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Nintendo: The future will expand the movie and theme park business

Nintendo holds the heavyweight IP of “Eli Bao Dream” and “Malaysian”, and requires new methods. Junjutang, the Chief Executive of Nintendo, said in an interview, the company may change the business strategy of the company in the future. But at present, Nintendo still focuses on expanding the business of sustainable income, including mobile games, movies and theme parks, and more.

It is understood that the theme park, Nintendo has opened a deep cooperation with Global. The Japanese Global Studios is responsible for the construction of the supermarhe world theme park. The project was announced in 2015, started in June 2017, is expected to be 2020 to meet the Tokyo Summer Olympics. “Super Horse Ou” is obviously an important step in Nintendo “Disney”. Guichuan Juntao seems to intend to build Nintendo as “Japan Disney”, but can bring more profits for Nintendo’s 100-year old shop, The future practice test is required.

Disney will open two play projects in 2019, which is still strong!

Disney rule starts in the box office. The popular movie creates a series of audience favorite characters, then these characters can be extended to sequel, derivatives, TV programs, theme park game facilities, etc. In 2019, Fandango’s most expected 10 movies, Disney has 7 works: Avengers League 4: The Finance of the Finance of the Finance; Surprise Captain; Star Wars 9; Toy Toy Mobilization 4; Lion King; Aladdin; Dumbo.

In addition, in 2019, Disney has 2 new actions: launched a play project with the theme of Star Wars in Florida and California, which is called the Star Wars: the Yinhe Edge. This new project should attract a large number of tourists.

Chongqing Lushan Six Flag Park Digital Experience Park completed

On December 28, 2018, the Chongqing Mountain Water Town Town – Liuqi Paradise Digital Experience Park was officially completed.


It is understood that the theme town of landscape is more than 300 internationally renowned IPs such as Six Flags, World Anti-Aging Biological Medicine, RCI, Paramount, Garfield, and Global Research, and Innovative Development. Product series, and Chongqing Shanshui Total Town – Liuqi Paradise is one of the core items of the product line.

Digital Experience Park is the shortage of Chongqing Mountain Water Theme Town – the epitome of the six flag park project, covers an area of ​​44.55 mu, with a building area of ​​11,000 square meters, a video display area, “discovery of the secret” theme area, sand table display area, pension experience Zone, first open project display area, children’s activity area and other more than 10 regions. Among them, the interactive experience zone is set to have a fairyland light shadow forest, the beauty of Chongqing Mountains • Di Ling, Feng Shui Theme Gallery, 360 degree surround theater, full-interest theater, VR equipment experience six major themes.

Maternal and baby

Milk powder may no longer be restricted, but purchasing or must register with supermarkets

According to reports, Australian parents are still difficult to buy infant formula. In order to prevent the rich milk powder from being sold overseas, a registration system for purchasing is proposed. Before the proposed registration system, the shopper was continuously photographed in a cart full of infant formula, and walked out of the supermarket. In order to solve the chaos of the purchase of milk powder, the solution is proposed this week, which is the registration system of purchasing. It is reported that this month, purchasing or will register with supermarket executives.

“Where Dad is going,” Village, Li Rui officially signed Hui Youxi brand spokesperson

A few days ago, Hui Youxi and the well-known host Li Rui “as an affiance”, the two sides will work together to cooperate with Chinese maternal and child nutrition health. It is reported that through the good cooperation in the previous period, from 2019, Li Rui officially served as Hui Youxi brand spokesperson. Schwicky, deputy general manager of Fuko, said that Signing Li Rui is Hui Youxi brand spokesperson, which will make more consumers understand Hui Yixi. In 2019, Hui Youxi will use the brand spokesperson to build 100 “Li Rui smart baby villages”. For consumers to popularize the nutrition knowledge of the baby’s growth, especially the popularity of brain nutrition health knowledge.



Toy giant “rod” LV, suing it to interfere with money purse sales

MGA Entertainment Inc. MGA Entertainment Inc. (MGA), a Toy Company, California, India, Classic Luxury Brand, Louis Vuitton, requires the latter to stop interfering with MGA sales a child with mucus, shape like a child’s toy wallet Pooey Puitton.

This is not the first infringement dispute in MGA. At present, MGA is still in legal disputes with toy giants Mattel (Metai): Mattel said that MGA’s Bratz doll series steal its design ideas. MGA also involves many lawsuits against online retailers, accused of deliberately selling wide popular L.O.L Surprise! Cutting products.

Barbie will welcome the 60th birthday: still frozen a year, best selling worldwide


In March this year, Barbie is 60 years old. But her face still has no wrinkles, and also encourages girls to bravely chasing dreams. Despite the fierce toy industry, the sales of Barbie still exerted, with a total annual sales volume reached 58 million. Bai Nard, director of Barbie Global Brand Marketing, said: “In the product can sell for 3 to 5 years, it is a big thing in the 60-year-old.”

Barbie’s “birthday” is March 9, 1959, when she met the world in the US toy exhibition in New York. Since then, the toy design and manufacturer, Barbie gave birth to Metaier Company has sold more than 1 billion Barbie. The inventor of Barbie is a co-founder Han Deller, a Tame.

Early education


Today’s head is to acquire some patents of hammer science and technology to explore the relevant hardware of the field of education.

Recently, Net transmission today’s headline intentionally acquired hammer technology, whale media learned that hammer science and technology investors revealed that the hammer science and technology shareholder has not made a unified resolution. Today’s headline responded that there is a plan for the acquisition of some patented use rights to explore related hardware in the field of education. However, which patents are specifically acquired, what kind of hardware is explored in the education field, and there is currently no response today’s headlines and hammers. In addition, according to media reports, the internal headlines include a pair of foreign teachers, children’s programming, chat robots and other TO C education products. One pair of foreign teachers, GOGOKID, and chat robots may be hardware products that are completed through this acquisition.


Suning red children join hands with Tongtai clothing, open 2019 children’s clothing for new war

Recently, Chairman, Chairman of Tong Thai York Clothing Co., Ltd. visited Suning Headquarters to deeply negotiate with the Suning Tesco Group’s Red Kids’ President Qian Jiaxiang. In 2019, both parties will work together in product development, store layout, membership, terminal management, and more maternal and child families.

It is reported that with the 2019 Suning Tesco New Year Festival officially opened, Suning Red Children will continue to consolidate the existing one, second-line key urban business, focus on Suning Xiaodian, the community-centric, and the 34th-line city layout and retail cloud business, for more The maternal and child population offers high quality good goods and quality services at home and abroad. Tongtai will also actively participate in this new year’s day event, let each child wear new clothes to get healthy and comfortable.

Pathfinder children’s clothing Tmall flagship store grand opening

On January 3, the Pathfinder announced in the official WeChat public number that the Tmall flagship store opened on December 29, 2018 on December 29, 2018. Pathfinder children’s clothing Tmall flagship store is a children’s clothing brand in the original design of the Pathfinder Group. Previously, the pathoisher authorized its children’s brand to Piken Emperor, but did not reach the expected goal. At the end of 2017, the path was projected to the child wear business authorization.


Pathway said in the WeChat blessings, the opening of the probe children’s clothing flagship store also confirmed the attention and confidence of the Pathfinder Group on this business, and the roadsman Tmall flagship store is now responsible for the Pathfinder Group. . In the view of the industry, the Pathfinder Group recovered the authorized self-care children’s clothing, and released the signal that will further return to the main business. But under the fierce children’s wear market competition, the exploration of the children’s clothing business should want to catch up, it is a small challenge. At the moment, one of the important topics of the path is to make up for the loss of development in children’s wear test error.

Dynamic state

Aiming at home consumption scene, the first outdoor sports city opened

Recently, outdoor sports brand camels worldwide outdoor sports city opened in Foshan. Unlike ordinary clothing stores, this camel outdoor sports city is nearly 2,000m2, including all-class products soldiers, depth experience zones, etc. There is an experience interactive area, including sports experience area, yoga experience area, fitness experience area, camping experience area, children’s paradise, etc., these real experience zones account for nearly one-third, bringing new sports to consumers. New Experience.

It is understood that this camel outdoor sports city is a new retail store in nearly 4,000 cabinets under the camel line, the most abundant product line, concentrated outdoor, sports, yoga, fitness, men’s shoes, women’s shoes, men’s clothing, Children’s clothing, old shoes, underwear home textiles, etc. Thousands of SKUs. It is worth mentioning that the products in the camel outdoor sports city store are basically the 2018 hot sale and new 2019.


The German sharing subsidiary proposed 2.23 billion yuan to build industrial parks, which will engage in VR and other equipment.

The Yumen has announced today that his subsidiary Guier intelligent intelligent intelligent invested in the construction of the Geor Industrial Park in Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Park, with an investment amount of approximately 2.23 billion. It mainly engaged in virtual reality equipment, intelligent wear equipment, intelligent acoustics. Product development, production and sales.

Investment Agenda, the investment motion has been reviewed by the fourth board of directors of the company. This foreign investment matters are subject to the consider of the company’s shareholders meeting in the approval amount of the company’s board of directors. The foreign investment does not constitute a relatively transaction, and does not constitute a major asset restructuring stipulated in the “Regulations on the Administrative Measures for Listed Companies”.

The signing of this agreement is conducive to the company to accelerate the layout in South China, make full use of the advantages of South China, market, talent, etc., better serve customers, lay a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development.