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After walking into the autumn and winter, the short boots have become higher and higher, and the wild and fashionable boots are the king of autumn and winter. Find a short boots that suits you, you can make your styling.


The boots and different items are mixed together, but they say that the Most Hundreds of Map is combined, it is still with trousers, in this season, neither use the legs to open their neck, taking into account fashion and warm problems.



• Long gray black coat + white bottom + gray suit pants + black boots

The combination of “short boots + coat” is one of the most common autumn and winter matching methods, and the upper body is equipped with a handsome gray suit, creating a handsome trendy. The loose version of the wide-legged trousers covered the boots, only the part of the adhesive tip, and there is a personality. But still needs to remind everyone, this set is more suitable for high-child girls with long legs, and the short body girl will dress slightly.


• Blue waist coat + apricot wide leg pants + apricot boots


Compared to the previous set of coats, this waist coat more focused on building a size, high-waist design highlights high waist lines, and the figure will be more tall. The apricot boots and blue coats on the feet are together, perfectly deduplicate elegant style. The color of the lower body is not allowed to create a segmentation, and the trousers are not dragged, and more practical.

• Tibetan blue coat + orange high collar sweater + orange wide-leg pants + white pointed boots


In addition to selecting a box of boots, pointed boots are also common in coat shape. The combination of coats and wide legs, long-lasting, it is self-contained in the air field, with the pointed boots, the woman is full, and the handsome is full.

• Black coat + white sweater + white trousers + serpentine pointed boots


In the black and white coat shape of the original ordinary and slightly monotonous, the snake skin gripping boots were added, and the eyes were very unique. When they enhanced the taste of the shape, the white trousers didn’t know a lot, The texture of the texture on the boots is exquisite and textured, with a coat with the gas field, domineering.

Chic personality

• Dark gray windbreaker + deep V white bottom + black trousers + black pointed leather boots

Autumn and winter are also dressed in the windbreaker, the windbreaker with the gas field is equipped with a personality black leather boots and small black pants, concise practice, and the taste of the cool maturation. The white deep V is selected, but not only modifies the neck line, but also the woman is full, with the outer black suit and windbreaker jacket, warm and fashionable, all is a cool feeling.


• Brown windbreaker + black wide-leg pants + black square skull boots


The short style of the square skate boots, the fabric of fashionable and eye-catching leather is more highlighting the gas field. Especially with the brown windbreaker and leather pants on the upper body, the knee style, the version is desirable, and the temperament is wearing the temperament.

Minimalist workplace


• Khaki shirt + high waist straight pants + square boots

The short boots are also widely used in the workplace style, the most classic match, that is, with the shirt, there is both a formal feeling of occupational wear, and will not seem to be too dead, and the high waist straight pants is a good hand of the rim.

Put the hem of the shirt into the straight pants and played a role in highlighting the size. Such minimalism, simple and simple, give people a refreshing feeling.

Short sweaters and short boots can also create a soft feeling, especially the black pointed cortex on your feet, and the gentle skin brought by the upper part of the upper body sweater.

• Suit jacket + black leather boots

In this black suit, the pointed boots on the feet are the most eye-catching, and the neutral style is integrated into the decoration of the boots, which is full.

This set of clothes and boots are very charm, in addition to wearing a workplace, you can also wear this everyday dating.

Booties give people a kind of cool feeling in different styles, whether neutralized works or handsome trousers match, each set is so much, you are also Did you feel your heart?

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