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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Poke above “Focus”, pursue poetry and distant

Meet your girl, a ice cream is enough



Markareana oil 100 colors


mechanical pencil

32K colorful lead special paper

Eraser, roll pen knife, etc., it is recommended to prepare a makeup brush cleaning picture, it is useful

Degree of difficulty


Painting process explanation

Step1: composition painting ice cream

Painting a horizontal line to do auxiliary line in one half of the paper. Center cross. Painting the geometric contour of ice cream on the upper triangle, it looks like a little one! Very simple! The upper half is cut with a pen.


Ice cream


Rough shape!


Step2: Stepped refined structure (the process of finding the process is constantly correcting, constantly adjusting the process) must have a good-resistant sub-smear peeling to draw each line!


Step3: Painted all the details of the ice cream, if you reach this step, you will feel that you will feel, just like building the foundation haha!

STEP4: Let’s start the first spread.


Popularly painted the egg tachrane, start with yellow brown and reddish brown! (The egg tachry is concave), we have to paint in each square in the concave! From the left to right, slowly become shallow, apply some intermediate tones right away! Ruple 1/3 is the bright part!

Striped wrapping paper simple painting! Gray color lead dotted line to overlook outline! Apply gradient color with dark blue! The bright and dark change of stripes.

Step5: The focus of learning is coming, and the ice cream that is the first passage! Everyone is in touch (you can also choose the color of your own taste), you should keep it evenly, draw two light intermediates! The second colored, the third color allows the light portion overlay. (Also note that ice cream has many levels, pay attention to the structure of the brush, detail, can be taught in the small pen touch pencil “in the love camp course).

Step6: Second, three times stack, continue to shape ice cream

Or the same kind of color is superimposed on purple and sky blue (purple in the bottom of the color is the deepest color, you can get a dark blue purple or deep purple) Next day, the blue ischite, two colors continue overlay, draw a dark blue, Pay attention to the surface color of the structure, emphasize the processing)

Step7: Next, continue to stack the third color! Parnant, the method is the same attention to volume turning and subtle changes in each color bright!

Step8: This step will continue to shape the egg roll! The same starts from the dark, here we have to shape the raw plaid, coated with the same type of dark brown from each checkered edge – light brown – though it looks! Put the light colors of the bright




Everyone is very easy to draw! Remember! The lattice of the dark department must be unified in the dark!

Xiaobian recommended:

Learned to draw, let ordinary days glow magic

Step9: Blue wrapper shaping. Continue with the color of the colored blue laminated, can be properly stacked in the dark, then gently select the wrapper line with black, apply the darkness of the dark part to complete!

Drawing is a beautiful thing

Make time very comfortable,

Even if you squander, you don’t panic.

When did I pick up a brush?

Let’s pursue “poetry and distant”!

Please help me forward, this will encourage me to continue to create!

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