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Big Downtown Group

Foundation time: 2002

Headquarters Location: Shanghai


Total number of stores: 1100+

Brand: Broadcast, C_R_Z, Personal Point, Broadcute, Muchell Curtain, Sirloin

Broadcasting Bay Valley, Physical Sad.


Broadcast, is rooted in hope.

The respect of the natural law and the belief in vitality is the Big Down Group as a social ecological organization. In this era of the giant change, it always maintains calmness and does not losing firm strength.

Broadcasting fashion adheres to the core value proposition of “The Future of Creativity”, in order to achieve extraordinary Creative Asset Operation Management Group, constantly integrate huge amount of cultural and artistic resources, creative resources, talent resources, with fashion culture, art creative Advantage competitiveness, with design R & D, lean manufacturing, and all-sided marketing as a solid industrial ecological basis, to sustain quality and good life for consumers.


Image Source: Broadcast Broadcast

1, broadcast Broadcast

Foundation time: 1999

Brand style: business casual, fashion women’s clothing

Target Guest Group: New women in the age of 25 to 35 years old

Number of stores: 655 physical stores + 2 online store

The core value of the brand: insist on all good things

Brand spokesperson: Ni Ni

[Broadcast Broadcast] is one of the original urban women’s brands in China. Since its establishment, the value of the growth of women in urban is always the focus of brand aesthetics.

The rate is true, and the patient’s image is the brand, the brand has consistent heart, which is reflected, is the natural state of the soul. This Ruihe is not only [broadcast Broadcast] at the moment, is also the starting point of the next journey.

2, c_r_z

Founding time: 2007

Brand style: high-quality “fashion tide card”

Brand positioning: trendy aesthetic brand

Target Guest Group: 25-35 years old

Store quantity: 64 physical stores

Brand Value Proposition: Live It Out Loud (Live Sound)


Brand Action Slogan: Act Now Think Later (to do, answer)

Image Source: CRZ Tu Tuogu Automatic Direct Store

“Use the trend of life from the new definition city, women’s beauty”

C_R_Z as a pioneer brand that represents youth culture, with the creation of the millennial generation of creative and expressive, putting high-street fashion and trend culture cross-border, create a new style of “fashion tide”.

Put fresh and interesting taste, high-quality type, the coolness of youth art is integrated, shaping the unique C_R_Z “Chao Interest Aesthetics” brand positioning, unlocking the new generation of women cool my personality and interest attitude.

The C_R_Z brand is inspired by the Millennium Generation of the Youth Culture. It is now full of unlimited possibilities and future, with “Live It Out Loud” (living) as the spirit of “Act Now Think Later” (do it, The answer) is actions, expressing new generation of women’s cool attitude, and C_R_Z will come with them to create a new world of life.

Image Source: Large Down Group official website

CRZ “A Different View


Different answers

“The brand core concept.

CRZ’s consumer group is referred to as a Kidult family. Kid is a child, Adult Adult. Kidult combines the adults with children with children.

CRZ inspires everyone to create a unique and happy lifestyle in a creative life.

3, Personal Point

Foundation time: 2011

Brand style: cool, personality fashion

Brand positioning: light luxury original designer brand

Target Guest Group: 25-35 years old to pursue fashionable women

Image Source: Personal Point


The meaning of “personal advocates” brand is a young woman who is firm, with intrinsic, sincerely expressing personal opinions.

They refusedly in the moment, with poetry illuminate the far, with a literary and firm force to write the foot, the brand uses the art creative techniques such as solitude, stitching, collision, and opposition, and demonstrating the tough attachment of customers.

4, Broadcute

Founding time: 2018

Target Guest Group: 3-8 years old

Brand core value: charity

Brand core spirit: love, kind, childhood

Store quantity: 8 physical stores + 1 online store

Love and be loved, Kindness Is Beautiful

The original intention of the brand origin is “given to the size”, and “a kind heart is a beautiful apparel” aesthetic concept, inspire the children to understand the “beautiful” connotation: beauty is not only related to the appearance, care and help others It is more beautiful.

Design aesthetics

Broadcute fully adapts the child’s love, starting from wearing comfort, tends to use environmentally friendly natural fiber fabrics, within the affordable range, let the good material and the time-intensive design inspiration can be heated, There are money for money.

On the color, the natural color is a fixed color every season, guiding and encouraging children into nature, creative learning, letting children freely explore the wonderful world.



Brand style: Pure · Simple · Comfort

Target Guest Group: Young urban women

Brand positioning: Shaoshu women’s clothing


Muchell’s eyes clear is a young brand of a stylish group. Since its establishment in 2018, it has always been designed and creative as an important core value of the brand.

The eyes clear, the meaning of “eyes clear, pure inner heart”, guiding the expression of self-spirit, is her personalization of life inspiration and taste.


Cute girl, eyes clear;


The girl is surpassing one existence.

She is a girl who will not disappear.

Explore the world with a simple clear eye.

She is a dreamman who is brave.

Achieve dreams with fearless courage.

Because young, the girl is a bigger multi-face.

Her ancient spirits, will cry and smile, and they will feel every moment of life, and dare to pursue their ideal life.

At this point, she is a diligent white-collar worker on the workplace;

At this moment, she is a star that constantly burns.

MuChell Clear, is to protect the light in her eyes.

6, Sirloin

Founding time: 2017

Brand core concept: lazy and stupid attitude


[Siroin West Cold] is a designer women’s brand that is created from Japan and Sweden. Mao USAMI and Alve Lagercrantz created in Shanghai. The designer describes the brand into the BBC humanology research in the fashion world – studying the mistakes and brilliant moments in your life; they integrate humorous philosophy in daily life into the visual language, let underwear be truly integrated into the fashion garment series, create A wardrobe that can be taken outside the inside.

Brand Concept

[Sirloin is cold] is not only concerned about the product, fashion trend or designer’s dream. It is more like a human research, explores errors in life, and glory.

[Sirloin is cold] Focus on the wonderful ideas, naked but have a subtle decoration underwear clothing, like serious jokes and stupid problems in life, but bring pure fun.

[Sirloin West Cooler] The customer is with sex without deliberately, she does not need to declare only words. She is looking for a wardrobe that seamlessly fits her social, family and daily life.

[Sirloin West Cooker] Not only is the brand of designers, but also like a lifestyle. It is your favorite underwear, often used mobile phone software, your pajamas, and philosophy, simple and easy.

Image Source: Broadcast Broadcast

Image Source: Broadcast Broadcast

Image Source: Large Down Group official website

Image Source: Large Down Group official website

Image Source: Large Down Group official website

Image Source: Large Down Group official website


Founding time: 2018