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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

# Winter life card season #

I know that there are a lot of routes that walk the “rural surrounding city” (it seems to be included now)

The above merchants are basically some manufacturers, province’s various fees, labor costs, packaging fees, etc.

That price is naturally! (So ​​there is a product that looks beautiful, not so tall, rest assured to eat well ~ is the rule of law society, and this piece of controlled the use of the people is strict!)

What kind of life supplies, snacks (that is, the kind of cheap amount is big and delicious), all kinds of small things can be seen above,

Can you save money? After all, the money is hard to earn, what is hard to eat ~!

I am buying a lot of snacks now!

Often you can buy cheap and delicious snacks ~

(Insert a question outside, if it is the kind of that I want to spend 50 yuan to buy a Rolex watch, then “I will send you away, thousands of miles” will not let you have a chance ~)

In order to prove that I am a qualified food,

Take out the snacks in the bottom of the boxes.

(PS: Share some you like to eat, after all, everyone’s taste is different, you are a little cute rational consumption Ha ~)

Divided four blocks:

叽 叽 ~ ~

Powder ~

Eat not greasy snack ~


叽 叽 叽 ~

[Red Bean Dafu]

Dalian friends should know this old brand, Dalian specialty – Shou Tong

This red bean Dafu is my friend to play in Dalian, playing in the cashier. She didn’t eat it when she came back, I took it.

The first is that the packaging is quite attracting me, the design is very simple, the color is also very comfortable.

Originally, I don’t report anywhere, but I opened it, I bite it.

Q Play q, red bean stuffed, glutinous rice skin, soft,

In the summer, you can put a refrigerator, ice ice, cool [formula] soft 口

The sweetness is just just, and it is not greasy after eating! ! !

A 70g, really right, thin stuffing!

叽 ~

Red bean big Fudang cake glutinous rice l 驴 打 食 食 小 零 点 点 打

Take more

Group price

¥ 11.90

Go buy

I like to eat Xue Mei Niang, the class, I must not miss it! Good value!


I have been eaten when I am a child! When I was young, I was in my grandmother. I am taking out, I can eat it! ! !

I didn’t have the opportunity to eat after you work, I have never known this call, the network is a search, I know several kinds of names.

Bean roll ~ 驴 打 ~

I like to eat the original, slightly sweet, full of bean fragrance and glutinous rice soft taste!

Special soft, brushed, soy sauce powder ~!

I like to eat 糯 糯! Almost full, happy! ! !

I like this soybean powder very much!

驴 滚 儿 450g Beijing glutinous rice 糍 粑 粑 粑 面 卷 点 年 年 年 年 年 年

¥ 9.99

6.78RMB a box of 450g, personal favorite original ~

【Osmanthus cake】

Sometimes I want to eat this kind of specialty snack. When I visit this store, I bought a box.

Anyway, it is not expensive, I didn’t expect, I didn’t take it at all! ! !

I used to like the aroma of osmanthus, so I bought a osmanthus (that is, the original flavor), and their family also had brown sugar taste.

The ingredients are very simple: rice flour, osmanthus, sesame, peanut kernel, white sugar, brown sugar, maltose.

You can open the bag, you can also steam for 3-5 minutes. Now the weather is very cold, I have steamed 5 minutes when I received it (so softer 糯 糯), eat 2 pieces ~

When the steamed is full of osmanthus fragrance, the entrance is sweet, the taste is delicate, there is a little chewy, not very sweet ~

Leading and minus 10 [1000g gift box special offer] Traditional hand-made osmanthus net red

¥ 15.90

10 yuan coupon ~ brown sugar is also eaten! ! !

[Ice skin green bean pie]

My big Fujian mung bean cake! ! !

Mung bean cake is from a snack! ! !

The appearance looks flat, in fact, the internal miles are very rich! ! !

Giant giant is delicious! ! ! The outer skin is loose soft, the end of the skin is big ~

The green bean stuffed in it is cold, and the taste is very delicate.

Will n’t be very sweet, eat well, can’t stop at all ~! ! ! !

Pepper stuffing ~

Fujian specialty green bean cake ice skin green bean cake traditional pastries pure handmade point green bean cake

¥ 8.89

There are 10 boxes! ! !

[Grandfurt in the A Pres]

叽 大 大 福 麻 薯, soft, small one, just a sided a fried chicken satisfied ~!

There are 3 tastes: meat tea, Shed, fruity, snow egg milk taste

Sweetness, I think it is just a good ~ three-layer burst, the outer layer is a very chewed dough, eat it, will be a bit bursting,

The taste is very embarrassing, very Q beta ~!

Small packaging, it is very convenient ~

Little one ~

A Prested Pattern Potato Rice Nourish Bread Harmony Net Red Dafu Snow Mei Niang Dormitory

¥ 19.80

2 yuan coupon ~ double pieces, 2 packs, 15 packs, a total of 30 ~

Powder series ~

[Seaila fishing fans]

Mom, the sea is removed from the quick food box, I only know! ! !

Three flavors: sour pieces, tomato beef powder, sour cashish blood powder ~ (there is a beef in the real material, the beef belly !!!)

Focus on the tomato beef powder I love! There is a tomato sauce bag, beef material bag, dehydrated vegetable bag, and three packages are very good! ! ! Fans are the kind of sweet potato powder that is chewed, the most closest is there is no onion in the vegetable bag! ! ! !

Vegetable bag is a bean corn corn and carrot, and there is a large piece of beef in the beef material. It can also see the texture of beef, it is very real! The soul is the tomato soup package, really fried chicken, no enemy! ! ! Sour is sour, Tang is too light! !

The hot beef belly is also delicious! ! Ma Ma spicy, and I love the beef belly ~

(PS: Directly boiled water for 5 minutes, there is no water mark in the box, don’t worry too much or too little ~)

[Huayi square sour refornment]

Lazy must, winter must! Sometimes it is too lazy to cook something, or take the tired takeaway, you can try this Huizhou sour noodle soup! ! !

If there is little cute, I don’t like to eat the bubble, I feel too hard, I feel that I don’t digest, I must try this! ! !

Special chewing is particularly chewed with a handful of hand, which is the steamed noodle is not a digestion!

The component is moderate, even if it is a late night, not afraid of eating too full, 嘿嘿 ~

There are three tastes: sour soup, vine pepper, bacteria soup.

The inside is: leaf, seasoning bag, vegetable bag, vinegar, oil package.

The ratta flavor is a bit like a little numbness. It is a bit like the kind of vine-like vine with the kind of vine-like, (personal favorite ~)

Sour soup (purple shrimp rice flavor) is the delicate soup of the quick-frozen, there is a little shrimp salty feminine, the most light taste.

The bacteria soup is suitable for not spicy little cute ~

[Indonesian noodles]

Legend is “one of the instant noodles of global fried chicken”

Packaging looks at it, it feels a bit ordinary or even a bit ugly, hahahahaha

There are two flavors and spicy tastes.

There is an oil package + sweet sauce bag + powder bag + pepper powder bag + fried red onion bag (in fact this price can have a spicy bag! Very conscientious!)

The boiled method is very simple: first cook, 3 minutes, boiled, drained water, then add it to mix well ~ (if some of the drain is too dry, you can add a lost water (boiled water), Otherwise, it is not good to mix well.

Smell onion oil noodles? Maybe this is an exotic style! There is a bit sweet, but it will not be very sweet, the noodle mouth is very good, very strong, QQ feelings! I usually fry together again! ! ! (I look good again and delicious!)

[Mr. Yun Food Crossing Bridge]

Eat bridge rice lines, the most important thing is Tang Tou ~

This is a friend who has a good time to eat, there is two flavors of the spicy small yellow cattle and chrysanthemum. Spicy spicy, chrysanthemum is not spicy.

There is a sauce bag (vegetable oil, beef, chicken, etc.) this is the essence ~, powder bag, vegetable bag.

The rice noodles are very strong, dilute, like to eat soft, you can cook more for a while (I like to eat more soft) spicy small ox smell, spicy taste, you can eat hot little cute! ! !

Chrysanthemum soil, there is really chrysanthemum (saying that I also eat this taste for the first time. At that time, I was afraid of the taste. The fresh chrysanthemums of chicken soup, and the chicken soup is very authentic. I put all rice noodles all over! ! ! I can’t eat spicy, I have to try this!

The component is very good, add some small meatballs ~ small green vegetables ~ Perfect!

[Peach oolong tea bag]

I don’t like to drink white boiling water, in various flower tea, brewing drinks, etc.

This peach oolong tea is a value-added, a small bag with oolong tea, peach dry, apple dry. The taste is relatively light, and the peach flavor is about one level ~

Transparent tea bag, the things inside can be seen, drink and rest assured! Small bags are also very convenient ~

I will brew a cup of myself in the afternoon, I have become very good.

Remind God and drink, recommend ~! (There is an oolong tea inside, there is a bitter taste when drinking, I itself is a Fujian, so I can accept it ~ because it is sugar, like the sweet little cute, I can add some rock sugar or honey ~)

[Sweet Dark Chocolate]

I personally like to eat chocolate, but dark chocolate is less. Remember this dark chocolate or bought when I didn’t know the network, I bought it. At the time, I had a special pain. Many things can’t be eaten. Every day, snacks were searched on the Internet, and this dark chocolate was found.

Hahaha, I am a packaging of packaging, like a good-looking package. This chocolate is a direct supply of Macau, and the packaging can love.

There are three concentrations (it is the degree of bitterness).

100% pure dark chocolate (great bitter)

85% pure dark chocolate (bitter)

72% pure dark chocolate (slightly bitter)

It is a small bag of packaging, and the dark chocolate is still a little more helpful to the little partner of weight loss.

Small packaging is convenient to carry, a box of about 23 small bags! I am eating 100% bitter! It is not very tired to eat. It may be pure dark chocolate. I have not added a lot of other things, and I have something more pure.

When the mouth, take a small piece, eat a little bit, eat fine, I actually eat a silk sweetener (I estimate that I can accept the friends who can accept it! I feel addicted, hahaha ~

The most important thing is the price! grid! It is too attracting me! ! Such packaging, taste is also good, don’t 199! Don’t be 19.9! Actually as long as 9.9! ! !

Buy a box, average a small bag of chocolate is 4 cents! ! ! !

[烧 士 brittle]

Cheese pizza, cheese risot, cheese, sweet potato, cheesecake, and cheese-related things are delicious! Do not accept rebuttle!

Before it was attracted by the durian cashew nuts in their store, with a cheese brittle, I thought I would like to buy a try to eat, I didn’t think of it. After I received it, the 5 packets have gone, the colleagues grab 3 packet. . .

There are 18 small bags inside, and there are 4 pieces in a small bag, and the components are full. Biscuits are salty, thin and crisp, thick cheese flavor, milk fragrance, don’t feel tired at all, I don’t feel tired, I am too happy to eat cheese, it is too happy ~

It’s really like packaging, “I will eat it again, I will eat a piece” cheap and delicious, packaging is quite tall (I said that I am a packaging fee), recommend!

[利 客 米]

“Legend is the rice cake”

Before the supermarket saw, the packaging was very simple, did not want to buy it. Later, I was eaten in my relatives in the past, I found it!

Not hard at all, and there are crispy feelings, don’t stick tooth! Very soft, the feeling of the entrance is!

Mango, carrot flavor, salty scent, egg yolk (every taste I love !!!)

And very cheap! ! ! ! ! (This is the focus ~)

(PS: Written on the package can be eaten, try it next time ~! Bubble a soy milk, milk ~)

[小 小曲]

Friends recommend 哒, Olio heavy enthusiasts must buy it! ! !

Single packaging, the component is very foot, the round, and the disassembly will smell the sweet fragrance ~

The appearance is wrapped in Olio, the mid is a polite, and it is white chocolate sandwich ~! ! !

Going up, I can feel three levels ~ I feel! ! !

(PS: In winter, the sand will hardened, put the microwave oven, you can eat the smashing small cookie ~)

[芝 园 鱼 排]

This, my mother! ! ! I think it is fried! ! !

At the time, I was eating, blamed my young, I was ignorant, watching a small one, and there is not much meat,

Eat the first mouth feel salty, the second, suspect life. . .

However, it is actually a good time. Open a smoky, vacuum packaging, a bit hard,

Not a lot of meat, there is no fish, and even the bones are spicy,

The more you eat, the more addictive!

[Bean Email]

Pure look at the packaging to buy, think about a bucket of 9.8RMB (if you don’t eat, the barrel is still good!) I can’t buy it, I can’t buy it!

I didn’t expect, I didn’t step on the thunder! ! !

There is also a bag in the barrel, a total of 300g, one opening is a thick soy milk fragrance, a small one is a small, crispy, faint soy and wheat natural fresh, no very Sweet! It’s like a feeling of eating soy flour ~

Holding the barrel when you like chase! ! !

[Small meat jujube]

It is a chicken small sausage, and the ingredient is relatively simple: chicken, water, starch, etc.

I bought it at the beginning, I tried to eat, spicy flavor and Orlel flavor, spicy flavor is not that kind of very spicy, a small bag, there are two small meat jujube, one, eat fleshy, Q Playing Q bomb, the casings are fresh, and there is no chicken sausage that I have to eat before.

When I usually, I will add it to the bubble or hot powder.

[American spherical popcorn]

Popcorn, popcorn ~ my friend can eat pop-up ~

6 tastes: cream original, caramel sweet, dark chocolate flavor, fresh sea tunda, spicy crayfish flavor, rainbow fruit sugar taste ~

叽 ~

Take more

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Take more

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Group price

Group price

Group price

Group price

Go buy

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Every kind is delicious!It’s very crisp and sweet, and the kind of pop-up flower bought is almost, but it is more uniform than the kind of wrapped sauce, and a big bag is a big bag ~