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Although now in life conditions, there is no less buying in new clothes. But in the Spring Festival, most Mom and Dad will still prepare a new year to prepare a new year, but also must be red, because the friends will visit the New Year’s greetings! The defeated female reporter specially collected a new year of the children in these two days, giving you a reference. Reporter Zhu Mei

Red Chinese style series

I dare to say that everyone will definitely dress their own women as “China Doll”, “Fuwa”, especially the new year’s new year, the red Chinese style series, is simply the Spring Festival. Many children’s clothing brands have been in the Chinese series this year, and it is really good!

Chinese cotton cloth skirt suit

BALABALA, reference price 239.9 yuan / 292.4 yuan

It’s not very eye-catching, the door is still white and embroidered, even if the skin color is not a very white little girl is also suitable. A set of sale, including tops and black, brand Tmall flagship store, currently at 240 yuan, size 90-130cm, suitable for children.

However, attention, this cotton clothing is very thin, Hangzhou’s outdoor still has a thick coat. I think it is suitable for the Spring Festival. Give the daughter two small children, wow, is a super cute Chinese doll.

Chinese cotton jacket

BALABALA Reference price 179.9 yuan

If you want to buy a small cotton jacket, this piece can be considered, there is a deck in the cotton pad. Two colors, size is also 90-130cm, suitable for children.

This piece of the color is a lot of clouds; the dark red this is self-blessed, and the New Year is most suitable for the New Year.

Chinese wind embroidery jacket

Pony Baoli, refer to 389.9 yuan

Xiao Ma Baoli is a cartoon role that many little girls like, and there are children’s wear.

This big red coat is a Chinese modified version, lapel, downward, even if it is not a Spring Festival, it can wear, and the thickness can be directly used. Size from 105-140cm, suitable for Chinese children.

There are two styles with zip and dishes. If you don’t consider it, the Chinese wind element of the trap is more concentrated.

New Year Tang Shunyi

English, reference price 300-400 yuan

British-style small baby clothes, this cotton new year Tang dress can be dressed in coating, with a knot inside. The design, um, a big family dinner in the Spring Festival, your hand holds a Fuwa, the old and small is happy!

There is also a suggestion with a small tiger. The cuffs also carry golden Xiangyun, with thick paragraphs or thin sandats, and the style also has a zipper and disk buckle, watching mothers like.

Red trend series

If you think that the Chinese style is usually wearing a lot of opportunities, you will be too unfortunately wearing twice, then these are the same red, but the style is more daily trend series, you can pick and pick up –

Red sequins knit dress

H & M, reference price 159 yuan

When the Spring Festival last year, H & M children’s clothing gave a lot of red series, and friends bought a piece of daughter. When the Spring Festival, we went out to go to visit and visit friends, and there was beautiful.

This year, H & M’s new year, I really like this, is red and knitted with gold wavelet dresses, it looks like two-piece set, in fact, a dress, a proper small prison.

However, the small wave point on the yarn is a sequined film. I have read comments that it is easy to get off, and individuals do not recommend small ages.

Size 90-140cm, belongs to thin section, can only be used inside, need to wear coat.

Red diamond knitting pullover

H & M, reference price 99.9 yuan

Cartoon, sequins, and change color, you will definitely like this.

There are two patterns, a big head rat, or two horses. Draw your sequins with your hand, the mouse will blink your eyes, look good again. This is also thin, need to wear coat.

Red Mickey mesh splicing dress

ZARA, reference price 229 yuan

ZARA has a good name this year, after all, is a rat year. Recommend this Mickey splicing dress, the upper body cotton, the lower body is a mesh, the price is 229 yuan.

Word focus: this size from 6 years (116cm) has been 13-14 years old (164cm), so a petite mother, there is a chance and daughter to wear a mother!

Red embroidery small mouse knit sweater

ZARA, reference price 169-199 yuan

Finally, the boy! Just to buy a new year to the male treasure, these two knit sweaters can have. Sleeve with stripes, suitable for small children, size 80-110cm; leading mice are suitable for Chinese children, size 116-164cm.

Plus velvet splicing skirt

步, the reference price is 298 yuan

It also looks like two pieces of splicing skirt, which is justified with plus velvet leggings. Thick velvet, the cuffs also with the lace of the same color, small detail. I can wear it in the usual, and I will be single.

Size is 105-170cm, and it is a proper mother and daughter.

Red sheep hair mixing pullover

Malain, refer to the price of 460 yuan

If you have a mother who requires the material material, look at this Maladin’s sweater, is a series of cooperatives in Wen Ling, Maladin and artists, and girl boys can wear. The fabric is a sheep hair mix, of which the wool is 47.1%, the feel is relatively soft and comfortable, and the warmth is better.

Red baseball clothing short coat

Malain, refer to the price of 389 yuan

Men’s treasure is coming again! Red embroidered baseball suit. This piece is also a series of artists. Highlights in addition to the embroidery cat here, there is a cat in the back back – it is just a new year’s red envelope!

Cotton volume is 85.4%, size 90-110cm.

Red small cap down jacket

JNBY by jnby, reference price 1269 yuan

There will be a lot of red series in the children’s wear of Jiangnan cloth, so everyone does not necessarily pick new, look at the discounts of the extensive quarter, cost-effective.


This down jacket is said to be designed in a circus. There is still a corner on the hat. Is it instantly think of a small dragon? Size 110-150cm, suitable for Chinese children.

Stereo bowed wool sweater

Jnby by jnby, reference price 379 yuan

The stereo bow is very different, and the fabric has 58% wool ingredients. Red is very positive, you can refer to the model with a tutu, or a simple matching trousers.

This piece is gray, black, and lemon yellow. If your daughter is white, true, lemon yellow can also close your eyes, it will be more white!

Newborn baby

Uniqlo, reference price 199 yuan

Even if you have just born baby, we must also wear a red to ask! The designer cooperation of the Uniqlo is the new year of the newborn baby. The height is 59-80cm, that is, Baby within 3 months, the instead of cotton.

Plaid red cotton jacket

E · Land Kids, the reference price is about 500 yuan


This is seen in Outletry in the sand, the girl’s version of the chest with a bow, the boys version is a clean color, which is all in the English Fan. I think it is more suitable for aged children, and I will look very much.

Two pieces are currently a discount, the boy’s arrival price is 449 yuan, the girl’s 538.8 yuan. If you have a buddy, just, buy it home together!

15 new year is recommended, have you liked? If you have already bought your baby, come, come to Loha Hangzhou, share it!