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Want Want this brand should be a lot of children after 90?

Xiaobian is a child, I hate the milk, I feel that there is a smell,

Dangui milk deeply, sweet and delicious!

In addition to Wangzi Milk, Xiaobian also likes Wangzi Xiaojiao!


It’s just that my heart love ~ milk flavor is really unparalleled,


From the snacks to most, I am not greasy, I am a little time, now one time 🙂


When I brushed Weibo yesterday, I saw Wang Tie to launch a big steamed. ?


I am thinking about this demon …

Take a look at it, it is really a fire!

Take a look at this big hoe … look at the little hoes next to …

Is the maximum number of buns instead of pillow? ?

This is, hug it? Don’t forget that Wang Zi’s steamed bun is crispy!

Netizens are dumbfounded one by one, and it is not very much.


I feel that this big hoe is sure to slap slag in the crisp level of Wangzi Shantou!


“Wang Chi’s tread is big, can’t swallow, divide two barbecues, a secret, a spicy ~”

Although everyone now seems to have many opinions and disadvantages,

But rest assured, it is absolutely “true fragrance”!


It’s almost late October, it’s a bit equal to it ~

Want Want has no less brainstorming in these years.

Even the packaging box of snacks begins with new ideas,


This should be the secret of it in these years – do it!

Like a joint apparel, Wang Wang is really not out,

And also special fire, mainly Want’s theme color red itself is very fragrant in terms of clothing.

In addition to apparel, Want Want also launched this barrel package.

With ‘Wangzi Milk’ as prototype, very flexible fabric,

At first glance, just like a super large can!


In this bucket, you can put down a lot of snacks.

You can also put on your phone key wallet what,

Like the treasure chest, and back out of the back rate 100%!

Whether it is a genuine joint, a Want Want figure is really a lot of things,

For example, various styles of backpacks, chain bags, coils,

Among them, the waist bag is still suitable for men to carry out the street, the trend is burst ~


Want Want’s most famous is the group of Tyakasha,

Especially this sweater of this prosperous face, don’t mention more fire at that time.


Xiaobian’s friends are all selling this sweater, mainly is really good!


And the lower body sports pants, even socks have a Wantwant element.


Behind the sweater is full of feelings, it is entirely a variety of advertising signs of Wangzi,


Like “I love” and “restored milk” like this, I think of a child ~

Even socks are ready for everyone, it is really careful,


Everyone always feels that the big red socks are very so soas.

Top a lot of life or the Spring Festival will wear, in fact, the status of red in the trend is absolutely not in the same day ~

There is still a white in the sweater, which is really not as good as the red.

And the print is also relatively simple, and the man who likes to like a little bit can choose.

Since there is a sweater, how can there be no sweater?

What is the red sweater really can’t refuse? Too much temperament ~

The eyes of the jacket in the trend can be the god-level single product,

Match the tooling pants and Martin boots, must be the most embarrassing of the whole street!

Various T-shirts also used Wang Zi’s image.

I didn’t expect that the image of Wang Zi is still very good, and it is good to put in various costumes ~

Of course, the most popular love is this sweater.

Many men are wearing a parent-child dress with the children.

I want to come to Wang Tei is still the favorite of the children ~

I have to admit that it is not better than the big white rabbit in the joint name.


And the style is also more novel, looking forward to the big hoe in late! !

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