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With the full openness of the national second child, the three-child policy, more and more, after entering the maternal and child consumption market. At the beginning of the father, when the men, the mother will always buy a lot of kitchen electrical products that seem to be very necessary but actually do not practical, resulting in the narrow kitchen space is getting more and more. Today, Xiaobian gives you three practical kitchen artifacts, the last family applies, not only meets the current mother and baby use, but also a large use!

01 Supor baby complement vessel: ☆☆☆

With the increasing growth of the babies, breast milk and milk powder have not been able to meet the nutritional needs of the babies more than six months. At this time, the mothers need to make some food supplements to meet the diet needs of the babies. In the past, the treasure moms made food supplements, they were directly mashed with their hands, cut, torn, and so on, very time consuming. But today’s multi-functional complementary vessels can not only have steam, hit, but also disinfected, juice, etc., even if the baby does not need to eat complementary food, everyday can continue to use.


For example, this Supor Baby Compassion FB01 does not need to use different appliances, one machine can get cooking, stir, convenient, and set 20-250ml water level line one machine 6-30min cooking, easy to grasp the cooking state After the completion of complementary food, the cooking function can also be used to sterilize and sterilize the mixing cup, which is healthy and safe.

It is worth mentioning that it is still a juice machine. Bao Ma can make different taste of nutrition juice every day, helping the mother to form a good figure, with the baby healthy peers.

02 Daewoo Wireless Portable Milk: ☆☆☆☆

After having a baby, I have to make a big bag, put the baby clothing, wipes, milk powder, diapers, water cups, bottles, etc., simply like moving. The most distracted thing is to give your baby milk powder outside, not only in the right temperature, but also worry about whether the baby will cause diarrhea due to buttons. For this situation, a portable milk tammer is enough to let the Bao Ma Bao Dad have alleviated a lot of burden.

Daewoo wireless portable mapping is a mammer, a kettle, a potion of the hydr, not only reduces the burden on the luggage, but also brew milk powder healthily. It has a light drink capacity, wirelessly, carrying it with you, using more portable;

In addition, it can support adjustment of 37 ° C -50 ° C, 12h long-term heat preservation, brewed milk powder more no longer arm test temperature, you can give yourself or baby as a thermocker in the future, very practical.

03 Jason steamed steamed steamed integrated stove S5-SZK: ☆☆☆☆☆


Many times, Bao Ma will not only take care of the child’s daily diet, and also take into account the diverse dietary needs of other family members, which cost a lot of time and energy. Especially in the era of two-child, three-child policy, Multi-mouth home is more meticulous for the needs of kitchen cooking, whether it is a healthy steamed food, and the homemade is still a unique roasting. Standard of three meals.

This Jason steamed the steamed steamed integrated stove S5-SZK has “2 + 2” gold split cavity, with 5.0kw steller, fire, 18m3 / min, the wind, the fire, so that the treasure mom is more calm . Different from the steaming oven of ordinary integrated stoves, Jason steamed the steamed steamed integrated stove S5-SZK has super-capacity steam box and the steaming oven, the design of the independent partition, can make two different flavors of ingredients, satisfaction Bao Ma is more professional, efficient cooking demand.

For example, in steaming technology, it adopts a fast steam system, which enables the cavity temperature to rise to 120 ° C, and strong steam can also quickly penetrate the inside of food, fast steam, and reduce the length of cooking; Also use high-precision thermostat to cooperate with micro-computers, achieving precision temperature control, allowing ingredients to be baked just right.


Daily Bao Ma can do some nutritious meals to yourself, such as squid tofu soup, stewed chicken soup, etc., taking the body to better take care of children; Jason steamed the steamed steamed integrated stove S5-SZK steamer steamed water egg, the soup doll dish and other health dishes.

In general, Jason steamed the steamed steamed integrated stove S5-SZK function is richer, more practical, not only makes the treasure moms specialize in making the need for children, but also meet the diverse dietary needs of family members. The net smoke effect is more able to protect your own cooking. If there is a mother’s mother, you need to buy what type of maternal and child home appliance, you can understand these three products!