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Xiaobian: Zhu Yajie

The customer entrusted two ordinary red tourmalines inlaid, and the factory demanded the picture according to the customer’s request. After processing, the sports fee reached 5000+, and the price of these two red tourmaline is still inadequate. Is it really worth it?


This situation is everything, many jewelry enthusiasts don’t understand jewelry. After entering the jewelry market, it is dark, and it may be finally finalized with the gems you want to buy. When you ask the merchant which color is better, the business will often say, this is to see personal preferences, different people like different colors. Despite this, each gem has the standard of its market evaluation. Xiaobian feels that the gem seems to consider personal preferences, but also combined with the market. After all the gems have a certain amount of protection, it is a good investment choice. Today, Xiaobian will give you a great knowledge about tourmaline, helping everyone to walk less, have a number of hearts in their hearts before buying, and choose high-priced tourmaline.

Tourmaline is a single crystal gem, the chemical ingredient is extremely complex borosilicate, almost all gem-level tourmaline is lithium electrical stone. The reason is expensive because of its beautiful, rare, durable, and tourmaline is one of the largest gem varieties in all color gem varieties, which determines that the tourmaline price will not be too high.

Tourmaline long columnar crystal


Choosing the tourmaline, first must be sure if it is natural, this is especially important, will not see what to do, it doesn’t matter, you can let the merchants help to issue a certificate, generally selling jewelry shopping malls will have jewelry identification, an expedited, general half an hour You can get it in an hour. In addition, the elements that affect the tourmaline have mainly special optical effects, origin, and quality (color, net degree, cutting, carat quality).

[Special Optical Effect]


The cat’s eye effect is easy to appear in red, green, and blue tourmaline, with an eyeliner, clear, and complete.

Tourmaline cat


It has the main meaning of the main meaning to refer to Pala Iburine, Paraiebia is the color of Cu2 +, and Neon Electro-Light Blue, the earliest was found in Para Iba, Brazil in 1987, and then found in Nigeria, Mozambique Similar to the copper tourmaline, the prices compared to the equivalent quality tourmaline compared to the equivalent quality tourmaline.

Different colors Paradrata


Color is an important indicator of evaluation of tourmaline. The color of the tourmaline is rich in color, including the colorful tourmaline, the price of the watermelon tourmaline, the price of the solid color tourmaline changes because the color changes. With “neon blue” or “electric light blue” Pala ibabe’s highest prices, followed by Golden Rhodes, Yellow Tour, followed by red tourmaline, “double pink” red tourmaline and green chrome tourmaline, of which chromillast is bright green It is good, dark green, shallow green; next is the blue tourmaline, powder tourmaline and green tourmaline, Blue tourmaline often with gray tone, bright blue, gray blue, good green , Yellow green, blue green. In the case where the color is determined, the higher the netness, the higher the net, and the cutting work is often in order to show the color, cut into a proof, and the tourmaline has a large particle size, and more than 20CT is more common.

Fan Blood Red Rubeli

Natural green tourmaline naked stone

Candy tourmaline bracelet



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