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We often have their own maintenance face and hands, but you have concerns over your back it? Beautiful back line not only can show a person’s beauty, it is more able to show a person’s state of health.


Dorsal spine is the body’s second line of young lifeline, but also the internal organs of the reflex zones. However, due to age, back to catch cold, fat deposits form a “tiger back”, not only unsightly, but also unhealthy.

Back one inch thin, long years of life!

From the Western perspective, the spine spinal cord, nerves branch out from the spinal cord, spread throughout the body, the brain directing the body’s activities through the spinal cord and neural networks.

From the Chinese point of view, it is back in the middle Du, Governor of the body yang.

Back area of ​​the foot on both sides of the sun through the line bladder, the bladder up to Yang, not only relative to table and kidney, from top to bottom and distributed back-shu 12 pairs, back-shu gas is infused organs at the lower back.

So, back healthy or not, tend to win then reflect whether the normal operation of the internal organs. Thus, the back is a barometer of health, the human body is a solid protective barrier.

For the elderly, routine maintenance is the key to the back, if the invasion of pathogenic cold back, is apt to cause problems rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases.

Back meridian flow, sickness subsided!


Back care, perseverance! Whether it is in the growth and development of children, young adults or energetic, but also a comfortable old age or elderly, attention back, back properly maintained, the equivalent of a healthy injected vigor and vitality.

1 basking heating: warm back Tongyang

Yang Yang in the back, if the back of the cold, the yang injuries and disease. Before 10:00 am on recommendations, after 3:00 pm, ultraviolet light is low, basking go out when the sun is softer.

If enough time, can ensure drying 1 hour per day, every 20 to 30 minutes.

2 Chopping, Chuibei, massage


In the bath, wet towels Ta at the back, both ends of the towel Chezhu hands, Chopping appropriate force until the back heat up. Note that not excessive force, so as not to hurt the skin. Chopping law can prevent colds, relieve back pain, chest tightness, abdominal distension.


Can clear the body meridians, promote whole body yang run. For colds, shoulder pain, neurasthenia, stomach pain, back pain, constipation and other symptoms have some relief.

When Chuibei own, can sit upright, the body slightly forward, his fists to the highest possible sites behind to reach the top down along the back light hammer, beat 5-10 times in a row, the intensity shock to the body without hammering pain for the degree.

When Chuibei others, can sit can lie, holding a hollow punch to force the wrist, rigid moderate speed, action should be coordinated. Beat rate 50-100 times per minute is appropriate.



Back massage in the elderly can maintain, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation back, reduce back fat accumulation, improve their immune function.

Method: First rub your hands, placed on the patient back, and from the hard massage the entire back slowly to locally heat the skin, redness of each push about 100 to 120 times, morning and evening or night time once.

3 back chiropractic: regulating yin and yang, qi and blood

“Chiropractic” is commonly used in children massage treatment, in fact, not only is the disease in children, adults can also be treated with chiropractic care.

: Available hands along both sides of the spine, the skin kneading method using a kneader together, mention pinching edge, forward side, pinching the end of the sacral pillow items to repeated 5 to 10 times.

Chiropractic can stimulate the back Du and bladder full sun and internal organs

Back acupoints

Can be adjusted to achieve the yin and yang, qi and blood, organs function recovery effect.

Learn a trick, back from press-yourself!

Back care, the biggest trouble is their reach! For this purpose, deputy director of the Affiliated Ruikang Hospital of Guangxi Medical University physician Liu Hang specially brought back a set of exercises that he can do!

▲ Liu Hang (right) in the orthopedic department of clinical care, teaching for 10 years, specializes in the treatment of spinal manipulation and other related diseases.

First, you need to prepare a – Tennis!


Then you need to back toward the wall, tennis sandwiched between the back and the wall, you can move your back massage! When tennis on the back of the flesh of the place move up and down, the best!

Tennis in the back of the rotation process, the most points will be massaged into. If you feel soreness at all acid swelling, soreness after the turn very comfortable, which indicates that massage place.

Massage is a nervous spasm of muscles stimulated to achieve the effect of relaxing the muscles, massage and tennis through the body and the wall pressure to tennis, tennis utilizing resilient deformation produced by applying pressure to acupuncture points function as a channel, we can continue to scroll play a continuous role in stimulating, massaging effect.

It is noted that, due to the meridian traveling mostly longitudinal, around the back pressure to the bony prominences easily scroll portion, discomfort,


So it is best to avoid moving around!



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