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I just met this afternoon to discuss a real estate for a property in Jiangbei, requiring developers to upgrade their face, many small partners facing this thing is not very understanding, basically is what others say, what is good.

Taking advantage of the recent market, write a piece, give you one thing, trying to give this concept to everyone.

Of course, I am not an expert in architecture. I will definitely have a lot of opinions. If you have any different opinions, don’t spray, you can add it in the message, I will put everyone’s message.

Facade, simply, is the building of all peripheral protective parts except the roof, and the facade is the most direct performance in architectural style.


In general, everyone pays attention to the facade, mainly the material of the exterior wall, such as the mainstream hanging stone, aluminum plate, real stone paint, etc. in the market. In fact, the facade should include three aspects:

Wall, window, line.

Let’s talk about the wall first.

The commonly used externally ornaments include:

1, ceramic.

For example, ceramics, glaze bricks, etc., the advantages are rugged, bright, easy to clean, fire, wear resistance.

2, stone class.

Includes all kinds of natural stone and artificial stone. Natural finish stone decoration is good, durable, but the cost is high. The artificial stone has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, low price, convenient construction.

Now the mainstream stone plug-in construction method is a stone dry-mounted method, with a metal pendant to hang the finish on the wall or hanging on the steel frame, no need to grout, form a stone decorative curtain wall, so everyone usually The dry mounted stone is directly named hanging stone.

3, curtain wall glass.

Curtain wall glass mainly includes glass mocketed bricks, glazed glass, tempered glass, stained glass, etc. The advantage is that it has the advantages of controlling light adjustment heat, saving energy, improving building environment, increased beauty, but general housing uses pure glass curtain facade, usually writing, and more apartments.

4, metal plate.

The most common is the feature of aluminum plates, high quality, high strength, good processing performance, extensive color selection, corrosion resistance and color persistence. Also include aluminum alloy plates, copper plates, titanium zinc plates, and the like.

For example, Hexi High-end residential Ren Hengjiang Bay City is the exterior of aluminum plate, from the first phase to four, and the facade can’t see any difference.


However, metal plates are more suitable for use in high-rise buildings, visual effects and impact will be stronger. If you use in the house, the villa project, it feels very sand, don’t believe everyone to go to Jiang Xinzhou, look at the Ren Hengjiang Bay Times Garden.


5, coating class.

The application of the wall decorative material of the coating has been more than a long time. The traditional ordinary coatings will appear in a few years, and they will fall off, crack. Everyone now drives the road to the sky, there are many outer walls on both sides, similar to flow Tears, black lines, this is ordinary coating.

Now Nanjing mainstream middle and low-end homes usually apply real stone paint materials. The so-called real stone paint, is made of high-end, which is made from polymer polymers, natural stone powder and related auxiliaries; saying is a point, it is to break the stone into powder, and add paint and glue, spray it on the exterior wall, the advantages The visual effect can be close to the stone, the cost is extremely high, and the cost of the single 70-80 yuan can give people thousands of yuan.

In terms of general cognition, stone is higher than aluminum plate, aluminum plate is higher than true stone paint (this is not absolute, and there is also a special case, so everyone should not spray).

This year, Jiangbei New District has issued the provisions of the residential facade, “should be used as a fine material such as stone, aluminum plate, and insulation decorative one plate, and do not use truth paint and textured coating materials.” So, Jiangbei’s project, only on the outer wall decoration materials for the facade, the previous project.

This so-called one-to-face, a new type of exterior wall material integrating the assembled ornament, the insulation layer. Its insulation effect is good, the quality is light, the strength is high. The most important thing is that the price is not outline, although it is more expensive than the true stone paint. Many, reaching a single side 120-150 yuan, but compared to aluminum plates and hanging stone, the price is still very cheap.

Of course, there are also projects that have a madness of the madness, and the facade is perfunctory, such as the city center in the center.

The higher the external wall decorative materials, in addition to the visual effect, in warm, leak-proof water is also better, so these small partners are required to replace the facade, no matter whether it is successful, at least, you have noticed this.

After the wall is finished, let’s talk about the window.

There is an important noun, window wall ratio. The so-called window wall ratio is the proportion of windows area and wall area.

In general, the cost of the large-faced window is higher than the cost of the current waters, the larger the window, the higher the single cost, and the lighting effect is better, the viewing experience is better, so the window wall ratio The higher the house, the higher the higher the high-end (except special architectural style), such as Jiang Yizhou’s Zhongnan Dilm, the window wall is as high as 0.4.

In general, low-end disks, will only be opened, and other places are basically the wall. And the windows can not fall as much as possible, can do not turn to the corner without the angle, can use the small-sided window to use a big window.

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Xuanwu Baolong City corner window

In addition to the walls and windows, the facade lines are also very important, and it can even be said that the quality of the line will directly affect the overall decorative effect.

The application of decorative lines is first combined with architectural positioning and style, and now there are more types of line materials, such as stone, glass, clay, concrete, and metal.

Various lines have their own advantages, taking into account the current market, most of them are modern buildings, so the metal lines are better, while the plasticity of metal decorative lines can also achieve rich exterior facade. The purpose of style.

Others, such as the stone decoration lines, there is more use in Europe, classical buildings; the transparency of glass decoration lines, high reflectance, high-rise residential are common; clay decorative lines, strong plasticity and color adjustment, However, the texture is crisp, not common; the concrete decorative line has the characteristics of high pass rate, short construction, low cost, energy saving, etc., is more commonly used in public construction projects such as hotels, business buildings.

Facade, more complicated, each project will face dozens of options on materials, different architectural style is different from the effect of different materials.

Simply put, the facade is from stone (or aluminum board), the high-window wall ratio, the metal lines, of course, this is not absolute, such as Jiangbei’s Tongyu Linjing Ziyuan, as ordinary Just needed a residential, using a dry stone facade, and definitely he is not stained with the high end.

However, high-end homes must be equipped with high-end facade, high-winding wall ratio and the window should be as large as possible, if “high-end residential” uses truth paint or even paint, the window wall is particularly low, or It is a small-sided window, which is basically bid farewell to the high-end word.

Of course, it also mentioned above, different facilities, cost difference is great, in the context of Nanjing double limit, the development of developers is basically locked, everyone is fine, paying, if you want to face it Going up and down, not saying that it is impossible, at least a relatively reasonable goal should be determined.

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