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Wen Yao said, original content.

Baby is born, I haven’t prepared small clothes yet, the style is too much to pick up the eye, which is good, which is ready?


I believe many pregnant mothers in advanced pregnancy, the newbie parents have encountered this problem, although it is a very simple “dressing”, but it is difficult to find it.

In order to help new handsale moments solve this problem, Jingma summarizes one

“Newborn baby is worn”

The content, according to your own experience,

Teach new handsale moments: How to wear newborn baby “from head to feet”?

Let’s talk about newborn clothes, there are many styles, long short paragraphs, but I don’t know which one.

Open: selection of clothes

The characteristics of newborn babies are,

The body temperature adjustment is poor, it is easy to get cold, and it is easy to appear.


The clothes are in the side strap, there are these benefits:

There is no navel, giving the baby a small belly, not easy to leak, cool;


Give your baby abdomen to touch the touch, no stop;

The baby turned over and looted, and the plane did not hug.

Style: Sets and coats.


Can be prepared for 1-2 sets, after the baby is born,

During your baby clothes and daily care, your mother thinks what is better to wear.

Compared to comparality,



More beneficial to keep your baby’s stomach, but it will be troublesome when wearing;


Wearing easy, if the clothes are large, it is easy to leakage.

But no matter which kind, it is not convenient when changing urinary wet, so which style is selected, you will see the parents’ care habits, combined with the current temperature to choose the right.

Connected: According to the season, you will choose a pair or the fart

Two kinds of joints,

A kind of open model, a package.


If it is autumn and winter spring, the temperature is not so high. When it is relatively cold, you can choose the boy, more helpful to keep your belly.

If it is summer, when it is hot, you can choose to open the style, and wear it when wearing;

In addition, the hot summer heat does not have to wear so much, or you can give your baby a thin section of the fidiler. When you don’t open the air conditioner, you don’t have to wear a pants.

Hat: Do not wear indoor temperature

Newborn baby generally does not go out, and most of them are surrounded by packages, so they can do not wear a hat.


Do you need a hat in the room,

To look at the temperature in the room.

For example, now is the first spring, the weather is not so warm, especially in the northern region, most of them have just warmed, home is cold, everyone feels cool, then give the baby a good warm, you can wear a hat, especially protect the door.

But if you have a while, the room is 20 degrees. Sitting is sweating, you don’t have to wear a hat.

Newborn baby body temperature adjustment is poor, both afraid of cold and fear

, Too hot, it is easy to sweat how long eczema.

Gloves: Don’t worry

Novar mothers saw the “powerful” of the baby’s nails, although there is a baby’s nails, but they accidentally scratched themselves, or as a small blade sharp, it will scratch the face.

So, many parents will give their babies, so they don’t have to worry about scratching.


This kind of approach is not recommended.

Newborn babies rely on both hands to touch and perceive the surrounding world, if wearing gloves will affect the baby’s perception.

Moreover, there is no experience, buy back gloves will not check it directly to wear it directly, there may be




In case, the baby’s finger, the baby will not speak,

After a long time, the entanglement may lead to finish ischemia and necrosis, and more dangerous.

So, only one strike:


Give your baby tip,

It’s just a long cut.

If you are afraid of cutting your baby, you can choose to sleep after you fall asleep, or use the baby’s nail knife, or directly

Helping your baby’s grinding


My family is a child, my grandfather is doing this, I found that I have grinded, I have a short time, but the time but safe.

Sock: according to the actual room temperature

a lot of


I feel “cold from the feet”, you should give your baby on socks, but also pants in socks.


Young parents

Most of the opinions are: not cold.

The suggestion of Jingma is to see the indoor temperature.

If the summer is three times, it is very hot, not wearing it, it will not wear it, wearing a baby is hot, but if the air conditioner is opened, in order to avoid cooling.

But if it is now, there is only a few degrees in the room, then we can wear socks, and save the old people in the house.

However, the socks and gloves are the same as the previous


Don’t pay attention to check the wire, you may be entangled with your baby’s little toes, and happens.

Therefore, smart parents

Put the socks

Let the baby’s little feet have nothing to do.

In addition, the baby’s small socks are also best wearing



Don’t be too tight in socks

So uncomfortable baby.

Your baby wears more clothes in the month, you are all prepared before birth, and you will also welcome your experience and advice and advice.

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