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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

How to wear the autumn thick coat can not be bloated and advanced?

Today, take a look at this blogger, how to build an unrequited autumn and winter match through daily items, use accessories and colors.


If you want to dress more, you will get a new way of walking down!

Formula 1: Woolen coat + sweater + sportswear

In the autumn and winter, the wind is also equally concurrent, and the hooded coat INS is full, the straight version is really superficial, and the hooded sweater is simple.

Down to match the gray sports bouquel, using two styles without mixing mode, simply reflecting the interaction combination of autumn and winter.

Formula 2: Bright color cotton clothes + rice white wide leg pants + sports shoes


Cotton clothes choose short style, not only reflect high waistline design, but also exhibit long-legged advantages. Simple with sweaters / shirts are good decisions.

For colors, harmonious unity, with rice white wide-leg pants, can transfer visual centers, the trousers are equally durable!

Formula 3: vest coat + hooded sweater + military green wide-leg pants


Green combination has always been a common color, simple freshness is also resistant! Draw sweaters with down margins, comfortable and displayed.

The lower body is equipped with a wide-leg pants, simple and profitable, and it is easy to create a Korean atmosphere match!