiest to catch a cold.”

Every year, it is easy to explode family war.

. It’s very simple to wear clothes, it’s not small to pull your child! Today, I will talk to you the principle of baby autumn and winter, and I also recommend some old mom to feel the single item that is suitable for my baby. Everyone is in the double eleven.


Wearing the rule 1: Too much to wear too much


Adults have been to their children, nothing more than afraid that they are frozen to cause a cold, and this concept is actually ignored the physiological characteristics of children.

It is said that the child is a small heating furnace, their


New metabolism is higher than adults, and the synthesis in the body is greater than the decomposition.

If there is too much to wear, it is easy to sweat, and the cold wind blows, it will easily take a cold. When the child has already caught a cold and even caught a fever, the adults are afraid that they will be caught in the cold.


Popular: Baby, especially newborn within 1 year, because the nervous system is not perfect, the central nervous adjustment is poor, the body surface sweat gland function is not mature, if it is over-keeping, it is too long, it is easy to induce

Hot heat syndrome

(Also known as “Baby Mongolia Syndromatal Syndrome” or “Baby Sleeping Syndrome”), is expressed as hypoxia, high heat, sweat, dehydration, convulsions, and severe people will take shock or even death.


Dressing law 2: Neck warmth just right

Hand touching cold is not really cold

: The old people often add clothes to their children because “little hand touches cold”. The heart of the child is weak. Every time the heart beats, the blood is limited, so the baby’s small hand and the little feet are cool, not Because it is really cold.

It is not enough to judge that the child is enough, and should be based on the back of the neck.

The neck is hot, and the little hand is cool, and it will explain it.

How do you wear it?

Baby in the month


: In the room, you should wear more than adults;




: You can wear a lot of clothes in the room, and wear more outdoors;

Larger children

: You can wear less than adults in the room. Like adults outdoors, you can keep warm. The “adult” refers to a young year, non-old. The rice cake has been wearing less than me, the body is hot …

Wearing France 3: Onion Wearing Law

The red onion on the network is closing the law, it is to wear the same layer of onions, layers superimposed. The inner layer is well-woven, and the middle laundry is warm, the outermost waterproof wind, the weather changes.

The onion is better than the benefits of clothes:

One is warm enough, the other is convenient to wear

It can be reduced and decreased according to demand, freely switching between cold outdoor and heating rooms. But also

Very fashionable



It can wear so

: Cotton close up underwear + knit sweater + warm vest / vest + down or cotton jacket (baby under 1 year old can consider the jacket, activity or indoor)

Under the body can wear


: Autumn trousers + trousers / down pants (especially cold winter, trousers can be added in the trousers)

Wearing France 4: Good use of small objects such as hats, vests, cloaks

In addition to clothes pants, there is also an important part of the baby wear, it will be very bumbled!


The head is a small baby’s main heat dissipation site, and the cold weather is going out, it is best to give your baby.

A hat


Vecert / small vest is a specially recommended single product

It can do both the warmth of the abdomen, nor does it affect the activities of your arm.

A warm and beautiful scarf

You can protect your baby’s neck and manage the “air-conditioned mouth” of your body.



It is also a good choice. When you go out, you will cover it, and the wind is blowing. When the child is sleeping, it can be a cover as a cover.

Here are some items that some cakes feel good.


Let me talk about it at home: a comfortable


It is very suitable to wear at home in autumn, and the abdomen is not easy to catch cold, and the baby is also guarding the knee when she crawled.

(图 Taobao, right figure Uniqlo)

Can be used outside the vest / sweatshirt when you go out

Cotton small shirt

The little boy is very popular, and the cotton is also warm.

(Left picture GAP, right picture second-hand clothing)


I need to wear sweaters in the cold point, and my rice cake is wearing a grandma brand sweater. HiGH ~~

It is also recommended that this precondition is

Sweater / cardigan

(Left figure Davebella, right picture GAP)

Going out

Thin sweater

Wind wind, recommended zip file open, baby is relatively convenient




Cassette jacket

, Slightly thick, texture is very soft


There are these few pieces, it is basically in autumn, and then zoom in on the winter equipment.

Several comfortable and nice


Suit / home service / autumn clothes



, Uniqlo Baby Crimple Pajamas

: I bought a lot of split underwear, I feel that this is best. Moderate thickness, suitable for wearing in cotton coat, fabric is also very good. The best thing is the design of the buckle on the waist, and my mother doesn’t have to worry about me to show my little belly. There is also a button on the shoulder, which is convenient to wear.




, Carter’s cotton pajamas

: Carter’s clothes, the material is really not so good, but the winning price is high, there are many styles very nice, I will be able to accept a season of clothes, I can accept the flagship store in Tmall, no need to use the sea眼 眼 眼.



NEXT cotton pajamas

This year, I have just tried to buy the British brand, the official website can directly send mainland China (Hong Kong delivery), and there is also a policy. The clothes are very cute, the color is also bright, the ones are wearing, very soft, sticky.


, Disney Baby

The thick home service, the left is plus velvet, the right side is the cotton. More practical in the cotton, last year’s winter rice cakes wear this at home.

After the bottom, these are enough, go to the door channel right away.


The front wear in principle mentioned


Vest / vest

, Keep warm and does not affect the industry’s conscience of the limbs, each baby should have at least two pieces, absolutely autumn and winter warmth.

(图 外 牌 小 心 + Uniqin pajamas, right pictures good boy down vests)


(Left Figure Next, right picture GAP)

Suitable for winter

Cotton coat

. In addition to cotton, light polyester fiber filled coat is also good, and the child is not heavy, and the impact on activities is small.


Baby within 1 year, go out

Covered cotton coat


It is a good choice, it is very warm outdoors (like a cotton with a piece of cotton), it is very convenient to get it in the room.

(Left picture Taobao christmas models, right map BOSS, rice cake feeding mother)

(Left map GAP, right picture Davebella)

Connected clothes are also very suitable for selling Meng, buy a Christmas model, small bear, wear it out to return to the thief pull high, go to visit friends is also Meng Meng!


(Left picture Taobao Christmas models, right picture carter’s)

Down the channel. Baby’s pants still recommend cotton, the jeans is suitable for cool, and it is not so comfortable to wear. The picture below is

Three different thickness of pants

On the left is ordinary cotton trousers, single layer; the middle is plus velvet trousers, wearing an equivalent to two; the right is trousers, suitable for the coldest winter.

(Left Oldnavy, China Tu De Shi Baby, right picture Davebella)


Shoes can choose some of the lumps, slightly loose, slightly loose, and it is soft and not easy to wet. Children who will not walk within one year of age can choose high-top soft cotton shoes, with magic paste, can adjust the size of the shoe, very followers.

(Left picture Oldnavy, right picture Taobao search “baby does not fall shoes”)

Most of the examples in today are neutralized, men and women

. Women’s mother should not complain, I haven’t complained that I have no daughter, hey …

Look at these female treasures, it is very eye-catching! The female mother stole music.


Remember to buy a small man in a skirt

Warm leggings

Oh, the 7 prinions of Beibei are often wear.

Almost, multi-picture really can’t afford it, the eyes are going to get blog, while watching it with a lot of shopping carts … Children’s clothes are really cute, but mothers are still rational shopping, after all The time is not long. Higher prices are also very recommended to receive second-hand goods.

I have recently launched some kind of handwritten hand (can’t live alone, right), remember to pay attention to the mother of my mother. I don’t say it, I will add a shopping cart!

Yesterday, I have sent a convenient article, and I have a problem with the constipation. The heart of the old mother broke into a slag, so much dry goods in the blessings, you look like it …

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(Left figure Davebella, right picture GAP)