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When the cat food recipes do next and then introduce myself. Hope cat food and cat food Party party do not earn what is good, which is all good, all good. We are to live a happy meow child health and longevity and work, then the fair to discuss the next bar?

One day a certain period, someone tried to buy a variety of food, from out of control. The following report:

Today were eating

evo Ling California mining natural boneless chicken cat food (sensory taste is very light, but little milk will eat. To prove little milk is not a temporary slip, continuous feed the two are eaten)

Salmon caviar boneless whole chicken cat food (this triangle, a small amount of waste, but does not affect feeding. But how do I feel a little sour taste it? No matter what I think of it, a small milk or eat it, two ate)

Desire to six kinds of fish (saying so fragrant brand, how little milk just do not eat it? Barely eat two, I feel very fragrant taste, but the texture is relatively hard, with very fragrant Fumo is small compared to the crisp texture, like a fine powder was compacted into)

Desire to six kinds of fish + seaweed (more sad reminders, simply put into the mouth movements are not, almost did not add flavor and algae)

Desire boneless chicken (chicken with most of the same, the taste is not very strong, but there is little milk to eat try, but licking a couple eaten into it to give up.)

Incidentally, the last three food:

NOW’s GrainFree Cat Food is that baby can make a crazy little milk (not a small taste of soy flavor, but very positive, very fragrant. Sad reminder that crazy little milk after one lost interest can be seen a small amount of debris, but does not affect feeding)

evo herring salmon cat food (relatively large particles, but also susceptible to debris. Small milk several times to try to eat, but without success, and finally give up, do not just start eating cat food for kittens. a bit hard, Gaba cohering.)

Fumo salmon vegetable cat food (taste in my taste is very fragrant, is one of three most fragrant, but meow child in the distance smelled very interested in, but they turned around and walked away to his lips, and it seems I do not know what it is. in the trick to eat for a few days now, this time to see the hungry will eat cat food or drops. I was being a favorite, because it is really the amount of incense and ah … … like jumping beans.)


Finally, the canned, called seeds or what, I do not know. A kitten from milk cans. I opened a mix cat food and cat meow child to eat. Small milk love, every smell the taste of this crazy. Whole meat which does not look like, it seems that pressed. Too uniform, they can not see the texture of the muscle tissue to. But the taste is really very sweet. A jar, then eat eat twice daily for 5 days.

FIG cans cans. It is eaten for four days, tomorrow can eat for a day

Bought the hill’s young Cat Food into, try the next, slightly acidic taste, but eat very little milk. Mouth very sweet aftertaste. Buy a couple of pounds, together 36 a pound. It says added dha, promote brain development. I am glad that i give a little milk to eat the whole eat. . . The nurse’s pure Rouli cat food the rest. . . sad

Eat 190 to buy, and get our hands thought it was wrong, and a small parcel special pocket. These days, the price can not afford to hurt!

The above is said that day, cat food additives more than 100 a pound. . . Calculated that small enough milk to eat half a month, in fact, not expensive.

This is the disassembled group photo. . .

Soke black cat

Tathagata palm meow 8

Kitten first opened a can of chicken to try, this is the packaging

Inside the ultra-delicate meat, visually with a syringe will not be blocked.

Not suitable for weaned kitten with snacks ~


Tasted salty little vague, and the rest is concentrated chicken giant incense. Canned kitten a good ~

This is the legendary “gourmet legend”

110g, 27 blocks calculated that more than 100 kg, it is incorporated into the foam in the cat food.

27 is a packet Cat 5 days appetite.

but! Here are just a personal opinion, my own feelings.

The first is open, you can see the first picture, the majority of which is oatmeal and other cereals. Ding then purple sweet potato, carrots and other vegetables Ding or debris.

Then the smell, I smell the smell of human beings first and foremost to eat oatmeal, followed by a strange taste of instant noodles bag of vegetables. In short there is no level of human consumption of fruits and vegetables dry fragrance.

Next is the taste, as do the new cat food today, lz unpack accordance with the instructions of the water will warm up to 5g mix kittens inside.


Notice! I licked the spoon to scoop ingredients, Nima! ! !

Instant noodles taste!

Good salty! !


salty! !

Anyhow, the next with warm water and then tasted, not so salty. But there are obvious flavor seasonings.

No wonder smells like instant noodles, ah, Nima is flavored instant noodles ah!

In the rice and mix it very cats love to eat, but I do not trust the ingredients of the soup all down, and inside too much salt.

I did not crash the business, you think, is a pack of 110g Cat 5 days appetite, so salty, how to eat?

This thing is not all right to find it.

Experience like comrades, can open a chicken-flavored instant noodles, oats, instant noodles, vegetable buns, powder packets back together with open water. . .

Anyway, I would not buy anymore

As for cat food, a lot of people say you should not be so full, for the food is like.

I feel it, I will not keep it, it is necessary to try a variety of dishes.

lz it was a gourmands, there is great interest on the food, but also willing to spend money to eat at.


So if a cat, a lifetime eating only dry cat food, cat food and more balanced taste is not how, not to mention taste.

But not easy to do their own balanced taking into account the nutritional needs of cats health.


So I have always been cat food and cat food are fed.

Time is short also do not see results, but I’m sure a small milk cat in captivity, the two-month long such a good can be considered good.

I do all kinds of things are particular about cat food.

Cats eat beef dynamic, spirit, so I added one-fifth of beef,

Chicken poultry, is a recipe bulk of the cat, so the chicken one-fifth of my house,

Pork calm, but fat and more lean meat where it is suitable for cat food, the supermarket to buy meat can also put one-fifth of pork

Which contains a large number of fish species of cat in need, but also easy to digest, so put less than two fifths of the fish is fresh water fish, carp, grass carp, blackfish are OK, cooked hand-off thorns, and then do not chopped ingredients together

One day I gave the cat to add a peanut so much liver

Riga cat food is still wild fish, chopped cooked directly, with all the bones. Only in the pot before extrusion organs, the body wash.

Once everything cooked, pull it out and clean water Qi, do not let it sticky gooey in the pot and stir fry.

If the cat does not resist also added a few drops of olive oil, pinch of salt to taste pinch can not ignore meter.

Cats love to eat.

Although wet and dry mix is ​​not good, but still put the cat food inside. . . Avoid eating too much meat


For my cat to eat, I have always been, fed it fresh for human consumption levels, something for the cat to eat, to taste good, smell fragrant, nutritious, easy to digest.

A healthy cat Chengsi about 15 pounds, not many know some day consumption.

Even if the fish is good to eat meat, also a few dollars thing.


It is not for competition, not to show off.

Honest a smoker, pack of cigarettes a day, is the average of 10 cigarettes.

Poor health, no one likes.

Why do not you quit to buy food for the cat.

I’m not easier said than done. I had a big pipe, a pack a day still feel not enough. After raising a little milk and immediately quit smoking.

Because kittens nose trachea is too fragile, it hurt too much second-hand smoke. Smoked for so long few days to quit smoking, did not apply again and again now too.

If you love your pet, you want your pet happy, for it for the sake of it. Oh what to eat, what love to play, what love live, multi crispness think it’s because you are in the world, you are the spokesman for it, you know it is all of God.

————————————————– —– END ———————————–