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Coincidentally, there is a reasonable bat


Natural selection, survival of the fittest. After many years ago, a kind of beast is climbed, and when it turns into a bat, when it flew down from the height, the Creator must be laughing, this is a successful evolution. Bats hang themselves on the toe, wrapped in the wings, isn’t it a very strange animal? Although the bat has a pair of wings, it is not the same species and the birds. It is closer to the ulcel dragon.

They are mammals, with hair and breastfeeding, interesting is the same as most birds, and become animals in the air. There are still many similar creatures, such as whales breathing air, but they have habits of the ocean, and can survive in the water for a long time; and the duck beast can produce eggs, but the duck beast is mammal, this should not produce Eggs. In a satisfactory, bats will also show “natural” can create a contradiction and is very successful.

Unique physiological structure – wing film


Bats can adapt to birds’ survival by a must-beast. Thanks to its unique physiological structure. Detailed understanding, I feel very fun.

The bat body has a strange way. The filamentous film is expanded to become a soft and elastic wing film, from its neck to the front of the upper limbs, the more high finger, connected in the long four fingers, these four fingers have only the first finger claw. From the lower side of the upper limbs, the film is connected to the outside of the body along the body. There is also an attached film, which is generally supported by the cartilage, from the ankle and the two-stranded limbs, and if there is a tail, it is also wrapped in the tail.

The wing film puts the post-shares, and the knee is different from the general mammal, but backwards, this is another different point of the bat body. Two-share of the membranes are most developed in the long tail capricon bats, which can help them turn quickly when they hunt moths in the air, and can be used as a bag to hold their prey. Some bats refer to a bug in the air, and it will bend the head and put its prey between the femur, so that it is not lost when you bite one or two or completely swallow.

Bat’s bones are also very quicker, and its long bones are very light, long and big bone marrow holes, and shoulder straps are very strong. The chest rolling is easy to resettle the strong muscle for flight.


The vertebrae on the back can be pushed and earnestly, and the increasing increase in the age, this feature is also seen in the bird.

Its obvious advantage is that it can provide strong support to the bilayer, thus encouraging the wing.

Compared to the forelimb, the abnormality of the hind limbs is weak, so there is no suspected bats cannot stand up.

Although it is often destroyed to the habitat, it can stand as a head, but the more ordinary posture when the rest is headed down, and it is hung by the first or one feet. When walking on the branches, it uses it to advance with the hind limbs that rotate inward, and use its wrist with the horizon of the hook claw, support it forward. It moves first, then moving the same side, and then moving on the other side, so that it reciprocates.

The flying masters in the beast are not bad in the birds.

Bats can take a straight air from flourishing, and its flying mode is and their clever. When flying in the house, they can avoid all kinds of obstacles, pass through the sofa, bypass all kinds of obstacles and fly in the air. In the open space, they can compete with the flying birds. It is so fast that it will be so fast. It is so quick, and the bucket is so agile, captured moth, mosquitoes and beetle are so agile, and everything is quiet. .

Each bat can be eaten from the mosquito of 1/3 of its own weight overnight (about 3,000 mosquitoes), which makes a huge contribution to the nature.


Although the bat has been flying in the sky, it also lost its ability to live on the ground.

. However, some varieties exceptions, such as food fruit bats, can crawl on the tree very quickly. The toe of the fruit bat has a very sharp claw. When it climbs, it uses the claws on the thumb to grab the bark on the tree, and it is often used to thorns the fruit it eat. This thumbs up this claw are the only remark of their hand, because the remaining four fingers have become wings. In addition to some varieties, most bats have lost the ability to live ground, they can only slowly crawl slowly. Nature has evolved into a perfect flying home and deprived the ability of their ground life.

Strange organ

When the patrol bat was first wrapped around the circle, it would make a weak and sharp scream. This kind of sound like the scream of the mouse, sometimes very light, and the normal observer is not easy to detect. But in other cases, such as the euro-producer bat, its angry scream is very easy to hear, the name of Malay fox is even more sounded, and the voice of the chat is like a monkey.

Bats are not only called gratites, but its ears are also very strange. According to the previous experiment, the bat has not fly in a complex environment, and can be inside the person from within a certain distance. This abnormal sensitive tactile is due to some of the contacts that exist on the body, and the bat also has many sensational hair.

This hair has a nerve fiber in each of which is densely covered with a smooth double wing, both sides of the mouth and a small ear attached to the ear screen.

If we have a sound next to the captured bat, we will meet with its ear wings, which is opposite to our human beings, but the orientation of the two ear wings is inconsistent.

Bat delay “breeding”

In addition to a few North American bats, each of the three four sons, ordinary bats each time only one child, up to two sons. This is the result of nature evolution, because as an aerial mammal, if the mother’s task is too heavy, it is very hindfied to its flight life. In the forefront of the child and even breastfeeding, the young bats take the mother’s hair with the toe and the big fingers, and the mouth will take the milk in the air, and the flight around the circle, raw flying and the rotation, etc.


When the mother is resting, it protects its children with its wings. The mother bat is usually a group, in autumn, the group of mother bats temporarily disbanded, because this is a time period

. But the strange thing is that although the mating is held in autumn in vitality, the fertilization of egg cells begins to the spring of the year. This is to raise the beast in the hunger period, and the pregnancy is also reduced to a very short, and the life of the nature is really unparalleled.


2020, because of the cause of the epidemic, let the bat this kind of creature entered our vision, some people may misunderstand the bat, think it will spread the virus, in fact,

Bats usually survive in a rare deep forest or cave, specially avoided humanity

Just like the Australian fire leads out this group of little creatures from the night.

Although it takes thousands of viruses themselves, it exists in their own body, avoiding humans to prevent them.

The intertect of human beings is increasingly intensified because people’s indiscriminate defore, in order to make profits, privately buy and sell bats. People need peace and naturally need to get along with peace, let us work together for better tomorrow!