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The jacket’s cool, the cortical jacket has a style, this tide style list will bring you a wish for you.

The temperature turned cold, the coat of the office worker will naturally change the season, the suit is there, but it is slightly thin. It is a hipster upgrade of the leather jacket. It is a choice of the office workers, but how to choose the heart style, but it is still a problem. Today’s leather jacket is an uncommon of Avery, including brand and prices, but all partners can rest assured, but there is no substantive belt, let us come together from consumer angle, know the inspiration, and find the suit for yourself. Single item.

Budget is within thousands of yuan: parity is also good


Brand: mango

Price: about 668 yuan

As a brand from Spain, Mango can always provide a practical single item in Season, as a subsystem of the budget, basically can pick the classic integrity in its home. This leather is also based on the basic style, the long version is more slim, and the two big pirators have added diverse, and the flattened lines are more slim. A little imitation lamb fur in the neckline, increased the feeling of playful and cute, but also makes the leather a warm feeling, from the price to the style, all suitable and good style selection.

Brand: OAK and FORT

Price: about 721 yuan


Short design leather jackets can always put the pretty feelings of cool girls, design from the pilot jacket, is the final style of the fashion circle, shaping the contour to create a circular feel, the texture of the leather is hard, but the cuff The tightening design of the hem will create a gathering. In the autumn and winter, we can wear a clean feeling. If you want to shape a lightweight proportion, this style is worth recommending.

Brand: ZARA

Price: about 995 yuan

ZARA’s autumn and winter models have always maintained European and American style, with zipper, belts to create a mobile phone punk style, is more suitable for the 30-year-old + girl’s mature, and the inner use of fleece design, in warmth Gold Winter jackets, this pricing is to control in a reasonable range, and it is also a good choice for parity.

Budget 1000-2000 yuan: Slim length to improve the cost performance

Brand: Express


Price: about 1056 yuan

At this year’s fashion week, I saw a lot of new style of the leather jacket. The long section is a bright style, bringing some men’s style, with large V-neck lines, shaping long neck lines. And the designs of the micro-waist can also take out neutral female charm. This is a styled style with a suit style. Under the presence of the fabric of the leather, it is not only suitable for cold winter, but also shows texture through workmanship and fabrics. Meet the matching needs of your light and ripe.

Brand: Abercrombie & Fitch

Price: about 1203 yuan

When the leather coat and the medium-long windbreaker, there will be some retro tastes, and you can always see this single product, with the belt of the belt, and the generic collections can be erected in many ways. It is flat, showing an elegant feeling with a gentleman. The classic windbreaker is directly transitioned to the winter day, and this style will have more cavity-induced matching, from the horn pants, the gas field of the suit, with a budget within 1500 yuan, Have a good and typeless single product is a good price-friendly shopping option.

Budget 3000-5000 yuan, modeling classic sense

Brand: Aritzia


Price: about 3175 yuan


When the price is upgraded, the wearing experience will also expand these details of these detail from the outside. Short punk’s jacket, especially the soft and light fabric, it will not be tightly tied to the body, but also in the walking distance, plus the body, plus the shoulder design, will let the leather jacket cool On the basis, there is a better wear experience. Put the price to the place worth spend, let the better wear experience, let you confream the advantage of the style, is a smart shopping.

Brand: Stand Studio

Price: about 4010 yuan

Leather shaping the outline of fluency, is the processing of designing mind, allowing professional women to presen by the stall atmosphere in simple tailor, and the clear line is clear, this medium and long style is actually considering A longer classic demand can deal with the jacket requirements in autumn and winter, and it is also a feeling with a very simple style. If you need a leather jacket that can accompany you, this style is a good choice.

Brand: Nanushka


Price: about 4478 yuan

This is an Ai-owned heart, although the pricing of nearly 4,500 yuan is a high budget, but the short rounded corners are indeed a classic design, and its trend is maintained in various popularity in the fashion circle. And the design of the waist shoulder is also very friendly for girls who have large skeletons, plus the cortical gloss of the naked eye is the reflection of the quality, from a smooth tailor, and then soft and light texture. Let it have a reason to have a heart, I believe it is a style that I can wear a long time.


Brand: Materiel

Price: about 4779 yuan

This is actually very competitive with the style of Nanushka above. This MATERIEL has chosen a more glossy manner to handle the fabric, so it will also make more people with more personal. Straight processing, let the upper part will appear very, and it is also very chic to join the longitudinal texture, and make the short paragraph also presented the way to practice, a row of copper buttons design, it is Advanced tide pays tribute to adjust. This jacket can immediately see a lot of matching possibilities, can be a sharp feeling of black and slim, or with a wide-leg pants or semi-skirt, wear a good proportion of sweet wind, Domineering can also be practiced, use it to show how smart girl clothes, must be very exciting.

I hope to have read today, I can harvest some shopping suggestions, and I hope that all workplace partners will be based on their specific needs and economic capabilities, and I have a smart and beautiful, I am smart, and it is our fashion workplace. Beautiful rules. I am Away who is worn by the Location, I hope you like today’s content, let’s see you next time.

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